The Enclave

The “Enclave” is a group of six individuals who all share a common bond – each of them believes they are an alternate universe duplicate who was summoned by Trent Logan (or someone remarkably like him) using the Id Self Temporal Magic spell at some unspecified time in the past. Trent first encountered the Enclave working out of a dimensional room located in the top floor of a brothel in New Calgary, where they monitored the rift and kept on the look out for other “inter-dimensional Trent refugees.” This brothel had pictures in the rooms of an older version of Trent Logan. The dimensional room in which the Enclave made its base had a picture of a younger Trent alongside Jescha. While the brothel still stands, the weird events in Calgary severed the dimensional link they had with the Brothel.

Proof of their claim to be Id Selves:
1. At least one of the members can activate and use items which Trent has attuned only to his unique B.E. signature, something which should normally be impossible.
2. All six (plus an unwanted extra) were summoned at once when Trent Logan experimented with casting the Id Self spell.
3. Each of them claim to have memories of waking up in this world to Trent’s face, but with little direction or interaction past that.

The members of this group identify themselves by number. Despite that, they all are equal. All known members are human, like Trent, though not all are male. The members are:

  • Number 1 (Nº One): A male human Shifter with a supernatural link to a Zurvan, the god of time. He claims his god is a “dark god.” He tends to be the spokesperson for the group, but only speaks for them when they have consensus. His location is unknown.
  • Number 2 (Nº Two): A female Vanguard Waylayer, a human supremacist, and a CS sympathizer. She was the first that Trent met, and he met her by the name Jescha Harwynn. Unlike the others, this dimension appears to be her home dimension. She was traveling with Trent but after their break-up her whereabouts are unknown.
  • Number 3 (Nº Three): A male Thief of some kind, who looks remarkably similar to Trent. He professes to have no magic but does employ magical devices. He does not seem to trust Trent very much at all. His last known location was somewhere in Ciudad Juarez.
  • Number 5 (Nº Five): A male Military Weapons Expert of some kind. Despite his significant strength he is not very outspoken and tends to take a back seat in the Enclave. He chose to stay in Lazlo with Trent, and while Trent was away he found plenty of mercenary work to occupy him.
  • Number 6 (Nº Six): A female of unknown skills and abilities. She is very similar in appearance to Nº Seven, and out of all the Enclave her Aura is the most similar to Trent’s. She is the oldest member of the Enclave. She was found within the whorehouse by the time any of the others made it there, and she was already quite mad. Her madness waxes and wanes however, and she has appeared to have very occasional, brief lucid moments. She does not travel on her own but instead is typically pushed around in a wheelchair by Nº Seven. Her last known location was with Nº Seven, in the Coalition ’Burbs.
  • Number 7 (Nº Seven): A female Assassin of some kind. She is very similar in appearance to Nº Six. She is mute and cannot talk. In the dimension she came from, Atlantis was a peaceful nation populated by True Atlanteans. Her last known location was with Nº Six, in the Coalition ’Burbs.

Non-Members, but affiliated with the Enclave in some as-yet unknown way:

  • Number 4 (Nº Four): Nº One told Trent that there was indeed a “Number Four”, but he declined to be a part of this group once he was located. He has since resisted all efforts to be located. His current status and location are unknown.
  • Trent Logan: Trent is either “Number 8,” or somehow the one who summoned them all. There has been evidence to support either theory but nothing conclusive.
  • Reagent Boz: A Deevil Archfiend, somehow when Trent cast that Id Self spell in Lazlo Boz was summoned along with the other members noted above. He did not appear to be too shocked that Trent could summon him in this manner, only that he had. Boz (or an Archfiend appearing to be very similar to him), disguised as Lars, was also responsible for introducing Trent to Tr’nalith.

Note: This information is out of date – the story Funeral Grief updates the current status of the members as of Game 15.

The Enclave

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