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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Sakura - Recording - 010

Recording #10


“I know I said I wasn’t going to do this anymore but… well, I am. I realized that I wanted some record left behind of what I’ve been doing, even if that weird magic book is copying it all down. Something that, if my father or anyone else from my own world came looking for me that they could be given to show-”

Jesus that sounds so stupid. I’m making these recordings again. That’s it.”

“So let me catch up. I was right about this J.F.C. group and what they were going to do. Well, what’s left of them anyway. One of their guys, was it Helldamn or Pall Mall? I don’t know. But I heard he had a huge tantrum when he came back to the present day and destroyed their entire hideout and disappeared. I met the other members: James, a self-proclaimed god, Zelda, a tiny real-life fairy that Zander seems oddly infatuated with, and a turtle that flies.”

“These are the guys saving the universe. It was one thing to read about them in that book but to actually meet them… Trent was right to ask me to come help them. They really, really need it! I almost forgot to mention this creepy guy named Gazi who’s always holding a scythe He’s the living rune weapon or whatever – the first one these guys rescued or found. We seem to get along okay but there’s just something I don’t quite like or trust about him.”

“Oh yeah, and there’s a gas-cloud creature that turns into a knife called Nirvana. That’s the second living rune weapon that they rescued. Zander keeps that one with him, which is fine with me. The first time I tried to touch it I could hear it talking into my head and I was so startled I threw it! I think I’ll stick with my own knives, thankyouverymuch.”

“Let’s see… Everyone went to Seattle like I figured they would, only now it’s called New Sea and it’s nothing like the Seattle I remember. It’s a tiny community but it’s got a lot of demigods and godlings and and other people related to the gods of myths and legend. I had already sent Raiko there ahead of time to prepare for us so we had a place to stay and some local intel. This power to create identical twins and triplets that I developed is weird, but very handy!”

“James agreed to a big fight with some other Greek woman and I don’t know why everyone loved it so much. It seemed very boring to me. Swing your sword, block, swing again, block again, blah blah blah. They just stood there doing that over and over. I barely kept myself awake while it was happening. Zander agreed with me. We were so bored that we stopped watching and snuck through the stadium to see if anyone else was up to no good – which they were!”

“When James finally managed to bore the other woman to death and win the fight, the guy who set the whole thing up… called Schuyler Burden I think… tried to stab another dude while the crowd reacted. I knocked the knife out of his hand with precision and the moment for his treachery passed. While he still tried to figure out what happened I picked up his knife that I knocked away and handed it back to him. I told him, ‘I think you dropped this’ and then walked away. He tried to invite me to join his fight club or whatever but I declined.”

“By winning that fight, somehow, James became the leader of this place. He also married that girl he defeated – her name’s Clytemnestra and she doesn’t seem to like me too much because of my relationship with James. Whatever that is – I only met him a few weeks ago! James is trying to set up a government here and he’s also dealing with some issues that I don’t really understand. I tried to talk to him about it when I found him sulking one time but he didn’t say much about it.”

An audible sigh.

“Zander managed to find some sort of large, blue skinned sea people called Lemurians. They live to the area south of New Sea and swim around in giant whales. We all met with them and talked to them and it turned out that if we helped them with a problem of theirs, they would take all of us to Antarctica! Out-fucking-standing! We signed right up and had to fight some monsters and help one of their leaders retrieve an item from an old, overrun village of theirs.”

“I got to really see the scythe guy, Gazi, in action and he’s scary. Most of the time his scythe was just killing things in one hit! James also got into some kind of weird zone and was using an axe that also killed things just as well. The two of them together, slaying all the creatures like that… it was a little freaky. But we got the thing for the Lemurians and they were happy. We made our plans to swim to Antarctica in a freaking whale.”

“Zander left to get the rest of the team we’re taking to Antarctica with us. I think they’re called Pyrewood Ops? I finished packing my gear – including some cold weather armor suits that Zander helped me pick up in Russia! I can’t wait to find that Atorian ship and destroy it. If this McGreggor guy shows up, well… he’s not going to stop me.”


To-do list:

Finish packing for Antarctica

Meet the Pyrewood Ops folks

Go to Antarctica

Keep an eye on James


Wow! Great perspective!

“These guys are saving the Megaverse? Trent was right to ask me to help — they really really need it!” ROFLMAO!?!!?

Sakura - Recording - 010

It’s fun writing from her point of view.

Sakura - Recording - 010

" One of their guys, was it Helldamn or Pall Mall? I don’t know. But I heard he had a huge tantrum when he came back to the present day and destroyed their entire hideout and disappeared."
I almost died there…. love this character’s perspective!

Sakura - Recording - 010

In a way — it’s basically true. I wouldn’t call it a “tantrum” per se — but RAGEQUIT! seems to fit the bill. Sakura is kinda like that girl in high school who was hot but none of the guys would date her because she could kick their asses every which way but the right way. Her perspective is always refreshing because she’s not a RIFTS Earth native.

Sakura - Recording - 010

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