Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Interlude VI - A Megaversal Letter-Writing Campaign (Part 1)

Below is a compilation of letters received by Trent Logan within a week or two of the letter he posted around the world. These letters below are NOT formatted specially to appear as the handwritten letters they are. They are presented in regular fonts and backgrounds in order to facilitate reading, and for this poster’s sanity.

Letter from Jatarri Windstalker:

“This letter was recently intercepted and we felt this information may be of value to you. Signed, Jatarri Windstalker.”

Forces have shored up and reinforced defenses in South America. The Larhold have committed themselves full, just as you said, once we provided them with a show of support — your troops are eager for blood but they know that the Demon Triangle will be a long, slow, and very boring post. They pass the time by idly raping the Larhold pups and toying with their warlords. The Larhold appear to be very unfamiliar with a “humbling” experience. When this letter reaches you my reserves should have reached Rasputin in Russia. Again, just as you predicted, his is the most vulnerable to incursion. The mad godling has become a liability and my forces are en route to shore-up his defenses. We still hold four of the five most important super-nexuses but it concerns me that we cannot distinguish friend from foe. The idiots continue to wear each other down on multiple battle fronts and they remain consumed with this war and completely ignorant of our existence. My master has many agents but do they not all work toward the same end? I could swear that I saw some of our chaotic warriors assailing our own forces at one or two of the lesser-known locations. Do we not all work toward the same end?

Asgard, Olympus, Tenochtitlan, Babylon, Taj Mahala, and the others have fallen.

We are Chaos and the MADNESS IS STRONG!

Letter from Boz

I told you once, “I did what I had to. It was either my life or theirs.” Do you remember that? You were so young then…and so impressionable with a flash-freeze grenade in your hand. Hah! And now it’s your turn to tell me the same. I can’t in good conscience condone what you did…but I want to believe that I understand why you did it. No amount of preparation, planning, or hiding will ever be enough to survive your actions. You played your part and, for what it’s worth, you have my gratitude. This will not end well, my brother, and your staunch heroism and grim determination are peerless — only matched by your seeming desperation. Would that we had met under different circumstances. I could have grown to like you…and, instead, I will grow to love your son. Our son. Our brother. I have taken the child under my care and protection; it is the most important piece to our puzzle.

Jescha is recuperating quickly and she makes preparations to return to her Vanguard Enclave. They are a heathen cult of misguided mages who have skewered their fucked up little knives into our sister’s brain. Number two. Brainwashed and bereft of sensibility. She has hinted at the human-supremacist movement to capitalize on the Chaos of the Minion War to corral mankind and rally the entire human-race under one, united banner. They aim to marry the Coalition States to the Geofront Republic to the New German Republic to the Iron Heart to be the last bastion of hope for Homo Sapiens. Homo Erectus! Hah! Homo Indomitus Magicus! They say that desperate times call for desperate measures. I hope you are ready to reap the whirlwind.

Remember, the memories stored within those amulets are more valuable than either of our lives. Please see that they return to me so that I may continue to keep the Megaverse from falling into Shadow. Rifts Earth is already gone — you just haven’t said goodbye. Well say goodbye Number Eight! Say goodbye to the Dominoes, the Snowballs, and the Butterflies! We’ve said goodbye seven times before! These Ripples are beyond Causality and the Avalanche! Chaos is the key to unlocking your memories — a silly little memory-jogging mnemonic device… Quantum Chaos Sojourn Time Transcendence. You are the unsung Johnny Mnemonic. They are coming for those memories; they are coming for what’s in your skull.
Quantum chaos sojourn time transcendence

Unraveling this dimension of the mind — this memory prison — it is all you have hoped for. I hope you are prepared for the answers you sought. That prison is the only thing that has kept you alive…kept them from finding you. A partitioned portion of our minds cut away and left to die with the other seven. Chaos has prevailed seven other times. This is my last chance. Perhaps we will meet again, in another life, when we are both cats.

Letter from Erin Tarn:

These are bold claims Master Logan. Please, come and see me so that I may download the information from the Black Box and begin work on my next editorial column. I am excited to review the footage from your travels. I have a friend or two who is very interested in you. The Minion War makes an excitable sort out of even the most sedate fellow! Be well!

P.S. have you any idea what all this hullabaloo in the middle east is all about? I’ve wanted to visit for a long time but the latest hush-hush reports are very confusing and altogether conflicting…something about a Xiticix Hive Lord Invasion? Wild claims like there’s Xiticix as large as a mountain? I am working on a remote transfer for the Black Box recorder but I have to secure a private line and, these days — with all the techno-jacking and computer-hacking mumbo-jumbo — one can never be too careful. With the Minion War starting and the supposed re-emergence of an Old One I feel like I am truly wearing on in years. Trent Logan, young men like you and my dear friend James give an old woman hope. Do be careful. Oh! Does the term “Unnameable Beings” or “Unnameable Ones” mean anything to you? Victor would like to sit down and speak to you and James but the pigeon was errant and headed for you alone. I’d hope you would convey our care and concern for the young god. I believe there’s a patron or two he left behind who still has a soft spot in his heart for the boy. Safe travels!

Letter from Number 1:

Trent? Number 1? Number 8? Prime? What does anything mean when you lose the link to your god? I’ve heard the news. We’ve all read about you. Just because we’re…you…doesn’t make us friends. I won’t pretend to understand what you’re into but I have felt the madness rising inside of me. If you need an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on we are here for you. I would hate for us to be a liability for you or for the Enclave to be used as bait. I am still so bewildered at the absence of my god, my link, Zurvan — the ever-present. I have searched and I can feel very little. Are there any gods left? If the Enclave may offer aid in any way you have but to ask. Be well!

Letter from Arcadia Tybus:

Uh, why is your name plastered all over the news? My mom is having a fit! I think she’s going to invite you to dinner or something. Don’t trust her! Please stay safe. I hope this will all blow over soon. Going insane from using magic is like the biggest punishment anyone could have ever thought up. Why would someone do something so shitty? Lazlo is in an uproar and my mom thinks the Minion War will be knocking on our doorstep in no time. I’ve been thinking that this is a perfect time to run away from home but…I wanted to go with you. It sounds like you’re having a real adventure! And I can’t wait to try out this new summoning circle I learned. Write me back please! My true name is…Arcadia Ariel Tybus and I think you need a general sense of where I am for the Pigeon. I’m near where we last saw each other…but I don’t want to stick around for very long; I don’t think it’s safe for you to come back to Lazlo right now — maybe we should meet in Atlantis? I wrote to one of my father’s oldest friends and he runs a little cafe in Splynn. He offered me room and board and some occasional tutelage in the arcane ways of my dad…instead of a waitress’s wage. How bad could it be? I’m so excited to see the world! I don’t think I can take much more of my mother’s baseless bitching. I didn’t want to break the stick because it’s not an emergency but I don’t wanna have to hear about you from the news…or your facebook status update. Please stay safe! XOXOX Cady

Letter from Korbin Slayne:

I have lost myself to the madness but sanity claws its way to the top of my consciousness. The pit. Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

Do not forget my words to you. They are the ladder. The IoT has plans for you. I am going deep underground with the Blood Druid sect in France. There, I hope, I shall finally find peace. There is power in blood — the Blood Priests know this. It is the Elemental Tattva, the Elemental Quintessence! Do not forget!

P.S. Please say goodbye to my sister for me. She is not a bad person though I fear she is ofttimes misguided. Be well Talented Doctor Logan!

Letter from Zurvan:

Time heals all wounds. Trent Logan would disagree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone. I am leaving. Something…terrible…approaches from without. Keep safe your mini-Megaverse Master Logan. Keep safe the ones you love. And remember, in your past, to forget me in the future. Brahma will buy us both enough time, I think, if he isn’t too distracted by his brothers. The Fourth Dimension is waiting for you…it is your conduit to the Multiverse.

Letter from Jaena Slayne:

Fine fuckin’ mess you’ve gotten yourself into this time. You know I can’t associate my business with you until you clear your name. You’re craftier than I give you credit for Logan. You’re one sexy sonofabitch! Now, should you overcome all this crazy-talk and bad press I’ve taken the liberty of printing out a few test-labels and business cards with your name. Hey, a girl’s not too proud to ride a man’s coattails — if that’s not all she’s riding to get some hea…er, to get ahead. Good luck Asshole! VaJaena

Letter from Tyvernos:

My friend, my liberator, what have you done? You have brought the attention of the Megaverse down on you. I don’t know why but I’m sure your reasons were sound. Rifts Earth is a death sentence for you now. You have a giant steak hanging about your neck and you’ve turned this dimensional nexus into a lion’s den. I fear for you. I have incredible news from Palladium and I would share it with you. The Land of the Damned is teeming with activity. The Great Rift is abuzz with Demon and Deevil frenzy. The Chaos Lands are preparing for something massive and the Elves of the Dark Heart have been utterly vanquished. If we don’t do something soon I fear for the far-reaching consequences of our inaction; The Old Ones are stirring.

I’m getting ahead of myself. One is already in very light slumber…near the surface of consciousness. His thoughts already pervade and seep through into reality. I have crossed the Inner Weald and gazed upon the Gallery of Heroes and vast treasure awaits our Heroic Task! Victory of Light and Order! This is truly the most noble cause for our kind! Please, come visit me in Palladium — or, at the very least, take very good care. It would pain me until the end of my days if you were to die before you were repaid. I have joined with a group of adventurers known as CrIsis and loosely affiliated with the Legion of Northmoor and Jidian Kulder. Hope to see you soon my friend! T

P.S. That alchemist friend of mine, Greminor, he has disappeared off the face of the Megaverse and I daresay that the education I’d hoped for must fall by the wayside for now. I was going to pay a Summoner to retrieve him but I thought it awfully presumptuous of me. I hope you’ve kept your true name secret!

P.P.S. I wonder if it’s possible to change your True Name. Do you know anyone who’s done that? Might be worth looking into.

Letter from Tanya “Hellion” Niemczycki:

Hey Love, The situation in Lazlo has changed. My former employer bade me deliver this book to you so I left it at the Mage’s Guild in Lazlo. The next time you’re in town you might pickup a little light reading. Inside the cover is hidden a little present from my employer.


I’m not 100% sure this is the best way to get these all out there… Part two will be the remainder of the letters, to be “received” probably during or after next session.


Some powerful allies- but will they support you when it all comes down? Well done, from one observer to another…. however, if I was a player in your game I may have punched you…


In all fairness Trent didn’t do anything without consulting with the entire group first. He did so both in character and Dave did so out of character. They were under the impression that the benefits would outweigh the negatives. I think that other members of the group were okay with Trent’s name being on the letter and their names not coming within a mile of it.


meh..james would step in to help trent…

as a player: better his char has the target on his head then on mine!


Trust me, it is a compliment- right now my PC, Willie, has upset the apple cart a few times- love it when a PC lays it out!


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