Before I break down all the B.S. minutia I’ll have Trent do to prep the group, since I’m the only one who will do this between games and we don’t want to waste time doing it in the game…

This will take place after Trent has prepared all the notices and stuff (and they are safely stored in a personal dimensional pocket), but before he’s made the decision as to whether or not to post them. He’s hopefully got some insanities suppressed by chewing on the leaf (powers? duration?)

Trent will travel to one of his accelerated time Dimensional Envelopes. He will verify it’s empty (see the invisible, iron ball bearings, see dimensional anomolies, all the usual things) and then begin to meditate and prepare. He will intend to create an energy sphere, using his own magical reserves, and then meditate and use the energy sphere to help him make more things, etcetera. But if he feels those “twinges of pain” at any point then he will stop. This will prompt a new experiment, to see what causes a “twinge” and what does not, so it can be quantified at least for this hour, before it gets worse again. If I’m allowed to do anything magical without gaining more insanities then that is what Trent will do, based on the guidelines he discovers, and I will work those details up. If not, then I will have totally different tedious game minutia to develop and send you.


Leaf of Clarity — each leaf temporarily suppresses all mental impairments (from drunkenness to amnesia to insanity and etc.) for 1d4 hours.

You can do what you intend to do. When you create the energy sphere you feel a twinge (roll %). Should this prompt a new experiment you can continue casting spells — just give me a level and a P.P.E. cost. To save a little time let us assume for the moment that Trent has already caught herpes…no, chlamydia. He puts a bandaid on his twat which will last 1d4 hours and staunch the puss and juicy-juice-flow from his pussy. With the diaper on he pees…and it still burns. He drinks an entire bottle of kool-aid and it burns when he pees. He takes the diaper off his hoohah and replaces it with a tampon. Okay? The applicator immediately expands to absorb the ooze. Trent tries to pee again. No pee comes out since the tampon is up there but it still burns. If he dehydrates himself to the point of super-slow trickle-flow…it doesn’t burn much when he pees…if at all. If he drinks a 50 gallon drum of salt water it burns like SHIT when he pees AND when he throws it all back up again. Trent shakes his head and scratches his itchy cooter because at this point he should have known better not to get sand in his snatch.

See what I mean?

What I got from that is: 1. It’s too late, expend the PPE and roll for insanities regardless of how I try to work around it, and 2. Quit being such a pussy about it. % roll 95, and Trent stops trying to use magic at all until he’s somehow cleansed of this infection – something which I doubt destroying all the generators will accomplish.

Well…it’s NEVER too late. It’s just a little tougher. You guys are working without all the pieces of the puzzle and I am TRYING not to punish you when you go out of your way to learn more about the pieces.

Let’s try a different analogy: Trent has diabetes. His sugar levels are normal but he needs insulin…so type 2. He likes to eat pussy but pussy is sweet and it elevates his sugar to dangerous based on how much of it he eats and when.

Wait, let’s start over. Trent has AIDS…No! HIV…okay, that’s better. He got the hivvy by fuckin’ some trailer…no that doesn’t work either. He was hangin’ out with this chick he didn’t know but she seemed kinda kewl.

Okay…so Trent is in a motorcycle accident. Right? He has this nurse who is helping him recuperate but she is secretly hoping that he never gets better because she’s lonely as fuck…and ugly…and obese.


Okay so Trent’s married to this bitch who was fuckin’ awesome and beautiful in the beginning…now he’s had a few kids with her and she’s not as attractive as she once was…and you guys start to fight and shit and the marriage just gets worse. One day you die. Little did Trent know his wife was poisoning his coffee just a little bit each day…never enough to full kill him…but enough so that when she stopped giving him the antidote he would keel over dead.

Does that make sense?

I got a better idea for you…

You know how Magic Johnson has aids and they give him blood transfusions all the time and he’s still alive despite living with HIV for like 20 years? Okay…so Trent can’t quite release all his P.P.E. …it’s not like peeing….but he can charge e-clips I think…and he can put corrupted P.P.E. in TW devices…but he’s not really a TechnoWiz. Okay skip that…but Trent can figure out how to drain himself of all his P.P.E….maybe in a ritual that does NOTHING…and he does so on a Ley Line or at a nexus where the P.P.E. is naturally just re-absorbed into the system instead of just overflowing the stagnant / ambient wilderness or something…maybe he pays for it or willing submits to powering someone else’s spells and sharing it…dunno.

Trent leaves himself with JUST ENOUGH ppe to get to a time-accelerated envelope. He meditates and regains fresh, untainted P.P.E. Now he casts a spell? Sure, let’s make an energy sphere. He makes one. Did he roll his skill to make it cost less? Was it successful? Send me the rolls and most-likely no twinge…energy sphere is level 10 and 200 P.P.E. I think? From here he casts a bunch of other spells…which may be misleading because he might not be feeling twinges…during this experiment…when he otherwise normally would have or…“should” have.

What I could do…and what I have been toying with is completely removing the random component. Instead of the percentile which your characters don’t know is being rolled I basically do an all or nothing with the INDICATOR (the twinges) and the percentile becomes the SAVING THROW. So…if EVERYSINGLETIME Trent casts a spell he feels a twinge and rolls a saving throw vs insanity…he ONLY recognizes the twinge every time…and over the course of time he fails some saves…and realizes he has insanities. Now it gets even tougher to realize WHEN the insanity is gained…in character of course. Okay so I’m open to suggestions. I have a few…like the one I just mentioned up my sleeve but I’m hesitant to enact them right now while we’re smack-dab in the middle of the investigation plot.

Okay guys…I know folks don’t like to read the emails but for those who are interested in the discussion I’m having with Trent regarding the P.P.E. plague I will post the transcript to Obsidian Portal under GM Recap called TRANSCRIPT

For Posterity!


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft