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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Lazlo finle.

black and white

ya see things in black and white, you see things as good and evil. for you there is no middle ground, for you there is no grey. and yet i wonder…what if i had thought different? what if i had just talked to them? what if…thats always the key isnt it? hind sight is 20/20 and all that bullshit. heh…look at me gettin all philosophical. but as i write this now i relize this was it..the turning point in the whole story of my life. its the first time he came out. first time i fought on my own that wasnt in an arena. first time i looked at my fate and said “fuck this shit!”

so where was i? oh yeah i had just jumped off the balcony in front of bout 20 teenagers and Dominicus Loricatus. i landed bout 30 feet from them all. dom was up on the stage and i was in what would have been the orchestra pit. all i remember is having this grin on my face. i was excited and scared all at the same time. last time we had faced each other there was a lot goin on. plus i had the rest of JFC backing me. but he pushed me to my absolute limits. i didnt have apple then either(well i had her but not her powers), i almost died.

they say that 2 warriors who are an upper class league can just stare at each other and see their movements. basically fighting their battles in their heads. it felt like hours we just stood there waiting for each other. just staring. swords raised in guards..the kids where least smart and cleared to the sides. i got bored first. i dont think he was expecting me to move so fast. but then a lot changed since last we met. im more powerful. im faster, stronger, tougher. i swung my sword and he barely managed to block it but wasnt ready for the kick i delivered in response. he staggered backl some and then let loose of his own.

we tore back and forth through the whole building. neither of us gaining the upper hand. sword strikes, kicks, punches..everything. even with his magic punches i was able to keep up. it seemed like hours this back and forth, but i knew it was only minutes. funny thing..neither of us used magic of psionics. i think we both wanted to just fight. who knows. he kept taunting me. calling me a foollish boy. about his great work for his master. how chaos would reign. heh..we are choas…chaos is strong. well im stronger! least i wish i was…cuz..this was the end..

“enough!” Dominicus yelled. .

“i will admit. you have fault well. i havent had this much fun in centuries. but i must kill you now. it shall be an honor for you! only 2 others have seen what this sword of mine can really do. but fear not young godling…i will make it quick.”

Dominicus dropped his sword..and a field of black surrounded him and james. inside the black was a copy of his sword..hundreds if not thousands. james stared in amazement and horror. he knew even with how good he was he couldnt fight all of these off at once.

“dont worry..they wont all attack you at once. this is where i abandon all defense and just attack. there is now running away. no fleeing. this is your end boy.”
holding out his hand a sword appeared in it again the fight continued. james felt the pressure. he had no where to run, and worse he was slowing down. or was Dominicus getting faster. he didnt know. but it was enough for Dominicus to get in enough hits. it was at that moment that the unthinkable happened…james froze. he couldnt move. and stood sword ready but unmoving.

“i see it in your eyes. you think ive gotten faster but thats is wrong. you have been getting slower. i feel no joy in this..but it must be done”

Dominicus raised his sword for the finale blow. james screamed at himself in his mind “move..move damnit! why have i com e so far? if i dont win nothing will change..i want to win..i want to…WIN!”

TCH.” with that james had shot up and grabbed the sword descending on in a firm grip. “i told you there would be trouble if you died, you idiot”

Dominicus took a step back with an expression of surprise on his face “impossible..what..are you!?”

“what am i? HA..i dont..GOT A NAME!” with that james head came up revealing a white substance half covering his face. james slashed up with his sword and then across catching Dominicus off gaurd and forcing him back with 2 large wounds in his chest.

“you really suck at this james! you got beat by your own godly power. now every bone in your body is creaking. well fine ill show you the right way to use this power!” a black energy started to gather around james blade and then fired out at Dominicus. jumping and moving around he fired off three move of these bolts before finally grabbing the larger man by the shoulder and hitting him point blank. the energy released was enough to blow the roof off the theater and let half the cioty know it!

Dominicus stood panting..blood now flowing freely…weak. james now with half his face covered in white stood and just laughed.

“that mask..this twisted aura..are you..a demon?’

“who knows? theres no need to know. with this your going ot…”

James left hand reached up and grabbed the edge of the mask and started to pull. james started to flail around and scream

“you idiot if you leave me like this we can win!”

dont interfere! leave!

“your the one interfering! dont you see…stop! idiot! idiot!”

the mask finally ripped off and broke. james was back to normal though seemed a bit more winded. Dominicus stood there and was shocked. he had taken too much damage and knew he couldnt win this fight..a strategic retreat was far better then another 100 years…he sighed and looked at james “you win this round. i dont know what happened..but i feel the twisted presnece still inside you..” with that he winked out.

james stood there and couldnt help but feel the other half of him now..more alive..more awake..and itching to get out again…

it was caught on video…all of it. one of the kids was recording it. my wounds started to heal right away but..still..the unease wouldnt leave me. this was what i had become. this was my insanity. i was almost like a reflection of myself only darker. it was my animal instincts come to life. my primal urge to win at all costs. i could analyze this shit later. we literaly blew the roof off and i was betting a lot of people where coming to check it out. i was in no shape for another fight so i did the logical thing..i ran.

i didnt run to jeshas…that would be dumb and fatal. i didnt know where i was going. i was just going. i tried my best to hide my face but the blood was still on my clothes. people rushed past me heading to the sight..i knew some where deevil and demon agents. i just kept moving. then i heard the explosion..when i turned around i saw a huge fireball rising in the sky. my god..they blew up a block of the city! i dont know why! but if this is what this place is like now..i cant imagine it in 3 months..hell 3 weeks! i knew we had blown up calgery but lets face it..this was different. we did that to stop an army..this ..this was just destruction.

i had to keep moving..if i stopepd to think about it all i would go mad. i also happened to walk past a Vid screen…and what do i see? 2 girls fighting…worse i knew them…

“damnit..i knew this was gonna happen…”

no time to think about this..ill scold them both later. right now i had to get off the streets i had to get jesha and get out of here. but i saw people in the streets, scared shivering..i couldnt leave them here. so once again i resolved to do something dumb! first jesha. i got back to her apt around 6am. got her and the kid and went straight for the magic guild. i left jessha briefly to find someone..really i didnt care who i just needed a techno wizard. i finally found one who charged me a hefty price but hey what ya gonna do? i paid the man and put my plan into motion. the guys name was rusty. so rusty and i head back into the city. we find an old vid station and he works his my face is plastered on every vid screen in lazlo.

“people of name is james and i am your last resort. the minion war has spread into the open. your city has become a cesspool of violence and im here to save you. im here to take you from this. i will lead you to the last beacon of light in this world! i will lead you to salvation! follow me and find faith! follow me and be saved! follow me and join the resistance against this horror that threatening our world! the first step in this path is the magic guild. my agents will find you there. and from there they will help you. i must urge you all to leave this city. head will be found. that is all.”

well one more dumb thing done. mental note: get some agents out to all the magic guilds and help people get to new sea. when i got back to the magic guild..there was a lot of people. all wanted to go with me. i paid the guild on barter…a favor owed..god know what that will be one day. sow e all left..and i left a parting gift to hell that is now lazlo. rusty helped me out while we walked the city. right before we transported i blew up the main deevil and demon headquarters. there is no more good and evil, there is no black and white, there is no right or wrong..there is only winning…


Man, James now really scares me….

Lazlo finle.

scary what a god can do when he sets his mind to it. like he said. there is no more good and evil..only winning.

we are chaos…chaos is strong.

Lazlo finle.
whoa! This is an unexpected turn of events – even though it’s a few weeks old in game-time…heheh!
Lazlo finle.

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