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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

The Long Way Home

Just a quick shopping trip on the way home, and someone says goodbye.

A few days passed in the 14th Century for J.F.C. as they got everything in order and recovered from their battle. Helldamn returned during this time, brimming with the power and knowledge gained from surviving the ordeal on the World Tree. He declined to discuss what he had done or where he had been over the last several days with the group. James made sure the former slaves were given passage off the island by paying the pirate captain with Surtur’s sword. Zander and Trent explored the cavern and its interesting dimensional harmonic features.

When the temporal portal opened, instead of going through it Trent and Zander sent Sebastian and Zelda through so that they could continue to wrap things up in the past. Trent contacted the secret organization within the Knights Templar so they could come to the island, go through the records and hold the proper people responsible.

After the few days had passed and everyone was back at full strength, Trent laid out a plan for returning to their future. It involved Trent and Helldamn using Temporal Magic to travel forward through time in steps that would allow them to carefully interact with their past. Among the intended stops were the Black Vault and at least one Deevil Chaos Generator. They geared up and prepared and traveled forward to the July of 109 P.A., to the date just shortly after Deevil assassins left the vault.

Trent noted that time travel felt “different,” like it was harder than usual, but to Helldamn there was no difference since he hadn’t used this magic before.

Everyone used magic to buff for stealth and power. They discussed rendez-vous points and strategies for extraction. Trent stressed the “smash and grab” nature of the trip. Trent used a scroll of Teleport: Superior to teleport them to the Black Vault. They made note of where they where and fanned out..

They smashed box after box, just dumping the contents into dimensional bags Trent had provided to everyone. Almost immediately the Coalition noticed something was wrong; even though they couldn’t see the culprits on the video cameras (thanks to invisibility: Superior!) they noticed the smashing of the boxes and began to blind-fire. About 15 seconds after JFC entered the vault and began the operation, Coalition super-soldiers called Jannisaries entered the vault to more personally deal with the intruders.

Zander hacked into a computer terminal in order to get some information on how the Coalition “rated” the items they stored. He also noticed a mention of a very famous Japanese sword which he remembered seeing in a museum back in his Pre-Rifts days. He noted the location of that item and went to retrieve it. Once JFC realized the Jannisaries were there and looking for them, they decided to take the loot they got and run. To create a distraction Zander tried to hack the system controls, and triggered a mega-partition system that dropped thick walls to isolate sections of the warehouse-sized vault. All of JFC except for James made it to the extraction point before they dropped.

Stranded away from the group and unable to make radio contact, James started attacking the wall in order to bust through. This dropped his Invisibility: Superior, which was the only thing keeping him from being located. The Jannisaries all used secret passages to converge on him. Trent told the Zander to take Helldamn and escape. They agreed to meet back up at the future site of the Pall Mall sanctuary.

Trent used magic to walk through the partition and encounter James engaged in fighting four of the soldiers already, and they were all equally skilled. Once on the other side Trent could communicate with James and let him know they were going to get out. James had managed to make a small hole in the wall when he was attacking it but then got distracted by the Jannisaries. He turned to dive through it but before he did, he turned to face one of the cameras and flipped them off. Then he dove through the hole.

On the other side, James erected a TK force field to slow down the Jannisaries. Trent walked back through the wall and used Teleport: Superior again to not only teleport himself and James out, but everything in his field of view out to 20 feet that was within the spell’s weight limit. This included an experimental TW jet!

At the future site of the Pall Mall sanctuary, everyone met back up and discussed their adventure. They weren’t in the black vault very long but they got away with a TON of stuff. They all decided that Zander would stay in the past and live through the next year and a half quietly in order to study all these items and understand how to use them.

Trent discussed the temporal travel issues with the others, and convinced them that they should just go to their present day directly and not make any more stops. Trent asked Helldamn to take James so that Trent could “feel out” what made time travel so weird. James warily agreed, suspecting something was up. Helldamn and James returned to present day.

Trent made plans to meet Zander one more time, in about a year in New Lazlo. Then Trent left to make a few personal stops of his own. Zander went to Arizona and made a home for himself there outside of Arzno, becoming known as the hermit/recluse “Old Man Winters.”

When Trent arrived to meet with Zander, he announced his intention to go to Dyval and accept Sahtalus’ invitation in order to save Jescha and his newborn son. Trent gave Zander a bunch of his gear, his journal, and a letter to read to the others. Zander accepted this and they parted ways.

Helldamn and James arrived at the sanctuary to find Zander there, along with a new person named Sakura. The return to present day and the inrush of tainted P.P.E. overwhelmed Helldamn and he reverted to his personality of Pall Mall. In his newfound confusion he angrily threw out the rest of J.F.C. (including the also newly-returned Zelda and Sebastian), destroyed the sanctuary and disappeared. James picked up a few new insanities and was also very upset to learn that Trent had indeed left them behind to go to Dyval, as he suspected.

Zander, James, Zelda, Sebastian, and Sakura were all that was currently left of J.F.C. James left them briefly to go to Lazlo and spend some time alone on the journey but agreed to meet with them again in a couple of weeks at Seattle. Two weeks later, these remaining members of J.F.C. reunited in Seattle.


Sounds like one helluva ride! How did you guys make it out of the Black Vault alive?!?! Your adventure log makes it sound almost…dare I say, “easy?”

The Long Way Home

That’s the benefit of being prepared, having a plan, and having a contingency plan.

The Long Way Home

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