Journal - Trent - Entry 42

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Turns out, they were at Stonehenge! The immediate danger had passed, and they had accomplished a lot while I was away. They didn’t question too hard where I had disappeared to – -of course, I did that to them once before but that was for a totally different reason that I can never talk about- I’m glad they didn’t question too deeply.

Was it my imagination, or was Pall Mall acting weirder than usual? He was referring to himself as “Helldam” something-or-other, but then again, in Babylon he called himself Hablar the Speech-Giver, so how do I define “weird” with this creature? I just let him do whatever it was he was doing, and ignored the weirdness he was displaying. With Pall Mall, you never know what sort of long con he may be working out and it’s probably better if I don’t interfere.

Pall Mall and James filled me in on what they had accomplished while I was away – they befriended the Druids, visited a Millennium Tree, and even went to Camelot and found an old branch of the Magic Guild there! The archives in that branch had some information regarding the magical energy corruption, and its first recorded victim. Also, they had used a Shadow Beast Pall Mall summoned to destroy the device on the other side of the micro-rift.

I could notice now that there was a noticeable decrease in the intensity of the taint, or corruption, of magical energy. Maybe we won’t need to destroy all of these things, but just a few of them? It was an encouraging thought, since I suspect that after the first one or two, the rest won’t be so easy to destroy.

Pall Mall teleported us away, to another Nexus (in ancient France, I think?) which had an open portal, and there we examined it for the micro-portal. We found nothing but before we could leave a group of creatures called “Rathos” appeared, from their home of Wormwood! They were belligerent and stupid and terrible liars. They tried to claim they were an invading force, but it was obvious they were fleeing from whatever the Minion War was doing to their home. Pall Mall talked with them, bargained with them, and offered them a way to contact him should they desire to in the future. Pall Mall then offered up James to them.

What is with this Sowki and thinking he can “give away” James? Pall cast a carpet of adhesion on the demigod and then had Rathos grab him. Of course, Rathos got stuck to James. I don’t know why, but I found this hilarious. I then convinced the Rathos that he should sniff and even lick James – the creature’s whole face, including his tongue, became stuck to the increasingly pissed-off James. I was laughing pretty hard now, but the Rathos wasn’t amused. He had some of his men start an attack on us!

James told Pall Mall, in a hypnotically suggestive way, that he should not give him away to these creatures. At that, Pall Mall started acting a little more… normal? Before fighting could fully break out Pall Mall teleported us all away from this encounter before things went from bad to worse.

I wonder though, what will happen to those Rathos? And somehow, some sort of vine was released by their leader when he slammed his mace upon the ground… should I have done something about that when it happened? Oh well, too late now.

We arrived in what I believe was the continent of Africa. We were out in the open, totally exposed to any potential Coalition Snipers, and I told the group as much. They looked at me weird but honestly, they’re only going to get themselves hurt by not taking this threat seriously. James was rightfully angry at Pall Mall, and we all delved into arguing then. We didn’t know where any other major nexus points were, we only suspected general areas, and this whole adventure was breaking down.

It was time to regroup.

I offered to us all that we return to Lazlo and get more info from the Magic Guild before we proceed. They should be able to tell us where the “major” nexus points are, and we should even be able to have the guild transport us either to them, or close to them. They all agreed and I opened up a portal to a dimensional envelope, then another portal back to Lazlo. Once we all exited the dimensional envelope I destroyed it, and made a new one a few hours later.

The guild would teleport us around to locations it could, but it would be costly. But as long as I can be teleported there, I can get our group there myself so we can handle that. The guild is right now getting us a list of the “Major Nexuses” around the world that it knows about, and also a list of where around the world they can provide transportation to, so that we can visit these Nexuses. I still haven’t told them why, yet – I have no way to know if this information will leak back to the Deevils, tipping our hand.

Or worse yet, the Coalition.

I do hope to inform Solomon Kane of what we’ve discovered. He can relay to the Demons of Hades and maybe they can take care of the rest of the portal machines! Although, I will wait a little before I do that. I think McGreggor has some technological friends who may be of assistance as we begin our worldwide search.

But do we need to go worldwide? Hmm. I’m still working out all these details, but I can’t think right now! I need to get myself cleaned up before I can work on this anymore. And a stiff drink would help, too.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 42

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