Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

A Russian Winter Wonderland, Part 1

  • Morning arrived and Pall Mall returned on a Russian hoverbike, still controlled by his “Helldamn Spellshroud” personality. Steve was no longer with him, and his current wherabouts are unknown.
  • A Dwarf named Rugar met the group while they were talking with Warlord Seriyev. He helped Trent bargain with the Warlord to purchase a vehicle suitable for travel across the Russian winter landscape.
  • Rugar was hired to drive the vehicle.
  • Trent, James, Rugar, Zander, and Pall Mall waitied a few days for a Gypsy trader to arrive so they could get additional information about traveling across Russia. This trader provided parts and material the Warlord which were needed to hopefully re-arm his nuclear missile, and the trader took away the Warlord’s “garbage” metals in exchange – including the excavated Kisentite. The Warlord decided to start stockpiling the Kisentite, however, based on Trent and Ruger’s suggestions.
  • The trader, named Magnus VurMagnusson, offered to lead the group part way to their destination – for a fee. The group paid and they left almost immediately. Amongst the “Gypsies” that the Trader keeps company with were a disguised Demon, and a disguised Deevil. Those in the group who noticed this did not act upon it yet.
  • Trent paid the trader to send one of his men out to obtain a bicycle, in order to replace the one that Zander lost due to Trent previously. This is what the gypsy returned with:

Old fashioned bicycle

  • The snow both already on the ground, and the storms they passed through, made travel slow. Zander stowed his bike rather than ride it.
  • After a day or two the group passed into Warlord Alekseyevna’s territory. The Trader paid a fee (a bribe) to a Warlord Patrol that the group ran into and after the patrol examined the vehicle the group was allowed to pass and continue on their way.
  • A few hours later, the group was ambushed by a rogue group of ex-Alekseyevna’s soldiers. The battle was brief and the group was victorious, in no small part due to Magnus’ display of superhuman power to create and manipulate magnetic fields – the metal-clad borgs and power armor didn’t stand a chance.
  • A suit of power armor and some rail guns were recovered. The power armor was magically transported back to Pyrewood Ops by Trent, with the help of Zander and the others.
  • Travel through the snow and blizzards resumed and continued for another few hundred miles.
  • A scout noticed a dead supernatural creature near a small cave nearby. The creature turned out to be Pegasus, and the interior of the cave had 7 or so other dead mythological horse-like beings. In the Astral plane, each of these beings had a marker with a small epitaph.
  • The last creature in the cave was a dead unicorn, seemingly pregnant with a still-living foal. James used Animal Husbandry to emergency deliver the foal, which turned out to be a human.
  • The group was bade to answer seven horse-related riddles. Upon each successful answer, the man-being became more awake. After the seventh answer the man-being seemed to turn into a Spirit of Light, but piercing metamorphosis revealed it to be some sort of rune hammer, named Der Hexenhammer. Pall Mall (Helldamn Spellshroud) tried to grab it but got burned due to his alignment incompatability. Zander grabbed it and claimed it as his own.
  • Rugar watched the spectacle over the video feed but did not see the exact same thing the others who were present saw. This left him a little confused.
  • They rejoined the trader and the journey through Russia continued.


Catherine the Great’s Astral Horse Graveyard! Who comes up with this shit?


I’m just glad SOMEONE got the reference to Catherine the Great and “horses.”


This was not the gm? So confused…


My fault for not posting it in the summary – James had the revelation that Catherine the Great was known to be a “horse lover,” and that sort of pulled together why dead horse creatures had been gathered like this into a weird graveyard.


LOL! Victor the confusion will be eradicated by my GM-Recap for that session


Actually, in many cases, reading the GM-Recap in conjunction with character journals, adventure logs, and even the short stories is a good supplement to get another perspective on what is happening. On the whole, the Adventure Log summaries are pretty effective and largely based on what I’ve “recapped.”


Except for when your recap forgets to mention little minor things, like the world (or maybe even the universe) ending in three or so years if nobody does anything to stop it!


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