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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

The Dog Days of Winter

James and Zander encounter Gypsies with a werewolf problem

Note: This is a Chrono-Trigger Event that was played on 9/2/2013. Minor continuity changes may occur as a result of this and should be regarded as temporal distortions cause by the actions of the characters in this campaign.

Loggingroad After the events of the Temple of the God-Slayers, JFC returns to a nearby village to regroup. Magnus says he cannot stay here after dark and that he will continue to press on, but James and Zander have not returned from hunting and mailing the letter. Trent and Helldamn decide to press on to not lose the guidance of Magnus and leave a subtle trail they know James will be able to follow to catch up.
Zander arrives back at the village first and, unable to speak the language, he joins in with a lute player with a guitar and they play folk tunes around the fire until james returns with an elk draped over his shoulders. James used a talisman of Tongues, tossed it to Zander and said “I have returned from my hunt! This elk was a formidable opponent and put up a great chase, but in the end, stood no chance against my godly stranglehold upon its neck. May his spirit be blessed, and his meat as tender as his soul.” James then turned the elk over to the village elder as an offering of thanks for their hospitality and the pair feasted with the village until shortly after dusk. Lonely campfire song by muetank

As the shadows grew, the gypsies slowly petered out and soon it was James, Zander, and the village elder left at the campfire. She warned them not to stay up too late as the Full moon was to rise tonight and they would not want to be exposed this night. She also warned that they may hear strange noises, but if they minded their own, no harm would come to them. She then retired to her wagon.

Lekythos dolon louvre ca1802 “What do you make of all that James?” Zander asked. “Well, full moon myths are quite common in folklore, usually involving lycanthropes or other were-creatures. But the field is too broad for any one to be associated with what we have heard thus far from our hosts.” Zander, laid back to look up at the stars and the moon to contemplate the universe and it’s mysteries.
The moon was indeed going to be full this night, and a few stars seemed to shimmer in a distinct pattern. By Hablar’s beard! he thought to himself and chuckled at his sudden thought of the deity Hablar with a beard, my calculations were right! I didn’t have all the data I needed, but this alignment is corroborating my earlier assessment! The stars are on track to reach the alignment necessary for the Second Cataclysm in 3 years time… and… there was something else…an object of great mass was heading towards the solar system… Moon bathing stars twinkle

Upon his epiphany, he began to draw an alignment chart in the dirt around the campfire using a technique taught to him by his grandmother. Using rocks, charcoal, and other random bits around, the astrological chart was coming along when they heard the first howls off in the distance and a whimpering from one of the caravan’s wagons.

Wagon Putting his chart on hold, Zander called out to the wagon, “Is everything all right over there?” to which to only reply was more howling, this time much closer to the camp. “We should check on that wagon, James. Just to be sure.” James’ only reply was to pick up his sword and move to the entrance of the wagon. They knocked and a man’s voice yelled “Begone! there is nothing you can do for her! Stand back and let be what will be!”

To this, James opened the door and inside was what only could be described as a horror show. A young girl was tied down to a bed, writhing and moaning as if possessed by some supernatural force. The man was trying to hold her down so she would not hurt herself but could not hold his grip — blood was everywhere and she was sweating the red liquid seemingly from her pores.

Seeing just how serious this matter was, Zander rushed out to the fire to begin concocting a potion made from the petals of the White Rose he obtained from the Order, while James stood-fast at the entrance to the covered wagon, waiting for the wolves to approach. And upon seeing them the first time, Zander nearly dropped the pot of water into the fire. Leering at about 15’ tall (twice the size of James), the giant werewolf approached the wagon where James stood.

Wallpaper 2855498

“Out of my way, godling, I have no business with you. My contract is with the child.” growled the werewolf in spite of his too-many teeth. “Hold foul beast! For this caravan is under the protection of James of the Arena, Bastion of Last Hope, and Stalwart of the Last Chance! Any business with this caravan is business with me!”
“I have no desire to harm you. I am taking what is owed to us. The terms and consequences have already been agreed upon.” the beast affirmed.
James simply crossed his arms and shifted his weight in reply, and stoutly stared into the eyes of the hulking monstrosity.

Having enough of this foolish little god-thing, the werewolf sidestepped him, tore open the canvass of the wagon, scooped up the girl, and took off through the forest into the luminescence of the full moon. Seeing the sheer power of the werebeast, James and Zander determined it would not benefit anyone to chase it down while at the apex of its power. They would rest tonight and begin following it’s trail in the morning.

Zander took the first watch and began to work on his astrological chart once more. With the chart completed, he entered a tantric trance and meditated on the cosmic convergences. A vision appeared in his mind’s eye, or more appropriately, it engulfed him. Suddenly, he was floating in space, looking down upon the earth and the sun. On the edges of his vision, he could see a black mass approaching, blacker than even the surrounding void of space, blotting out whatever it passed by.

Eclipsa satelit 06181700

Slowly, the mass engulfed the earth, and then the sun and then….darkness. It remained that way for what seemed to be an eternity. Zander opened his eyes with a feeling of emptiness, a feeling like for a moment…his connection to the universe had … vanished. That was some heavy shit.
He pulled his cloak tight, put on his mask, and sat awake, clutching his knees, staring into the fire in silence for the rest of his watch.

Werewolf1 James, ever attentive, heard movement outside the circle of wagons and awoke Zander in time to see three man-sized bipedal wolves scurry into one of the wagons. He drew his sword and began to make his way over to the wagon which Zander turned into a glowing light and zipped inside after them. He witnessed one of the werewolves (much smaller than before) grab the mother and put it’s hand over her mouth while another smiled and strike a boy across his chest with a claw. James then burst in, but before a fight could commence, Zander lit up the room with the equivalent of 3,600 candles (300 watts), blinding everyone in the small dark room.

Bright light 1

Zander then transformed into a Heavy Mega-Damage creature to protect the boy and his mother, but suffered from the nightblindness of his previous form. James struggled to fight the four creatures in the small space with his large sword and sliced into Zander’s back. “Watch out James! They are using swords!” Zander called out, unaware it was his own ally that struck him accidently. Another swing proved just as dangerous and James affirmed to Zander, “You’re right! Keep clear!”

Eventually, James hit one of the creatures to devastating effects and they made to retreat, clearly encountering unexpected resistance. James performed a psychic diagnosis on the mother and child and determined that the boy had a quickly-spreading supernatural infection.

Now that morning was approaching, and the gypsies were emerging from their wagons, the looked at the scene of the one wagon covered in blood and in tatters and the mother holding her child with the mark crying, the Greek Godling standing over them, and a man in a hooded robe and a gas mask in his hand and strange scrawlings at his feet.

James climbed on top of the wagon beside him, looked out amongst the people and declared “I am James of the Arena! The Undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the World and God of the Last Resort! On my honor, I vow to end this terrible curse that has befallen you!” Looking at Zander he asked, “Zander, will you stand by me in this quest?”

Zander slipped on his gas mask, pulled up his hood and said, “I thought you’d never ask”



caNT wait to finish this one

The Dog Days of Winter

Holy shit! I’m on the edge of my seat! Really well-written and well-done on the Obsidian Portal stuff. Looks amazing!

The Dog Days of Winter

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