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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

All or Nothing

The last day of the Great Plague

The survivors of the Time Stop barrage were picked off fairly easily and quickly by all involved parties. Domincus Loricatus, upon his arrival, began boasting and gloating. He sized up the three members of J.F.C. and turned his attention to James with a menacing, eager grin. Zander slipped through the portal only to run right into the other four members of the Vatican 5. The Cursebringer Necromancer of their group used “the evil eye” to paralyze Zander, and he just drifted up to the ceiling on his magic skateboard.

Another of the Vatican 5, this one a Deathwalker Necromancer, summoned a small army of animated skeletons to go through the portal. But with the anti-magic cloud still in effect the skeletons all disintegrated as they came through the portal. Zander didn’t have an optimal view but he was still able to see those four and one by one he watched them cast magic and vanish.

Back at Malta the Deevil and a Pandemonium he called forth were both fighting for J.F.C. against these strange necromancers. The Pandemonium kept demanding that the anti-magic cloud be taken down but if Trent heard her through his rage he certainly didn’t care to comply. James and Domincus were sparring furiously, neither giving quarter nor asking for it. Trent could feel the sensation of multiple teleportations occurring within his sensing range but the magic of the Sorcerous Fury suppressed those more rational thoughts and he instead focused on the opponents before him.

The fight between Dominicus and James started to go badly for James. Trent, done with his current opponent, took some of the pressure off of James by drawing Domincus’ attention. One of the other Necromancers finally managed to succeed in dispelling Trent’s anti-magic cloud, and in just a few short moments summoned one of his own. This had the effect of suppressing all of Trent’s magical combat abilities right as Dominicus decided to attack, and the blow that came was nearly enough to end Trent’s life.

Grip_of_Death.jpgJames, badly beaten himself, interposed himself between Trent and Dominicus. More of the other members of the Vatican 5 were finally showing up and making their presence felt now that the anti-magic cloud was theirs. Necromantic spells threatened to overwhelm and consume J.F.C.. On the other side of the portal, Zander finally mastered the trick of mentally moving the floating skateboard he was laying on and directed it to take him through the portal back to Malta. Once he saw how the combat was going he used his internal Chi energy to Calm the Minds of everyone within his range, spreading calm like oil on the troubled waters of everyone’s mind. Everyone that is, except Domincus, who still paused for a few critical moments in wonder at why the fight had stopped.

In the sudden calm Zander could move again! He skateboarded down the cavern to get out from under the anti-magic cloud so he could use one of Trent’s talismen to try and dispel it. He managed to get the cloud to drop as James was running away with the nearly unconscious Trent Logan. The Deevils were dealing with the brunt of the attacks now from Dominicus and even though the Deevil called upon its own master for help the brute, savage strength of the Murder Mage overwhelmed it and all three Deevils were destroyed, forcing their essences back to Dyval.

The removal of the anti-magic cloud allowed Trent’s magical spells to re-activate and he furiously sprang back into action. James took only a moment to collect himself and he too ran back into the fray. They were still outnumbered and outmatched but Zander’s quick thinking located a magic wand on the body of the dead summoner. He rushed through the melee to grab it and was able to figure out how to operate it. Suddenly, six of the magical construct warriors they had fought previously appeared, this time on the side of J.F.C. and awaiting the orders of their summoner.

This turned the tide of battle finally, and one by one the Vatican 5 were defeated. This, the base of their operations, had to be protected at all costs even if that cost was their life. They gave it all for their cause but J.F.C. prevailed. The last of their men standing – Dominicus Loricatus – finally fell too. For good measure the raging Trent drove Lytsong through the Murder Mage’s heart only to hear Lytsong scream in pain at the act.

J.F.C. stood triumphant, and the Plague of the Black Death would no longer ravage the 14th Century.


james saved trent?!?!? impossible!

All or Nothing

It was an awesome moment, that’s for sure.

All or Nothing

this was one of the most epic and incredible fights I’ve ever witnessed!

All or Nothing

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