Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

A Tolkeenite Catastrophe

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they had infiltrated an affluent Tolkeenite penthouse apartment in a rather ritzy residential district. They had successfully deterred a group of Tiger Claw raptors, made their ways to the apartment building, and ascended. A cursory inspection of the domicile afforded them a better view of the carnage. Everything was ruined, ransacked, and / or razed to the ground. The master bedroom easily took center stage and hogged the spotlight. There was an entire team of Coalition Troops (replete with Psycho Stalkers, Military Specialist, Heavy Cyborg, Dog Boys, CS Juicers, and etc.) laid to waste at the foot of a crucified demonic entity. Whoa!

One CS soldier remained alive and, after Zeela healed him his tongue loosened. However, his new-found garrulous nature turned both Zeela and Trent away and they promptly left the scene. Pall Mall and The Deacon took the opportunity to interrogate him but not before Pall Mall assumed the guise of the deceiver. How clever! But ultimately futile. After unearthing the Colombian Au Paire’s secret stash of get-away items (a Manoan gun from South America, a ring of metamorphosis human, and a necklace that remains unidentified), the Deacon promptly put a bullet in the CS soldier’s head…ending his misery.

Pall Mall took the opportunity to search under the bed and reveal a hidden stash of vellum — inscribed like magical scrolls! That sense-magic was so handy! But upon touching the locked “flute” case and failing their saves everyone in the room was put to sleep for a solid twenty minutes. Sorry guys! After a little nap they took turns on their watches and Pall Mall went to meditate for a four hour stint…for real. When he awoke to relieve The Deacon he found the poor man ZOMBIFIED! It appeared as though the Deacon was actually leaning up against a wall, right next to an armored safe in that very wall, and drooling…like a lobotomized vegetable. Evidently he had failed his save vs magic.

The clever Sowki came to his rescue and nullified the magical effects. When the Deacon reverted back to normal I think he actually touched the safe a SECOND time! Not long after the two adventurers set themselves to breaking into the safe. They fired numerous blaster shots at the front to no avail but The Deacon cleverly thought to come around to the other side of the wall in the adjacent room and attempt to bore into the back. While they were back there, in the interstitial space betwen walls, they noticed a little shaft that went both upward and downward — like a cavity in the wall. There were a set of hooks and tethers that looked like some kind of automatic safety device or an ejection seat for the safe. The pair of player characters didn’t find out exactly what those do. Eventually they scored their way into the back of the safe (where it is less heavily armored) and, using vibro-knives and TW flaming swords, they finally punctured the tiniest pin prick in the safe and out flowed a nebulous red mist (which they didn’t breath in). The characters failed their roles to ascertain possible origins of the mist or explanations thereof but they found a piece of flayed human skin / flesh that held a long series of numbers…a code of some sort. They also noticed that, while the safe was only about two or three feet long, in the middle it took a very large dip — downward as if toward the floor below — almost six feet in depth. The insides of the safe were covered in silver piercing spikes not unlike an iron maiden.

This disturbed our adventurers but a mythology roll gave them a little insight into how it could be interpreted. Pall Mall and the Deacon eventually made their ways into the master bedroom again where the Sowki cut body parts from the demon and siphoned vials of his blood for safe-keeping. They finally made successful Lore rolls which allowed them to think about the very odd circumstance they faced. A Greater Demon of Hades was impaled by silver crosses and crucified above the king-sized bed in a master bedroom in a penthouse apartment in Tolkeen. It was clearly dead, inert, and had no signs of life…yet it hadn’t returned to Hades, its home dimension. The crosses, they noted, were startlingly similar to those employed by the man only known as “the Pilgrim.”

The Sowki used this as another opportunity to practice his demonic anatomy and physiology. Upon opening the 15ft tall behemoth’s chest cavity he saw an oozing pulsing ball of black goo and sludge. It looked like it was a basketball-sized ball covered in molasses and tar and oil. The Sowki availed himself of more TW tupperware from the kitchen and proceeded to collect the samples.

After the weathering the night in the apartment they two left, and on their way to the library, encountered a Federation of Magic Death Squad and a single Splugorth Slaver with a complement of five blind warrior women and some eyes of Eylor.

The Deacon, realizing they were trapped, thought quickly on his feet, and cleverly used his next idea, to be daring…and run right at the Splugorth after he had gotten the Federation of Magic’s attention. Pall cast chameleon on him before they made a run for their lives…just in case…and it ended up saving the deacon’s life when he finally holed up in a building and attempted to hide from the fighting. A pack of 16 Tiger Claw Raptors rolled up and the three parties had themselves a Mexican standoff. It was incredible to witness and I’m thrilled that no one had to roll up a new character.

The Sowki split off from the main group with the attention of a Dragon Juicer and Battle Magus, found a place to hide, and cast animal metamorposis — instantly becoming a falcon and flying away…while becoming naked and having his tactical vest and armor fall to the ground. Luckily, Sir Altinius, his falcon friend familiar came by to help Pall the Falcon secret his belongings somewhere out of sigh and stash them in an abandoned building.

Their next step was to enter the library…but I fear that is someone else’s tale to tell.



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