Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Calgary Battle Prep - Conversational Interlude III

AlleyPall Mall:
Pall Mall takes a deep breath in and tries to assess the situation before him and his crew. Looking at the illusionary wall Trent had created the group sees a rift with Athena single handedly holding off the Dyval invasion of Calgary.

“Most certainly this is a diversion and we need to be ready for anything. Its my guess that as soon as we get our shit together and inform Dakon Black Blade we will be putting into motion a chain of events that – even if prepared for the worst – we cant anticipate the outcome.

In the event that this point of entry is a giant ruse, we have no course of action at this point except to jump in head first – not knowing what else could happen in different parts of the city. For Example – what if there are all these Dyvals in the city, “Sleepers” waiting to wreak havoc at their masters command, or another army hiding somewhere waiting for Calgary to put all of its assets into this one invasion point…etc.

We have to assume that even when our fight is over we will still be running for our lives and head long into another combat when we are at our weakest.

I intend on doing some shopping in preparation for our upcoming combat – any requests from Freehold?
I’m thinking defensivestuff as well as tactical in addition to the obvious attack strategy:

What languages are you all literate in? – in the event that I get my hands on some scrolls?
Heres what im thinking as far as scrolls -

  • x 9 Dessicate the supernatural ( Trent, James and Pall x3 each)
  • x 3 Anihilate
  • x 2 Teleport Superior ( Trent and Pall – for last ditch exfiltration)
  • x 2 Mystic Portal ( For initial surprise attack – I have something planned)
  • Invincible Armor
  • Sorcerous Fury
  • Wall of Defense
  • Fire Quake
  • Disharmonize
  • Heal Wounds ( any suggestions on healing spells or potions?? MDC healing is tough to find)
  • Warrior Horde
  • Sanctuary

Looking to his Temporal companion, the rather handsome, three eyed demon continues.

“Any other suggestions Trent? Can you chip in on making any of these scrolls so i dont have to by them?”

“James – about this Cyclops. I definitely think this guy should be kept out of sight if he is as important as you say he is. I can provide an exit for him but its not going to be free. In the interest of making this quick and as an “extension of the olive branch”, i can get him out of here, but you need to agree to some kind of agreement with me – what do you say?

“All depends on the deal. Also another problem is we have seen Kane and Baaz fight…even with all of us working together we prob couldn’t take Baaz. Time is kind of a factor here but we still have some of it. we don’t know enough about this city to know what Baaz target will be. Black blade might have some information we can use. Another thing is we need to close that portal and help Athena..or least make it so I can get close enough to her. Reason me is cuz she’s part of my own. I have a better chance of finding out if shes truly mad or not.(ooc: cant remember who said there’s a goddess tearing shit up around here…was it black blade or Thor? Also James speaks wolfen, dragonese, american and elvish. Might want to find a scroll that allows him to least understand demongogian). As for my new friend…I’m not sure how important he is just yet…”

Pall Mall:
“Sigh….my Olympian ……friend – what languages are you LITERATE in?

The matter of Baaz is troubling and like i said, i believe that he will show his head when we least need it.

The deal – well here it is.
Should I call upon you in the future you must come. As a matter of good faith my only requisite would be your mark in blood – right here in the sand. Otherwise you could just pay me – but from the looks of your purse and these two measly gems, Olympus has left you unprepared for meeting the logistical needs of your assignments.

“Pall, scrolls in American or Dragonese would be the easiest for me to read. Some of those scrolls you mentioned… that’s a pretty serious order. Even if Freehold is still standing, you think you’ll be able to find all those spells there? And how will you afford them? I already have a few Teleport: Superior and Mystic Portal scrolls made up, which we can use, A couple of Shockwave Talismen made by someone with some decent power might not be a bad idea, either. As far as healing, Heal Wounds is fine for me, but for the rest of you I’m not sure if it’s sufficient. I think there’s a couple other spells… [Lore: Magic roll, 53% – success!] they’re called ‘Greater Healing’ and ‘Super-Healing.’ Though to be honest, considering everything else on your list, if you’re going to go that far you might as well get ‘Restoration’ scrolls then – nothing works better than that.”

Trent pauses for a moment, thoughtful, then continues.

“It won’t be easy, but I can make some talismen and scrolls myself for us. My mystic knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to battle magic, though, so I can only offer a few protections and enhancements. I’ve also got a couple other items I still need to try and identify, if I can figure out what they can do that may be helpful.”

“I believe this invasion force gathering is dual purpose, but I have no idea how to figure out what the other goal or goals are here. That Dakkon Blackblade guy may know. I have a lead from earlier today that I’m planning to go follow-up on, which might help in this regard as well.”

Trent looks at James and the Cyclops. “James, whether it’s Pall or I who help your friend, I think with everything going on right now neither of us will have the opportunity to really aid him before the shit hits the turbine. [Lore: Demons and Monsters roll, 12% – success!] Not to mention, we could probably use the extra help if things start to get dicey.”

“As far as plans, you all are welcome to do what you want, but once the battle starts I have no intention of ‘wading into’ it, unless necessary. I’d like to close their portal but, barring that, I think I might be able to stop time on it – either should shut it down, at least temporarily. Your pets should have a field day in there, Pall, for as long as they last anyway.”

“i speak American, dragonese, wolfen, and elvish. and i will agree to your bargain on 4 conditions. 1. you will not summon me so that i will be killed. that includes taking your place on any said chopping block. this also includes you killing me. if it is a battle that you summon me into and we both lose our lives that is a different matter. 2. you can not sell me nor treat me as a slave. including handing over any object or item from my pantheon in my possession. also i will not fetch you a glass of milk. 3. i will come but can be able to refuse the request asked of me. i will not do something that is against my nature. 4. you will not sell or use my blood in any other manner but to ask for my help. also as a 5th condition..this summons will be a one time thing and be as equal and allies.oh..and no giving my blood to a servant of yours to do any of the above and you alone. if you can agree to that then so can i. if not…my new friend can stay and help us in our quest if he chooses. sorry my “friend” but i dont really trust you that much yet"

“So, I guess the scrolls are just for you and I, Pall. Unless either of your companions read?”

Pall Mall:
“Whatever languages you speak are irrelevant. What languages can you READ silly little man?”

“Your terms to our contract are agreeable if you accept the following revisions:
1. – if you are called to come to me, you must come at that moment and you may not refuse. No Purpose must be stated – i.e I do not necessarily have to say “I need your help” but rather “Come to me James” or “James – I need you”
2. you will not be summoned to be killed, your life force will not e extinguished.
3. If Summoned you will not be sold as a slave.
4. You will not be asked to do something that is against your nature.
5. you will not sell or use my blood unless freely given.

" So please my friend – make your mark in blood and our pact will be complete. One day I willcall upon you and you must come."

Pall clears a spot in the sand and motions for James to make his signature.

“Trent – the scrolls I intend on procuring would be for the group to cast – so thats why im asking. I think a few desiccate the supernaturals will come in handy for any of us. As far as the mystic portals I think they will be handy for logistically moving around the battle field. I have a new spell that I dont want the group to be cought up in and it has a 200’ diameter ( 100’ radius ) at max. So im thinking – mystic portal me 101’ away and I can use it and it will really eff these guys. ( make a lore magic and if successfull I will tell you what spell )

Dont worry about how im going to pay for the scrolls – that will be my little secret for now. And I do believe that Freehold will be standing and preparing for ongoing conflict with the CS. What better place to find scrolls than a town ready for war?

“Would that be the Fire Quake spell you intend to get a scroll for? I can see that creating quite a ruckus! When and where do we want to meet back up?”

Trent cancels the illusionary wall spell, in preparation for leaving.

Pall Mall:
the spell is realm of chaos – look it up
even though these dyvals will be resistant to fire I assume that the other effects of fire quake and disharmonize would still apply – speed, movement and APM negatives etc.

With realm of chaos I would be able to magically teleport EVERYONE ( who fails ) in a 100’ radius to a realm where they would fight their most hated enemies.In the realm of chaos I would be using these scrolls here – basically i would remove everyone i could from the fight for a few MINUTES and hopefully create enough bandwidth for you to close the rift and take care of collecting someone of importance to interrogate about BAAZ.

“Sounds like a good plan. If it’s possible to shut this down quickly enough, we may uncover the main plot yet. Although… if Moomoo’s troubles are any indication, I’m not sure we’re equipped to be able to drag info out of one of those creatures…”

“If that’s all, then let’s meet up back in the room you reserved, Pall. Let’s say, in a few hours, at Dawn?”

Pall Mall:
“Im going to need more than 3 hours Trent. I have quite a commute ahead of me and we ALL need to be rested for this battle. Athena has held everthing off to this point so far so lets see what Dakkon has in the way of defences for his city and what his contingency plans are. I will need at least 24 hrs”

“That works with me. James, are you okay wit this? WIll you be contacting your family? Trent looks around Where’s your friend, Pall? The dinosaur-guy?”

Pall Mall
“Im over here dude – James are we doing this contract or what? time’s a wastin…”

“I see you there, Pall. I meant… no, nevermind. It’s not my business anyway where you keep your pets. I’m ready to go, if we’re all agreed to meet back here in 24 hours?”

Pall Mall:
“James – am I bringing the Cyclops with me?”

“if I cant make it in 24 hrs I will send a magic pigeon – to whom shall I send it? are we all staying in this dimension?”

“24 hours from now I expect to be in this dimension. I will have to step into some Dimensional Spaces here and there though before then.”

No he will stay with me for now. I need information he might be able to help. Also..where’s the Dino guy?

Pall Mall:

eff it im out too"

Pall takes his entourage out of site toward the city center

As McGreggor walks around the area of the Rift he is in awe. This was the reason he was sent to Earth. To discover and report back the ability to create Rifts… But he would need more information on them first. He needed to see how they worked.

Scanning the area revealed what looked to be mountains of scrap metal behind a tall fence. Above the entrance was a wooden sign painted to read “S&S Salvage Yard”. Surely he could find something to use there. An old man sat at a booth in the entrance and greeted McGreggor as he approached.

“Say, weren’t you that ‘Rex in the arena today?”
“Uh, I was in the arena this morning, yes. They call me McGreggor”
“We’ll McGreggor, it sure is special meetin’ you today. You sure made me a purdy penny with that show you put on versus that ‘borg!”
“It was a glorious victory for the Empi…. Citizens who have an eye for the superior!”
“What brings you to my little corner of paradise?”
“I’ve left the arena and now require a vehicle for exploration.”
“You….left…the arena? Now how in hell did you do that? You just walked out the front door I presume? Hmmm?”
“What, is that odd? Should I return?”
“No, no, no sonny I’m just an old man thinkin’. You go ahead and take what you like, the winning’s you earned me will more than cover whatever you find working back there. Just stop by before you leave, I may have a favor to ask of you.”
“Thank you Mr…..?”
“Sanford’s the name”
“Very well Mr. Sanford. I shall return once I have located something I can use.”

McGreggor makes his way around the junkyard until he finds a semi-functioning exoskeleton. The power source is intact just disconnected, and it is missing it’s left arm and right hand. The cockpit was going to need a bit of expansion as well, but it was a good foundation to start construction.

He knew nothing of inter-dimensional travel, but he did know it would be invaluable to the Empire’s expansion. Imagine the ability to be able to arrive at a planet behind enemy lines and take out the air defenses before the attack even began!

While recording his report back to HQ as he worked, he realized he would need some protection in the front of the exoskeleton so nothing could catch him off guard after entering the rift. He managed to pull apart the front of a land vehicle and attach it to the frame using some rebar to tie a knot. Affixing the plasma cannon to the shoulder and the hammer to the arm, the XDX-01 was ready for duty.



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