Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Adventure Log Index

The Story so Far…

A book called The Codex of Souls fell into the hands of a group of people drawn together by fate. The book foretold of dangers to the Megaverse greater than the Minion War – seven plagues which have manifest across time and space. The key to stopping these plagues lay in recovering seven greatest rune artifacts. The first artifact was recovered in New Calgary, and transported this group into the ancient past, in the time of Ancient Babylon. There they stopped the Plague of Tongues and were returned to their time. The second artifact was recovered in Mongolia and transported this group again into the past, this time to the 14th Century A.D.. There they stopped the Black Death and traveled back to their time. Currently this group is in Antarctica on Rifts Earth looking for the third artifact.

The adventures of the player characters, indexed for easy navigation. Ordered from oldest to newest. Already caught up? Then click here to jump to the latest adventure log link. A companion to this index is the timeline which gives a rough approximation of the months and years in which the events linked below occurred. Another companion to this index is the Chrono Triggers which are side-plots or side-stories which were “skipped,” but the group has the opportunity to revisit when the conditions are right.

Prologue, First Half: Among the Ruined

In which the characters meet for the first time, visit the ruined city of Tolkeen, and spend some time in a library.

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Prologue, Second Half: Leave no City Standing

In which the characters travel to Calgary and leave a lasting impression upon the city.

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Chapter One: Adventures in Ancient Babylon

In which the characters are transported to Ancient Babylon, solve the plague of Tongues, and leave a mark upon history.

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Intermission One: Mad About Madhaven

In which a different group of characters have an eye-opening experience in Madhaven.

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Chapter Two: Running in Circles

In which the usual characters run amok upon Rifts Earth, feel the effects of the P.P.E. plague, and encounter consequences to their actions.

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Intermission Two: Mad About Madhaven

A brief return to Madhaven and its inhabitants.

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Chapter Three: J.F.C. Gets Medieval

In which J.F.C. embarks upon a crusade to end the Black Plague

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Intermission Three: Five-Finger Discount at the Black Vault

In which J.F.C. teaches the Coalition just how secret and secure their secret and secure facility is.

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Chapter Four: Cold Days in Antarctica

It’s cold in Antarctica in the fall. all. the. time!

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Should I continue to keep this updated? Is this helpful to anyone? What about the “NEW” infotags I paste in front of recent updates?

Adventure Log Index

I find it very helpful and I think the organization is also a great reference for a time-line.

Adventure Log Index

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