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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Pall Mall Adventure Log - Three Days

Pall Mall and the group split up the booty from our previous adventure by laying everything out. Parting with 3 of the 5 scrolls he found, Pall keeps the scrolls of Dimensional portal and time slip. Having the previous adventure and all the questions raised by it fresh on his mind, he decides to find an acceptable place to contact Odin.

Comm riftFinding a recent but abandoned battlefield was not difficult in the ruined area around Tolkeen and Pall mall set his mind on his Lord and Master. He knew that Odin, also called the god of battle, would be receptive to his plea if he were near a place where so many souls were once released. Pall found an obliterated tree and a place where it was obvious that great carnage
had taken place. Reciting the prayer to Odin and giving a blood sacrifice, Pall mall was unable to initially contact his master. Eventually, after four separate tries, he was miraculously successful. Speaking with Odin through a communication rift, Pall Mall tells his master all that he can about the necklace he was tasked to acquire and turns it over. While relaying his story Pall mentions the book, the demons, library, and temporal prison.

At this Odin barks up and demands from the shifter more details. When the details do come out they are not as clear as the god would like. Odin himself pulls Pall through the communication rift, to question him more efficiently – the shifter submitting his will to his only master.


Odin brings Pall Mall to his sanctuary, a place of utter beauty and serenity. The mountains, lakes and fields are timelessly caught in an autumn glow where the shifter relays even more of his memory to the god.

Pall Mall the Sowki explains to his master about the secret library that contained so many corpses, the prison, and books galore. He relays that the only way to get to this library was through an invisible portal burred somewhere in the ruins of Tolkeen. He also tells his master that it appeared to have been an active spot or killing floor while they were investigating the contents of the prison – which Pall Mall had access to because of the flayed skin and numbers.

At this Odin is most interested in the prison and asks for more detail in its description and purpose. After telling His master everything he could about the fire the prisoners and lastly the book. At this Odin really gets interested and asks for more. Pall Mall tells him that this book had magically effected his comrades every time they looked at it and was unmolested by the fiery offering it seemed to live within.

Odin explains that the book itself sounded like a book that was only roomered to exist, and even expanded, saying that it could have been one of two books that have the exact same magical aura and mystical signature. Those two books are known as the Book of Heroes and the Codex of Souls:

The Codex of Souls:

Evil book

The Codex of Souls is an arcane tome written in an ancient form of Demongogian. The tome is a receptacle of ancient, demonic, arcane knowledge telling of the Apocalypse – Ragnarok – as the Norse pantheon has dubbed it. The book explains that the coming of the Rifts and the Ley Lines to Earth wasn’t the “actual” Apocalypse; it was just the appetizer that would herald the main course – an end of all existence. This will be an all-out war between the minions of demonkind
and deevilkind – a war between Dyval and Hades that will spill out into the Megaverse via the Rifts and mean the end of days.

It will mean an end, even, to the infernals own home dimensions – though they don’t realize it.
It outlines a series of mystical pestilential outbreaks called the seven Deadly Plagues and it also talks about the Demon plagues reaching through space and time to infect every world, universe, plane, realm, and dimension.

Additionally the Codex details seven powerful (Greatest) rune weapon artifacts that have been scattered across the Planes of Power to be safeguarded by the most powerful beings in the Megaverse – the gods – in preparation for Ragnarok.

The Book Of Heroes:

Untitled 2

The Book of Heroes is an ancient and legendary Rune magic tome that empowers those with the potential for greatness. In times of fear and darkness the Book is said to appear to make sure the forces of evil don’t get the upper hand. The Minion War is such a dark time, as the forces of Hell ripple across the Megaverse, bringing death and destruction. It also lists the names of 2,000 of the greatest champions the Megaverse has ever known. This magic artifact is said to be a hero maker, able to find beings with the spirit of a hero and bestow upon them incredible power to do battle against evil. Only one copy of the book is known to exist, and everyone wants to get their hands on it — good guys and bad! According to legend, he who controls the

Book of Heroes and wields the “Power of the Two Thousand” can rule the universe. The book has been missing for millennia. No one knows its fate or the true power contained within its List of Heroes.


Pall Mall has blown his mind and is overloaded with humility and information. The extended audience with a true god has taken its toll on the mortal and as his education about the books is complete. Before he can leave Asgard , however, Pall Mall is tasked with one last incredible task. Discover the location of the book and try to find any leads on the artifacts locations.

Thor picture asgard

Odin explains that something is amiss in Asgard and that this book or any artifact may provide some insight into what is happening.

To help him with this task, Odin departs upon the sowki two of his most basic servants. A Valkyrie named Sonja and a Dwarf named Gimbly. They are tasked with aiding Pall with the task commanded by odin. Pall Mall gets to know the two for a few days in Asgard where they do some shopping and RP. They all decide to take the rainbow bridge back to earth and end up somewhere in Scandinavia.


After a quick rift to Tolkeen the three begin scouting north for a safe-ish place to set up camp. A suitable place is found and construction begins after Pall Mall summons an earth elemental to help him with the task. Gimbly and the elemental are getting along nicely while the Valkyrie hunts for the pregnant Griffon – named Alice. As a daily schedule begins to emerge Pall Mall finds his way back to Freehold in search of refugees and kindred mages. There he does a bit more shopping and registers with a magic guild, where he intends to learn a shitload of spell for next level.;) After a bit of RP Pall Mall makes his way back to check in on the kids. Everything is going swimmingly and after only a week construction of a decent looking cave was complete. Pall Mall hooks up the TW power source he bought in Freehold and decides to give Gimbly some parting direction before he tries to reconnect with the group. Opening a communication rift to Daves character, Pall mall gets a hold of the group – ready to join them. It has been two weeks.


Awesome log! Super-informative! And I love those pictures of Odin’s Sanctuary!


Nothing bigger than saving the world- Except saving the entire universe!! Good luck!


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