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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Rockin with Rasptian!(or how zander almost died)

We pick up this strange story where the last was left off. Upon exiting the portal from the “carnival” Trent cast a remover curse “shower” so non of the others had to limp along with their aliments. Trent then took his leave into a time hole to do..what ever it is Trent does in there(prob something perverted). This left Zander, HelDamn and James to witness a huge ultra mega nexus(GMs words). To those who had been there the scene resembled that of the mega nexas at Winslow and St. Louis.

thousands upon thousands of demons, monsters, dyvels, choas agents, and super humans all battling it out in a 5 mile radius around the nexus. Rift storm legion

The trio moved up onto a cliff where they had spotted a castle. hoping this would proved a safe. When they got closer they noticed that this place was creepy as hell.

Img thing

They knocked on the door and no answer. Zander the ever brave opened it and was greeted by an old man who mumbled and saidf that the master was expecting him and toi follow him. The butler moved rather slow so herlldamn and zander both took the time to explore a little bit.

Heldamn went upstairs where he found a boy laying face down eating an ice cream cone. in the boys back was 100s of needles! a girl about 14 put another one into him and screamed! she noticed heldamn and asked her to help her kill her brother. she introduced her self as thrusday and her brother as fugsly. heldamn at first refused then tore some pins out of the boys back. thrusday seemed uninterested so heldamn went back to the group.

Zander mean while had gone into the basement and met lester. though zander only stayed for a few he saw that lester was trying to use electricity to resurrect dead girls. Zander then came back to the group.

The other rejoined Jasmes as they finally reached the study(james had mentioned the old guy was moving so slow he was going to die of old age..get it? cuz hes immortal! ahaha…) upon entering they where greated with a site to behold. sitting behind a desk was a man who looked vaguly like gomez adams…(really!! im pretty sure Charles Addams is gonna be sueing brent over this one!) He introduced himself as the Greta Rasputin!

Rasputin s curse ss1 b mac 8165 en

the room was also lined with empty book shelves, a desk and a chess board. Rasputin said he was expecting them but that they where too late. a woman names Celest had already come for what they sought. Fearing the worst the trio began asking questions but Rasputin kept talking to thin air and to someone named “Primus”. Zander then noticed the chess board Rasputin had been referring to as a “map” using his keen skills zander started playing the game! after a few moves and more ramblings from Rasputin, in which he revealed his robes(which heldam n had noticed look strikingly smiler to those Baaz once wore) where one of 6 in the world, Rasputin lost!


turns out he was also a soar loser and called for his guards. in rumbles 1 hulking guy, a regular looking guy and 4 demons! preparing for a fight zander then went double or nothing which pitted james and zander in a game of magic…not a duel per say but an actual game of magic the gathering. seriously we had the decks out and everything!

Wallpaper planeswalkers 1280x1024

after james lost the match the real fight began! heldamn quickly started buffing up and throwing magic, james buffed up and was suddenly caught in a carpet of adhesion and zander also did a little buffing. heldamn was the main fighter for the first round as james was stuck to himself. James tried using his psionics but to little use. Zander was flying about on thr roof and threw a lighting rod down and impaled one guy! but alas the demons where winning with choas bolts being thrown at james, a bunch of demons overwhelming heldamn and zander not much for combat. Then heldamn expelled demons! leaving now only rasputin and his 2 “sons” heldamn then did something totally unexpected and negated magic on james and let loose the god. in 2 attacks the chaos bolt throwing fucker was dead and the raging bull was taking a beating. Rasputin seeing his son die used antimagic cloud before any more damage could be done. heldamn pulled out the varja and teleported the group away.

Using this brief time to regroup and let james recover(the effects of magical adrenal rush being stripped by the antimagic cloud) they came up with the best plan they could..storm in once again and just all out on Rasputin! Charing in our heros met with stiff resistance. in one blow the raging bull put zander into a coma! seeing this Heldamn and james redoubled thier efforts. first james paralyzed the bull keeping him out the fight. heldamn was hacking at Rasputin when the godling became enraged and cadt carpet on the floor rooting them in place. taking this moment rapsutan started casting. heldamn threw something at the mad godling only to have it miss. then james..the god of second chances, the trailblazer of hope and the god of last resort stepped up..unslung the god slayer axe and hand over hand THREW IT AT THE GODLING! in a moment rasputan had a look on his face like “are you fucking kidding me?” only to have it turn slack and eye went wide with fear as the axe drank his soul!

3 1 harold axe in chest 528 poster

so ended the mad godling.

and also for shits and giggles..YUNO FUCKING GASAI with some words of wisdom



I’m not quite sure what to say. This is an incredible turn of events!


Sounds like an amazing session! Great log- even one of your misspellings is a classic “Greta Rasputin”!! Really enjoyed it!


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