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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Russian Through

Russian though Dyval to Medieval Europe

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Rugar arrives at the place when the others exited the now long gone carnival rift in the truck. Magnus had gone his separate way at least a day prior and unsure as to how to proceed beyond this point, he decided to hold tight for surely these people who he signed up with wouldn’t just leave him stranded in the middle on the Russian wilderness, in winter, at the edge of a major battlefield…. After a few hours, a portal opened up near the truck and expecting the worse, Rugar armed the defence systems on the truck and pointed them at the entrance.

Preparations complete after many hours holed up in a 1:24 time ratio dimensional space, Trent opens a portal to where he last left his companions and steps out holding an armful of amulets and a sword saying “Ok guys I’m ready! And I have all this stuff for yo…..” There in front of his is the Russian truck, the 2 rail guns and a missile launcher were pointed at him and an angry-looking dwarf sitting in the drivers seat. “Oh….Hey Rugar….have you seen the others? They were here a minute ago…” The gruff dwarf gave a terse, “No.” Trent, never humbled, made his way to the cargo hold of the truck to deposit the talismans for the time being.

Back at the castle, Rasputin had just gotten cut from the bad guy roster by James throwing a god-slayer rune axe into his chest. His sons Jimmy-J and Biff were KOed and paralyzed respectively, and Zander was a heap on the floor. James picked up his axe from where Rasputin was, “Your aim is true and your power unmatched. Well met Axe. Well met.” Helldamn, ever to find a new source of power to slay the field Pall Mall, picked up the robe Rasputin was give by the Pandemonium named Celeste and put it on. Zander awoke from his brief blackout to Sebastian licking his face. As he got up a surveyed the room he saw the possession take hold of Helldamn and while healing slowly, knew he would not be able to deal with the situation in his current state.

He tried to fly out of the room, now sans roof when he blew it up in the battle, but the energy would not flow. Baffled, but not time to think other than “my injuries must be more severe than I thought” he started hobbling down the hallway back to the main entrance. On the way he took out Trents business card and broke the seal, hoping that wherever he was he’d get the message.

As Rugar and Trent got closer to the battlefield, they realised they had been lucky to even get that far without being molested so Trent used some fancy magic to make the truck appear as if it were a snow drift and cast a deep fog over the entire region. It was then his mystic alarms went off and he knew wherever those fools had gone to, they were in serious trouble. They had to be. He told them never to use the alarms unless it was VERY important. Looking at the direction the alarm was telling him saw it went straight through the battle in front of them. With a very loud sigh, Trent opened a mystic portal big enough to transport the truck to the approximate location of the beacon.

Ipatiev monastery in the winter night   aleksey savrasov  1870
They arrive at the main entrance to the castle and Zander, now mostly healed is there. “Trent we’ve got a problem…it seems my powers don’t work anymore! I don’t know what’s wrong! Maybe it was the blow to the head I took….”
“You look fine to me and I HOPE that’s not what you called for…”
“Uh, no, Rasputin is dead and Helldamn put on a robe he had and became possessed by it.”
“He WHAT?! When will you buffoons learn to NOT TOUCH MAGIC ITEMS?! JFC!” Trent takes a deep breath, “Where is he?”
“In what’s left of the study, follow me.” At this point James has also joined the group and Helldamn is lurking in the study.

Trent, James, Zander, and Rugar make their way back down the hall when all of a sudden a side wall explodes and Biff comes rampaging through and into the next wall, right through it. “Holy crap what is that!” Trent exclaimed. “That would be Biff, Rasputins son. I’m fear that if he sees Zander or myself, he may become inconsolable.” James replied. “I’ll see if I can calm the boy and keep him occupied, he may have some value…” Rugar chimed in.

Helldamn* stood behind Rasputin’s desk when the rest arrived and appeared to be trying to open a drawer when suddenly the desk exploded in a burst of blue energy! Zander, on his skateboard, was able to ride the energy wave to safety and James managed to backflip his way out of the blast radius. Trent, tried to cast exorcism and was too stuborn to move and the blast ended up draining all of his and (obviously) Helldamn*’s natural PPE, PPE batteries, e-clips, and talismans (sort of like an EMP for PPE … a PPEMP).

Castle study by roskvape d50jfjz

Trent walked out of the study and into the hallway in clear frustration at losing his concentration and power, Helldamn* carpet of adhesioned James, and James bio-paralyzed Helldamn*. Zander swooped in wearing his TW Escape gloves and trying to take the robe off him, but it was seemingly adhered to his body. Trent came back after regaining some PPE and exercised the possession from Helldamn on his second try. The rope loosened up, but it still wasn’t easy to pull off him and Zander tied up Helldamn in MDC rope before the paralyse wore off.

“Come with me,” the robe psychically called out to Zander, “and we will see new sights! Meet new people! Explore the megaverse!” Too which Zander replied out loud, “Sorry baby, you’re just not my color. I’ve only got feelings for Blue.” eliciting strange glares from the others in the room. James and Trent then investigating the room for any clues and came across a rather nondescript dagger. When they attempted to put it into a dimensional pocket, it would not budge (seems to be the thing with Rune Items these days) so they threw the items into regular backpacks.

Trent then went to seek out Rugar who was having a conversation with Biff about going to Seattle together. “The good news is Biff, your brother is not dead, but we’ll need your help to bring him back so he doesn’t attack us on site.” Zander and James snuck out to the front door so as not to provoke the mutant metal man. Trent was able to revive Jessie J using Lysong and they recognised each other. JJ was the shifter that Zander and Trent had met in the alternate dimension full of super heroes. They briefly talked about a trip to Seattle, but the brothers decided to hang back and follow their fathers last order to protect the castle from the demon war raging outside. Rugar offered that once he found a way to get there, he would return for them.

JFC regrouped and began to lay out a plan to assault the Chaos generator on the other side of the Ultra nexus. Much debate ensued, but in the end, Trent Helldamn, and Zander flew in the fog over the lake to the “rift within a rift” while James and Rugar used the truck weapons and sensors to watch their back.

Demon army 23

Zander flew in first to get recon on Dyval…. Hundreds, if not thousands of Deevils were lined up rank and file below him surrounding the Chaos Generator. over the whole area was a forcefield dome protecting the army and the device. Off in the distance, a small skirmish seemed to be being fought between a contingent of Deevils and a Promethean two dragons, and a few others he could not make out. What they were hoping to accomplish once they fought their way to the main army he hadn’t a clue.

Returning to Earth, Zander reported back and Trent opened fire with a missile launcher into the rift in an attempt to blow up the device. For some reason Helldamn jumped through and almost got hit with a few rockets. The hornets nest was hit and the army began to mobilize. The force field came down and the Chaos generator, which was on the verge of a meltdown, exploded and launched the Apex Array though the portal. Zander and Helldamn managed to grab the array and everyone gathered back at the truck and with much haste, portaled back to Lazlo, taking care to leave false trails in an effort to throw off any tails they may have had.

JFC spent one week in and around Lazlo:

  • James brought the Arrary to Jaynea Slayne for study
  • Rugar began shopping and streetwising his new buisness partners
  • Zander left for Mechanicsville and then Madhaven before returning
  • Trent visited Erin Tarn
  • Helldamn…..
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Dagger They reconvened back at Pall Mall’s (now Helldamns) Lair and proceeded to poke and prod the dagger until someone “unscrupulous enough to use it to save the megaverse picked it up”. Rugar could not see the profit in it so Trent did took the responsibility. This time, more prepared than last, Trent, James, Helldamn, Zander, Sebastian, and (unbeknownst to the group) a fairy named Zelda slipped back into a seemingly Medieval Norse village.

Medieval alley by bluesman76

They appeared in a alley way and while Helldamn and James went off to shop for burlap costumes, Trent consulted his computer to learn they were in about the 14th century. Zander noticed a floating nebulous mass floating next to him that only he could see but everyone could hear. Apparently this was teh spirit of the weapon like the naked man had been in babylon. It asked him to help it, that there was a plague here and he could not remember anything else other than that its name was Nirvana. He was being pulled in a direction that eventually led Zander and Trent to a temple of Loki. Further inquiry showed that the temple had been losing followers over the past three years to a monotheistic religion called Christianity. After a donation of a hat and a ring, they were told and allowed access to tunnels under the city that connected all the temples of Loki.

James went to a hospital to try and help cure those sick with the bubonic plague and while it was a dirty job, someone had to do it. he succeeded, but who knows for how long.

Helldamn actually spoke with Odin about how he was losing followers and he could not stop the plague because of it.


This is extremely well-done! Thank you Isaac!

Russian Through

The moon maybe high
but I can’t see a thing in the sky,
’Cause I Only Have Eyes For Blue.

Awesome log!

Russian Through

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