WYWA Trent


- Tyvernos sends a note to Trent’s address in New Lazlo and explains his need for help. He needs to go to Madhaven to find an item of great importance. It is the right eye of Osiris. The god has been dismembered and 27 of his body parts have been scattered around the Megaverse and the Pantheon of Light cannot be whole until his body is completely rebuilt. An intrepid group of adventurers is working on this very task in Palladium Fantasy but their hands are tied when it comes to Rifts Earth and Madhaven. Tyvernos knows that Trent is busy saving the Megaverse and he is not opposed to subcontracting this work to an able-bodied “one-off” mercenary group if Trent knows of anyone who would take the contract. This letter is sent to Trent’s address in New Lazlo. COMPLETED

- The Enclave has sent word also to Trent’s address in New Lazlo. #6 has finally expired. Her affliction unknown and she appeared to have died from the very same mysterious malady. Jescha is most moved at hearing this. #1 also claims to have spoken to his god, Zurvan, and to have a warning to deliver: Take utmost care when traveling the time streams as events beyond your ability to fathom or above the reach of prediction. #2 appears to be coming down with something…maybe similar symptoms…but #1 is not overly concerned since #2 can’t seem to keep it in his pants, feeling the need to go out exploring and gallivanting all the time. COMPLETED

- In one of Trent’s dimensional envelopes in Chi-Town, the permanent ones, he finds a message from Tr’nalith. This message asks for a meeting in much the same way it did last time. Except this time it is with Tr’nalith and Spacia, the Dimensional Master Ancient Shadowstalker Dragon. COMPLETED

- Trent receives a formal invitation to appear at a ball held in one of the noble houses of Lazlo’s great ball room. The invitation is for Trent + Guest but, in very fine print at the bottom it reads, “in the event that you do not have an accompaniment one will be provided for you.” Inside the invitation is also enclosed a receipt for a place called, “Tawny’s Tailored PurSuits” with an address. COMPLETED

- Jescha feels alienated from Trent and the company he keeps. In the wake of the events of Ancient Babylon she professes to care for Trent deeply but tells him that she needs her space right now to really think about their relationship. She promises that she will keep in touch and see him again soon. Before she leaves Trent notices that her eyes are a little red, she has a sniffle, and a minor cough which she explains away with a brush of her hand and a negligible beginnings of a cold. COMPLETED


- Jescha leaves the Enclave to travel on her own, if Trent asks, they tell him that she was feeling ill…and throwing up…and wasn’t quite herself. She would suffer from cravings and she always complained that her belly hurt. She actually left to give birth in private…to meet up with Baaz, a former Trent, the PRIME. COMPLETED

- Number 3 comes down with a cold, chills, fever (1 is prime, 6 got sick first? 3 got sick next). Number 3 has bronchitis and is laid up for bed rest. He’s being pumped full of antibiotics but the Lazlo doctors do not understand why the ailment is so resilient. Number 5 will begin to exhibit symptoms of chicken pox next. COMPLETED

- Excedrin has a number of lobotomized gods. They hang like disgraceful trophies from the walls of his cave. If they are inspected a number of items can be found: Amulet (per spell — +4 vs insanity), Dagger of Digging, and others. COMPLETED

- Number 1 reads the future journal and gains insight…sheds light on Future Trent. Number 1 claims to have met this character Rhadamanthus before. A being of blazing light energy that crackled brilliantly — he had come to the shrine of his Master, Zurvan, in Persia on Rifts Earth — looking for a friend of his. When he looked upon Number 1, at first glance, he looked relieved if only for the briefest moment. “He explained that he was looking for a man who had mastered the element of time and that this shrine was the only place he could think to look. Alas, I couldn’t help the man but I did introduce him to the worship of my Master. I wonder if he ever found the person he was looking for.” COMPLETED

- Jaena the female half of a Lazlo Techno-Wizard Sibling Duo (Korbin Slayne) leaves a very nasty letter for Trent in his apartment inbox. It talks about the armor she repaired for James and how she will promise not to hurt Trent’s friend if he cooperates and commits to helping her with her business endeavor. COMPLETED


- Tanya “Hellion” Niemczycki dropped off a “replica” book “Time and Again” by Jack Finney (self-hypnosis time-travel), stuffed inside the sleeve is a note asking to see Trent for a drink. Inside the cover of the replica is enclosed a digital copy of the book “Man and Time” by J.B. Priestly — a present from her employer, Sturm Brightblade. At the Hungry Scholar for drinks Hellion shares with Trent that she thinks Sturm was contacted by a Deevil; she had worked undercover in Dyval and Hades so she knows what separates an Arch-Fiend from a Fiend and thinks that this was some sort of clandestine meeting. She doesn’t know how or what he wanted but Sturm has abandoned his holdings in the Lazlo underground and traveled to the Chaos Lands of the Damned in a place called Palladium. She heard the name “Boz” a time or two but can’t be sure.

He left Tanya instructions to find Trent and give him the book as a gift. She doesn’t know whether or not it came from the Deevil or what the significance is or if this new destination came from the Deevil. Sturm definitely met with someone that Tanya has never met before and who she wasn’t familiar with. It was a cloaked figure, all shadowy and scary, dressed in a robe as black as the night sky and glittering with the scintilla of stars. Along the hem were emblazoned gold runes that glowed. They conducted their meeting in private but not long thereafter Sturm packed up his things, wished her well, and bequeathed his EVERY EARTHLY POSSESSION to her. She should feel happy…or lucky…but she only felt scared. And she reached out to Trent to follow through on her previous employer’s instructions. COMPLETED

- Trent’s brother Drew Logan leaves him a missive in the Lazlo Magic Guild asking for a meeting. He goes in for Techno-Wizard Bionic Reconstruction as part of the Coalition’s first real initiative to embrace magic through the Vanguard. He is the living embodiment and proof of this secret love-affair of magic and technology and he is about to vanish off the face of the earth. He has finally followed all the leads to their end…thanks to the “letter” Trent released. Please refer to letter for the entirety of its contents. COMPLETED


- Trent gets a notification from the Greater Lazlo General Hospital: With wounded returning from the front every hour it was only a matter of time until Trent’s prerequisites for an optimal body for the Shamhat Essence Transfer. Enter Jatarri Windstalker.

- Reading Material to restore Trent’s Brain to its original I.Q. — Richard Matheson’s book “Bid Time Return” “I am Legend” and “Stir of Echoes”, – “Somewhere in Time” is the story of a love which transcends time, “What Dreams May Come” is the story of a love which transcends death, – “The Last Man” by Mary Shelley, – Little Girl Lost (in the 4th dimension) Twilight Zone episode

- Trent’s Staff of Time Dilation and Spacial Distortion – attempts communication // still no words but thoughts come to Trent’s mind that show beads — the exact beads that McGreggor once had and now Zander has — fitting directly into the staff and the thought is accompanied by an urgent need and raw emotional force of will.

- Lytsong asks for a quiet evening at home, relaxing, with tea, a fireplace, and a good book. Just one enjoyable evening where the business of saving the Megaverse isn’t pervasive and invading every word, thought, and action.

- Tyvernos Oriflamme sends a letter explaining that he has explored the Chaos Lands and has vital information for Trent that isn’t safe to put in a pigeon or letter. The only place he’ll feel truly safe divulging this information is the Library of Bletherad. There’s no time limit and there’s no rush. He will stay there indefinitely and await Trent’s arrival. He urges Trent to TRUST NO ONE. The deevils have infiltrated almost every rung of every ladder of every organization, governing body, corporation, and royal family that he has heard of or personally encountered. There are countermeasures to be taken but the craftiest of Deevils have anticipated these countermeasures and have ways to mystically stymie them. He wishes you luck and godspeed. The Library isn’t easy to locate and its guardians are magically and psychically capable of repelling almost any assault. I have left a map for you in an “envelope” near the place where you saved my life. Oh! Weirdest thing! I can’t believe I forgot to mention…

I’m a fucking Gnome!

Your friend,


- Arcadia Tybus sends a pigeon saying that she successfully contacted her first Seraphim. This communication rift stuff is really kewl! Her letter goes on to include the following information:

- The Cult of Dragonwright is really stirring things up in Dragcona. They have mobilized the entire city, prepped for defense, and preparing to assault Splynn directly. Rumors are flying that the Dragons have made a deal with the deevils and together they are taking on the Splugorth holdings on Atlantis on Rifts Earth. An ancient artifact of incredible power was discovered somewhere on Atlantis and the Dragons believe that the Splugorth will use it to finally push them off the island once and for all to conquer all of the continent. Uncle says this is the kind of conflict that forces everyone to choose sides. Nothing is off-limits. He is preparing to leave his shop and holdings here — liquidate them — and move to Seattle, North America to start fresh. It’s being touted as the new frontier of the Wild West.

- Arcadia also met a woman from Greece named Jasmine who was very beautiful. She met Jasmine at an Arcane Sundries Shoppe at the dimensional market and they instantly conencted. She said she had no one she could trust and was on the run from some very bad people. She claimed that they wanted to get to her brother by getting her. I don’t know who her brother is but he must be someone important. She says he doesn’t even know that she’s still alive but she can’t ever let him jeopardize himself because of her. Jasmine seems like a really nice girl — she’s about my age and is very gifted with magic. I begged my uncle and he gave her a place to stay temporarily and we’ve been waiting tables and practicing magic together to pass the time until things blow over. But they haven’t blown over in a while…and Uncle is very concerned. I think we’ll have to leave soon and Jasmine says she wants to come with us. Uncle hasn’t outright said “no” but he can be very cranky sometimes. It certainly promises to be an adventure.

- Arcadia wonders if she’ll ever hear from her father but she can’t stop thinking that he’s out there somewhere. She sends Trent her hugs and warmest regards and hopes that they might see each other again some day.

- Letter from Number 1: Number 3 has passed on. What was bronchitis turned into pneumonia and accelerated rapidly. Number 5’s chicken pox are getting worse and now it looks like mumps / measles / rubella / AND shingles. What’s worse is this Rhadamanthus character stopped in to see him again and insisted that Number 1 share everything he knew about Trent Logan. He wasn’t alone. A giant, ten-foot tall Wolfen Star Marshal…looked like some kind of advanced cyborg…was with him and they looked VERY concerned. They asked me about someone named Tanya but that name wasn’t familiar to me. I don’t know what you’re into but things seemed to be coming to a head. I hope you were able to get your head fixed because now would be a fantastic time to start seeing things really clearly. For the sake of the conclave our location has, once again, been compromised and I have completely lost contact with my god, Z. My powers have waned in response and I have been in the “market” for a new supernatural employer. Evidently, there are very few gods even left available for a Shifter to link with. I approached Brahma who said he’d consider it but then…I was also given a very compelling offer by a Dark God known only as The Slumbering One. He goes by an unknown tongue I can only pronounce as Cah-Thoo-Loo. Stay safe, brother, and know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers. P.S. They still haven’t heard back from Jescha and fear the worst

WYWA Trent

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