Pyrewood Industries & Operations

Bastion Campbell
Wibbley Klixon
McGreggor Alistersaurus

Pyrewood Industries and Operations is a start-up auto body shop for all kinds of mechs and vehicles. Founded by Wibbley Klixon, Bastion Campbell and McGreggor Allistersaurus, it specializes in custom chop jobs and repair, although it appears they may soon expand into full blown production of at least one or two models.

This expansion has forced them to relocate into the old “O’Neils Parts” Hangar (21 on the map) along the airstrip in Mechanicsville, Canada. The town is currently growing daily due to an influx of traffic and demand with the ongoing conflicts and refugees seeking shelter from the magic regions.

Current Field Operatives:
Jericho Joe – Pathfinder
Mikael Rhzykov – Mercenary
Gibraltar Cobb – Intelligence Officer
Rebekah Swan – Psi-Tech

All characters affiliated with Pyrewood.

Pyrewood layout 1

History of the Name:
The original Pyrewood Ops was a group of mercenaries based out of Boise, ID that discovered McGreggor’s crash site. Wary at first, they accepted McGreggor as one of their own after he demonstraited an adept ability at piloting various vehicles.

The group was known throughout the region to hit strategic points along trade routes and other supply lines from getting footholds into the area.

The group was effectively eliminated in a demon trap that left most dead and several captured and put into the Calgary slave market.

Pyrewood Industries and Operations was named by McGreggor to honor his first Earth friends.

Pyrewood Industries & Operations

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