WYWA Steve


- Outstanding work orders for mage-guild in Lazlo, requested by name, for running interference, bodyguard, search and recovery, mercenary work / gun for hire, etc.

- Splicers Home World house of Gary warm welcome upon return — a hero’s welcome! Upon Steve is bestowed the most incredible…unheard of gift…so rare as to never even be thought possible. Volunteers were pooled to accompany Steve on his great quest should he ever return. Among those who volunteered: Jude, the Saint (host body for symbiotic organism that will eventually grow into a Gene-Pool), Sherman Klump, Pre-Engineer (partner / programmer of the Gene-Pool after Gene-Pool grows and leaves the Saint, killing him), Dizzy Flores, Librarian and the gift of a Librarian Primer (Biological Engineering 101).

- Gary tells Steve about the House Pandorum – a Splicers family house that has rebelled against humanity through chaotic aberration. They are a house of Entropy…of Chaos. And they are waging a war against ALL Splicers houses. They are extremely powerful.

- Dizzy Flores, Librarian, has been developing new, forbidden concepts to combat House Pandorum. She needs new genetic material to test her theories. The Chaos is STRONG. She wishes to accompany Steve to Rifts Earth to search for the lost genetic code of the CHAOS HOUSE PANDORUM.

WYWA Steve

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