Journal - Trent - Entry 61

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What a series of events! No time for long narrations.

- We all met up back at the Sanctuary. Rugar, Zander, Helldamn, and James. I cast the sequence of spells to let us enter. The place was abandoned, except for the Cyclops Diminutive Bubblefuzz. It seemed the Asgardian Dwarf Gimbly had left previously – unfortunate, as I had hoped he would be able to look at Lytsong .

- At Zander’s suggestion, we stuck that accursed cloak into the dimensional envelope I created in Ancient Babylon and filled with the anti-matter from the meteor strike. It was a lot easier to put in there then it will be to get out, but I am confident I can retrieve it should the need ever arise. As it is indestructable, it will just sit in the Antimatter, and be protected from others getting to it. It was such a clever idea that I really wish I had been the one ot think of that.

- The dagger burned James, but it spoke to Rugar. He passed the dagger to me rather than accept being “unscrupulous enough to use it to save the megaverse” – especially with no profit involved in it. A voice told me to use it to save the megaverse, and that only seven could go through. I accepted and a familiar-looking temporal portal opened up. We five went through, along with Zander’s weird turtle and Zelda, still sleeping in my pocket.

- My temporal senses tell me we’re back in the past again, this time by about 1,000 years in what would be known as the 14th Century, A.D. – according to my handheld computer the world is being ravaged by some disease called the “Black Death,” or the “Black Plague.” This seems like the plague we were sent back to stop.

- There is an eighth being with us again, but this time it’s invisible. Zander says he can see it and it looks like a floating blue blob with tentacles/tendrils. It calls itself Nirvana and felt drawn to a place not far away. We split up, with Zander and I following Nirvana.

- Nirvana could not remember anything of use, other than there is a plague that must be solved. Gazi could not remember anything either – in fact, in a conversation with him in the past he said it was as if he was intentionally being prevented from remembering. Once is an oddity. Twice could be coincidence. But if the third one we find says this too… that’s a pattern that will need to be investigated.

- Helldamn procured local peasant clothing for us. I put it on, grudgingly, after cleansing it thoroughly. He communed with Odin who, surprise, Helldamn – did not know who he was. For a creature so intelligent, I fail to understand how he just cannot grasp the concept of time loops.

- James went and cured some people of the plague using his newly unlocked powers. He has tried, but was unsuccessful, in converting anyone to the religion of “James.” They did assume he was related to the “new” religion in the area, Christianity. Christianity has slowly converted followers away from the Norse religion, here represented by Loki.

- Zander and I followed Nirvana to a temple of Loki, and found out the god disappeared three years ago, around the same time that the Christian churches sprang up. The clerics (who were suffering from the symptoms of the plague) told us there were tunnels that connected the churches – we made a donation to their faith in order to gain access.

- We are waiting for James and Helldamn to join us before we venture further. Both Zander and I discovered this town was the “origin” of Loki’s church, and where his faith here on Earth was strongest. We suspect, based on the parallels and patterns we’re inferring from Ancient Babylon, that Loki may be somehow imprisoned in this town, or beneath this town, and that may be the mystical cause of the plague.

- I have not seen nor heard from Rugar since we arrived and split up.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 61

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