Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

The Posting of the Letter

Trent Logan consulted with his friends and most of them agreed that the benefits of posting that letter outweighed the consequences – consequences which Trent would fully bear. Pall Mall actually agreed that Trent’s first plan, a coordinated simultaneous strike against each device at the same time, was the best way to go. But, like Trent, Pall Mall had no solution for how that could be accomplished.

Early in the morning of the day when Trent was to meet back up with his companions and resume their quest he traveled from guild branch to guild branch, hitting most of the ones he knew of on Rifts Earth, and posted up the letters and the PDD’s he had created only a couple of weeks ago. When the last letter was posted Trent traveled away to meet with his companions.

For better or for worse, the deed was done.


Personally love the sack on Trent for doing it…. just hope it is intact afterwards….

The Posting of the Letter

The cat’s outta the bag now Victor!

The Posting of the Letter

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