Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Down the Hatch

Secret hatchAfter another day or two of travel across the frozen Russian wilderness, Magnus stopped the group. He informed them of a large underground metal structure he has passed by before, many times, but this time something felt different so he thought he would let the group know. They decided to investigate and found a hatch which led down to this structure. Zander noticed Russian writing on the hatch. Using magic glasses to read it he realized it dated back to before the Cataclysm.

Trent cast a Mystic Portal spell to bypass the sealed door so they all could enter. Only James, Zander and Helldamn accompanied Trent inside. The area seemed small at first, and oddly shaped. Some quick exploration revealed they were inside of a hollowed out Iron Juggernaut! They found an access port into the actual hatch area itself and were able to open it just fine. The hatch seemed to have been abandoned some time ago, and as the group explored it they found only a few things of note.

Soetrich30James discovered a technical journal in the barracks area that revealed startling similarities between this hatch and the one they encountered in North America. Zander found the power room but neither himself, nor Helldamn or Trent were able to restore power despite the generator seeming to be a mystical techno-wizard construction. Helldamn found some scavenged Techno-Wizard items and took them all, while Trent carefully extracted the hard drives from the computers and stored them away safely.

A message was also discovered regarding the Iron Juggernaut – it said that the Iron Juggernaut came from “The Americans” and the researches referred to the Juggernaut as a “Trojan Horse,” but why could not be determined. Based on their investigations the group determined the purpose of the hatch seemed to have been for the Russians (the Sovietsky?) to study magic and Techno-Wizardry. Due to the Iron Juggernaut and the note, it appeared as if the researchers here had been in collusion with the faction that had populated the hatch in North America. But unlike that one, this hatch had been abandoned in a more controlled, orderly fashion and as such there was little left behind of value.

The group left the hatch behind, rejoined Rugar, Magnus and his remaining Gypsy men and continued on their journey.

Note: The following is just a summary, as the next log does these events far better justice.

  • The group encountered a dimensional portal.
  • James and Zander went inside.
  • Trent and Helldamn followed once it was revealed the portal was moving towards their goal.
  • They stayed in the dimensional space for 2 days, which equated to a month of real-world time.
  • Inside the portal was a Faerie Carnival.
  • The group participated in a number of the events, both winning and earning the right to purchase fabulous prizes.
  • Among the events was an arena joust/battle between Helldamn and James, which James won.
  • They also managed to participate in events such as the Funhouse, an Art Competition, Games of Chance, Fishing Contests, and more.
  • Plenty of Faerie food was consumed, as the “price” of admission to various games.
  • The GM write-up for the Carnival, its events and its prizes can be found here.
  • After two days, James, Zander, Helldamn and Trent exited to find themselves near the Mongolian border.



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