The Glorious Woven One

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The power was magnificent, brilliant and all consuming. He could not resist the robe’s call for him to adorn himself with it, the promise of vengeance against Pall Mall and the vanquishing of his enemies the only promise he could hear.
“I am The Glorious Woven One, and serve me you shall!” It told him.
Helldamn’s will counted for very little, only allowing him to navigate the intricacies of the group and their personalities and to contribute as only a vessel for this magnificent Rune Artifact.

“Back to the study.

I command it.

You must find The Artifact. It is all important to our goal.

The robe spoke to him telepathically and in truth there was only the rudiments of Helldamn’s mind remaining from the Artifacts influence. Helldamn felt that he was still cognizant of what was happening, but he was simply a viewer, an outside observer. Attempting to take control of his body was useless and he could do nothing to steer the thing in any direction save the one it wanted to go.

“What are we looking for? What is it I am looking for?” Helldamn was now full under the things control.

“I know not its earthly shape or configuration. You will know it when you see it.”

The power of the voice was all encompassing and so alluring that Helldamn could actually identift now with the likes of Pall Mall, having now a taste of true power. It gave him an insatiable thirst that was ever growing, expanding and never satiated.

Returning to the scene of their recent battle with Rasputin, Helldamn was now in the study of the massive castle. Adorned with velvet cloths and tapestries, the stone walls did not afford any warmth in the place and because of the previous owners insanity and mismanagement of the place, the temperature yielded the slightest of wintery breath from the Sowki’s snout as he breathed the frosty air.

“I have no more energy left – our battle with Rasputin tapped us all out and we barely escaped with our lives.” Saying this he had begun looking around, using trap and mine detection until he found a false drawer of the study desk to be of particular interest.

Recognizing wards but not knowing what they were he decided to just pull a McGreggor and see what happened.

“Oh Glorious Woven One – I need your help to cast some spells. Would you be so gracious as to help me with it?”

“Your weakness is appalling. Rest easy my servant – you are but a tool to be wielded.” At that Helldamn felt a surge of PPE, enough to allow him to cast a multitude of spells.

Using the incantation, Manipulate Objects, Helldamn commanded the tendrils of bluish ectoplasm to do his bidding and rip open the drawer. He knew this was a hasty move but the robe didn’t advise against it, so he thought for sure he would survive unscathed.

Just then the rest of his companions had arrived in the study. James, the first in the door pulled out his trusty long sword, Appolyesties and was followed by Trent, The Lord Magus, although Helldamn thought it was still weird that he wanted to keep wearing a silly Tuxedo. Humans were a strange breed.

“Stop right there Helldamn!! Or I’ll be forced to subdue you” The godling was still immature for his ilk, but no doubt a challenging opponent. At least for Helldamn by himself.
Pulling the drawer from its hinges, Helldman released the wards, obliterating the desk in which iot lived and sending a bluish pulse of energy writhing through everything.
Looking a bit dazed, James continued to charge.

Helldamn Drew his Battle Fury Blade, activated it and prepared Wyndstrom to feed for the first time. He had no qualms about killing the entire group if he had to. After all – weren’t they just providing interference in acquiring Pall Mall anyway? The group, having participated In the previous battle with Rasputin, was also tapped out and this would be a perfect opportunity to vanquish them all!!

The two had a short mele with James Mirraculously parrying Wyndstrom and using his last Bio Manipulate: Paralyze on Helldmans Body, now controlled by The Glorious Woven One.
With the help of the rest of the group, Helldman was returned to his normal self and the robe removed, only for it to continue to call him, the omnipotent power of it calling him and nearly sparking the never satiated hunger once more.

It was not until Helldamn suggested putting the robe into the anti matter dimension ( from ancient Babylon ) that the experience and the calling was truly over. Returned to his former self, Helldamn was now free to help the group save the entire megaverse.

OOC – below are the actual secret GM notes passed back and forth between the player and the GM as the robe took control over Helldamn Spellshroud
It calls itself the glorious woven one. You begin to crave power and you have a natural A.R. Of eight.

Ok I return to the study

I ask what I should be looking for

It says check everything, I don’t know what it will look like to you but it is very important to our goal

Ok…. Trap and mine detection – 30%
Perception – *20!!!!!

You see a false drawer in the desk, you can’t tell if its trapped

I’d like to recognize wards: failed 95%

I say ; I wish I could cast the spell manipulate objects

It says you are weak, take my ppe and make it so.

I cast manipulate objects

If I can I will activate the battle fury

The Glorious Woven One

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