Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Character log - Gimbly Asgardian Rune Master and Bloodstone the Lava Monster

“Yaaarg!! – ye inferrnal craturre!! Stop yerr atin of my precious Palladium and get bauk to diggin like Lord Pall Mall told ye!”
The Asgardian Drawf spoke with a norse accent that was more scottish than anything else ( rr = roll it, oo = long o, other wierd spellings – sound em out). He was trying his best to wrangle a finicky Lava Monster to dig through a dense piece of granite.

" I duune want to haf te teel ye ageen! Bloodstone Dig… Bloodstone get yummies!!"


“Bloodstone like yummies!” The creature was wide eyed at the prospect of eating more tasty stones – even though he had the very morsel in his hand. Towering a full 8 feet above his surrogate master, Bloodstone was a black humanoid with red – orange lava seething just under the surface of his cracked and ebony skin like tiny veins filled with boiling hot lava. The Dwarf didn’t have to look very hard to see the heat distorting the air just around the fiery thing.

“Thasa rieght laddy Bloodstone good – Bloodstone get yummaes…”

“Bloodstone get Yummies!!”

“Yeas yeas ye giant flamin’ hemerroid – but what happaens if bloodstone bed??…”

YAAARRRGGHH!!….Bloodstone get yummies!!”

The water hose Gimbly was wielding raised, the Dwarf using threatening gestures to remind the thing of its place and to procure the desired answer.

“What happaens if bloodstone bed??…”

“Douuhh…Bloodstone get wet…Bloodstone hate hose!!” The thing saying so as if he were a child kicking stones because he didn’t get what he wanted.

Gimbly had syphoned part of a near by stream to act as a plumbing system for the sanctuary he was tasked to build. As a necessity, he had figured out how to keep the Lava Monster in check with some simple hoses and spouts that re routed the main flow.

Gimbly had been tasked by The All Father to aid his new boss, the Sowki, in gathering leads on fixing the issues that had been plaguing Asgard lately. Initially Gimbly had seen the mission with excitement and reveled in the thought of the opportunity to explore his craft of making Rune and magic weapons. But when he posed the the question to Pall Mall, ‘Where do we begin boss? – where is my workshop?’ the Dwarf was less than thrilled at the answer. The Sowk had directed him on an entirely different set of tasks – to create a secret sanctuary for them both. And to boot, this blessed structure had to accommodate not only the two, but Pall’s allies and the loathsome Gryphon who was constantly feeding and pestering him for food, even more so now that she was pregnant and as big as an Asgardian Mede Hall.

With the Lava Monster in check and behaving for the moment, Gimbly took a breather to quench his thirst with some water he had set aside for that very purpose. He reassured himself that the water was only temporary and that the Mede would surely be flowing into his gullet very soon. As he day dreamed of the sweet, frosty and intoxicating beverage, he looked around at his handy work. Sitting in the glow of the TW Globe of Daylight bulbs Pall Mall had purchased and installed, the place was a bit barren and there were a few piles of stone and metal set aside for his future forge. The progress was well fought with the Lava Monster having to be constantly put in check, but, the sanctuary was well hewn and very spacious consisting of two main spaces.

The first, for the Gryphon and her newborns to come, had ample toss around space, a place for mom to look over her babies, gather food and slaughter it, and individual quarters for up to 6 of the creatures. Gimbly certainly could do with less and if it were up to him the chambers would serve as prisons for the shitting and squawking bitch and her kin. Pall Mall had left some time ago and for the first few weeks “Alice” had gone out regularly feedin on the native enhabitants of the area. But now that she was increasingly pregnant she went out less and less and for the last week or so only went out once or twice and not for long. Here too Gimbly had re routed the stream in a subtle and undetectable fashion – at Pall’s behest of course.

Consisting of two floors the second chamber was quite the cavern. The upper deck had accommodations for four human sized companions of Pall’s and, some soon to be, very comfortable digs. There was a community cooking area with room for tables and stoves, cabinets and the like, two fireplaces to warm the guests and space for opium den like furnishings. The fireplaces and stoves had exhausts that were designed to distribute the smells and smoke of any use through a series twisting exhaust tunnels lined with layers of charcoal, lichen and roots from the forestry above.

This upper deck skirted the perimiter of the main cavern and had half walls on its interior, overlookingthe centerpiece of the entire structure. The Summoning Floor. Pall Mall was very specific in his instruction for this level and very intent on its function, which was strictly speaking – summoning, training and studying magic. It was paramount that the entire sanctuary be secret so Gymbly was not allowed to make himself known at any cost. It was bad enough that the Gryphon might draw attention to the place. Thankfully Pall Mall had considered this and, in addition to the Globe of Daylight system ( which Gimbly was only allowed to use as a necessity – torches were preferred ) he had installed an TW Illusionary wall. All of these systems were connected to a PPE generator that cost a pretty penny.

Thirdly, Gimbly Had been tasked with creating one final sanctuary. One that would eventually have no entrance or exit. One that only he, Pall Mall and the Lava Monster would know about. This is the level he had fought with the monster so much about and the one they were trying to put the final touches on. This level was the most intricate of all and would provide the Shifter with his true sanctuary away from prying eyes and uninvited guests – even if they had miraculously found their way to the upper levels. Here would also be the forge where the SAsgardian Dwarf would hone his skills and create objects of power – hopefully to aide Pall and his allies in putting the Asgardian unrest to bed.

“Thassa geed boye….jussa few moorre stewns and we can call et a dae”

“Bloodstone good??…” The monster looked up as if a puppy waiting for his master to throw a ball

“Yeas laddy…Bloodstone good. Jussa feew morre days and hopefully ourr mutual master will be bauk and we can geet on with thes nonsense of buildin shite. I need me forrge boy – will ya help meh baild et??!! "

“Bloodstone help Gimpy…Bloodstone good!”

“Gahh! DAMN!! YA COMET!! how many tymes do eh haf te tell teh! G-I-M-B-L-Y GIMBLY ye ediot!!”

GIMPY! GIMPY!! Bloodstone good!! Gie Bloodstone yummies!!”

“Alrrite – here ye goo – my dim whited flaem” – tossing a piece of Palladium to the creatire gGimbly looked up – hoping to see his boss appear. But alas it was not so. The duo and their pregnant Gryphon had some time to wait – or did they?

( Group members please play in character – the last page below – probably none of you will ever see!! click each image to see the next level- DS)


I like Bloodstone! I hope he gets to fight at some point!


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