Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada


battle of gods!

Tonight only at the Bite Club! A battle of the god(lings)!!!!!

The self styled god of fear Phobos vs the god James!!!!

2 men enter one man leaves in this epic bare knuckles battle!!! Only tonight!! Don’t miss out!! (Odds subject to change, no refunds, owners reserves right not to allow people in)

Phobos  god of fear by darth haro

  • VS*

Final getsuga tensho   engetsu by geofffffff d2yu1lb

in a battle between gods both fighters stepped into the ring bare chest and no weapons. just their fists and feet. after a little taunting and a small side bet phobos attacked! james parried and the fight was officially on! james wasted no time doing his signature move and going straight for the neck! within in a few strike phobos neck was a bloody mess! the godling unable to even talk spilled blood all over the floor but managed to give as good as he got.

james bruised from a few hits next went for the legs! in a move that left everyone speechless james grabbed phobo’s leg as the later tried to kick. james just smiled and delivered an elbow that shattered the godlings knee cap! but phobos wasnt going to give up that easily! in fact james tried to kick and slipped on the blood all over the floor! a few more hits and blows and the godlings other knee was shattered! the crowd roared with excitement! this was the best fight in ages!

Phobos now bleeding battered and barely able to move still hadnt had enough. what followed was a scene from a comic book! in the final moments both fighters struck..and knocked each other out!!!!

E e jhd0p vc th cr0kx o double knockout mma ko

PANDEMONIUM!! people rushed the ring only to have the two fighters get back up moments later and call it a draw. In a strange turn Phobos offered his hand to james helping him up saying “with this you can truly become a god” james just looked at him funny and replied “i already am a god…” Phobos with a shocked look turns over james hand to see the locket still intact. James just smiles “imagine if i didnt have this on..” Phobos laughs and helps the young demi god to his feet.


Would have paid to see this!


Haha! This was an incredible brawl — like from Snatch — gypsy bare-knuckle boxing!


A draw!?!? This fight was rigged from the start! This was billed as “Two men enter, one man leaves” – not, “Two men enter, become friends and two men leave together.” I want my money back!


The die don’t lie. James, standing over Phobos in a final act to stomp his face in, gets simultaneously attacked by Phobos with a natural twenty. Phobos is at zero MDC on the nose. James is 5 below. Both combatants make their saves vs coma / death. In less than one action (that was the last action of the round) they both regenerate as per the Godling abilities on a PER MINUTE basis. They were in the last action of their 4th melee or the 57th second of a minute. The INSTANT they fell spectators charged the ring to administer medical aid and determine a winner. James regens up to 5 MDC but Phobos regens up to 60 MDC. The fight was stopped and prevented from continuing.

How could that be rigged?


That’s just what I’d EXPECT the house to say… Can’t trust anyone these days!


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