Journal - Trent - Entry 48

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We got a vehicle from Seriyev. And by “we” I mean “I” and by “got” I mean “bought.” We met a fellow traveler while we were doing this – a Dwarf named Ruger. He helped us (me) a little with the bargaining process. The two of us finally convinced the Warlord that his “garbage” metals were valuable, specifically the Kisentite. He decided he would hold some back and start stockpiling it for his own use.

The Warlord sold me a rugged, tracked vehicle with a large field laboratory/living area as the back half. I got so caught up in the purchase of a vehicle for us to use in order to trek across Russia that I forgot one important thing: McGreggor wasn’t with us, so who would drive such a thing? Neither myself nor my companions could pilot such a vehicle. This Dwarf named Ruger, however, turns out he could.

How convenient.

I checked him out with the Dragon’s Eye gem and subtly with iron, and he proved to be what he claimed. We interviewed him and he said he was looking to get back home. He was a dimensional refugee and since we knew where a nexus point was, the situation pretty much worked itself out and made sense. I hired him to drive our vehicle for us, and in turn we’d provide him the means to travel across Russia to the Ley Line Nexus.

Sure, I could’ve probably just sent him home right on the spot. But that wouldn’t have helped us at all.

I got my maps marked up and updated. At least, they were updated to the best of the Warlord’s knowledge. We would’ve headed out that morning except in our discussion with the Warlord, he mentioned something – that a Gypsy trader was who came by every now and then to collect the “garbage” metals and trade with Seriyev’s camp. This trader was due in a couple of days, so we decided to wait so we could talk with the trader, and maybe see if his knowledge of Russia could benefit us in our travels.

Don’t get me wrong – the Warlord Seriyev was helpful and his people were able to aid with the maps. But their knowledge only went so far, and we had a long journey ahead of us. While we waited for this trader Gypsy I made a few “magical” modifications to the vehicle. I put a Dimensional Envelope within the lab area, and we filled it with more than enough gas to get us to our destination. I also enchanted the interior of the lab to be a Sanctum, and the roof of the lab has a fully functional Superior Magic Circle. I don’t know how my companions spent their time during these few days we waited.

During the first day Pall Mall returned. He had some sort of hoverbike now? No sign of Steve though, and Pall Mall is still going by that “Helldamn Spellshroud” name. Fine with me as long as he keeps his distance. I didn’t ask what happened to him or Steve, or why Steve wasn’t with him, but I’m not worried about Steve – he’s more than capable of holding his own.

Having him back with us would sure make our travels easier, though.

When the Gypsy trader arrived we talked to him about our intended journey. The trader’s name was Magnus Ver Magnusson, and he was pleasantly surprised to find others who spoke American. For a fee, he agreed to actually let us travel with him troupe for at least part of the way to Mongolia. We readily accepted and left the warlord’s camp within the hour.

Magnus traveled with about ten or so other individuals, all of them riding on various animals. Using the Dragon’s Eye Gem I spied a surprising bit of knowledge that I haven’t exactly figured out what to do with yet: Namely, there there is both a Deevil, and a Demon, metamorphed in disguise and traveling with Magnus and his men. I doubt either one knows about the other. I know there has to be a way to take advantage of this. It’ll come to me eventually.

We traveled for a few hundred miles, including going through a major blizzard, until we left Warlord Seriyev’s “terriroty,” and apparently crossed into the “territory” of another Warlord, Alekseyevna. VerMagnusson had to slip a bribe to a border patrol to be let through, and they checked the vehicle we were driving in order to see if we were really on the “up and up.”

For the most part, when we were driving (like now, actually), I sat in the cab with Ruger. Our of my companions, I’m the only other one it seems with any familiarity with the electronics in the cab, so I’ve been monitoring the radar and radio frequencies. And as well I did, because shortly after entering this new Warlord’s territory we picked up a bunch of mechanical bodies coming at us fast. Magnus was unsurprised by this and we all mounted a defense. Both Pall Mall and I camouflaged the truck using illusion magic. Then the fight began.

And just like that it was over. They never stood a chance. I nearly lost control of myself, I was so angry that this Warlord had the audacity to attack us after we paid the bribes to be here. But it wasn’t really my doing that ended the fight. It was Magnus. With some sort of superhuman ability to manipulate or control metal, he tore up the attackers like a Grackle-Tooth at a pinata party.

As I recount all this, it makes me wonder… could Magnus be somehow related to those other superhumans we met? I’ll have to think of a way to bring that up to him.

But aside from that, I have to express my disappointment in James. James, the Demigod. How much trouble did he and I go through in order to repair that irreplaceable techno-wizard leather armor I gave him? He let it take too much damage during this quick fight, and it fell apart into useless scraps and cracked gems. The Demigod had the NERVE to hand the scraps back to me, begging me to see if there was something I could do. But there’s no way the magic I know could save it. I’m not even sure at this point if Jaena could do anything for it. I just walked away from him and left him there, holding his scraps of armor.

We scavanged parts and materials from the fallen, and even managed to recover a suit of power armor in not-terrible condition. With the help of the others, I opened up a Mystic Portal to take us to the Dimensional Envelope that I linked to the Pyrewood Ops building, and we traveled there quickly to drop the stuff off. I had hoped to run into McGreggor there, and seek his assistance in Russia, but he was once again not around, and the others weren’t sure where he was. After droppin git off we went back to the vehicle and resumed our journey.

Another day (and another blizzard) passed and we found something odd. A scout found a pegasus in a nearby clearing staked in front of the entrance to a cave. James, Zander, Pall Mall and I went to check it out while Ruger stayed in the truck. We kept him in the loop via video feeds. James identified the pegasus as THE mythical Pegasus, and the stakes in it were arrows from the being hunting James who he called Orion. Despite some premonitions, we entered the cave and found it had several bodies of dead, mythical horse-like creatures – I don’t know them, but James and Pall Mall seemed to. The last one we came to though I recognized, as it was a dead Unicorn.

A dead, pregnant Unicorn. With movement inside.

James’ knowledge of creatures allowed him to cut the dead Unicorn open in order to try and deliver the unborn but seemingly alive creature inside it. (What would a baby Unicorn called?) What came out appeared to be a man, and in our minds he posed seven horse-themed riddles. Between the four of us we figured out the answers to them and the man transformed into a Spirit of Light, and left behind some sort of mace/hammer weapon where the head of the weapon appeared to be two petrified books. Zander took the weapon, and discovered it called itself Der Hexenhammer.

Prior to the utterly bizarre events involving the Unicorn, Zander had actually took a look at the area through the Astral Plane, and saw what appeared to be small headstones for each of the creatures, with some sort of epitaph inscribed on each. Someone (was it James?) brought up a figure from Pre-Rifts historical times, a woman named Catherine the Great, and the group surmised she may (somehow!) have had something to do with all this.

Listen, I know it sounds insane. But I am mostly certifiably sane right now, and if you care to visit my cannibalistic doctor in Africa he could confirm that for you. I know what we saw in this place, and I know what we discovered. And I know it makes no sense. But we were there, and it happened.

And now Zander has some sort of strange rune-weapon.

We went back to the caravan and began to continue on our way. That’s when I knew I had to make this update in my journal. Have I mentioned how fucking cold Russia is in the winter? Or how there’s yet another storm we’re riding through? I can’t imagine how we’d be doing if we hadn’t gotten Magnus to guide us. I hope we fare well once we part ways. These were the things I was thinking about as I finished up this entry when just a moment ago, there was a startling noise at my window. I looked and saw a magical pigeon trying to come into the cab. I rolled down the window and discovered it had a message for me…

Well, maybe. I need to run this by my companions and try to figure out what this means.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 48

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