Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Calgary Bound

Last we left our intrepid adventurers, they interrupted what appeared to be an interrogation being performed by an old man and a Pandemonium disguised as a Xticxx Queen. Trent noticed that the bindings on the Pandamonium were very similar to the time trap in the Library and commented to the old man. He admitted it was a custom spell he devised and proceeded to give a dissertation on how it was created after noticing there was even remote interest in the subject.

Trent then activated a spell to view the past and located when Baaz had entered and left the room. He and the others chased after his time shadow and noted he was head west at a high rate of speed. The others followed and Solomon took off running, never looking back. Trent, Deacon, and James decided to get restocked in Freehold.

Trent joined the Mages Guild and acquired a griffin named Graatch, James gathered winter and back country supplies, and the Deacon allowed for Divine Providence to take its course. They teleported back to the Hive and took off west chasing the now long gone Baaz and Solomon.

About a quarter of the way, the group with Trent and Deacon riding on the back of the Griffin and James upon a Flaming Horse, they noticed a hatch in the ground. Further investigation showed that the hatch was a secret Coalition Lab. They discovered an Iron Giant and Trent destroyed the schematic database with a TW Chainsaw. This set off an alarm and lock the party inside. With minutes to spare, Trent used a portal to allow them to escape and they flew on before reinforcements could arrive.

Further along they came across a log cabin that turned out to be a stop along the underground railroad heading out from Tolkeen. They noticed it was still in frequent use despite no one being there at that particular time and left.

Last stop along on the way to Calgary was a ghoul with a bounty bag or preservation. it was scared off and James kept the bag minus its contents. Before dawn break, James was attacked by psi-stalkers. they were quickly dispatched by Trent and Deacon. The flaming horse is depleted of PPE and Trent began looking for Graatch.


Good luck with the Calgary Rift!! Nothing like going from the frying pan into the fire….

Calgary Bound

Haha! Thanks for the comment Victor! These guys are in for a wild ride!

Calgary Bound

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