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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Three Months Later in Lazlo - Conversational Interlude V

Trent Logan and Jescha arrived early at The Hungry Scholar tavern/inn to meet with Pall Mall and their former companions. At the bar Trent received a message encoded in a 50 credit chip which said “See me when you get back. Love, Erin.” Trent then headed over to where Pall Mall and Steve were sitting. Trent and Pall Mall have a long conversation where they ‘catch up’ on what’s happened these past three months.

Pall Mall:
“Trent! good to see you my mystic friend! We have much to discuss!”

After some basic small talk the two begin to catch up on the meat of their collaboration, away from prying eyes and ears. The conversation which follows was conducted in Ancient Sumerian.

“A bit a go I was able to examine the RIFT at Calgary. It had basically been abandon or the area was really quiet at the time of my inspection. In any case I was able to discover a few things about the Rift, what had happened to the actual Calgary rift ( OOC – as it has been described, the original Rift and ley lines appear to be vanished ), and examine a few things about the existing rift that had appeared ( and is still in operation ) directly underneath the original one. Using Dimension Sense, Invisibility and D-Step I was able to decipher the following:

In D-Step
• The Original Calgary Rift, even though apparently dissapeared, is still there, but imploded into itself. Similar to a crumpled up piece of tin foil, the rift now exists, compressed:
• between this dimension inside of a pocket dimension ( most likeley created by a powerful magic user )
• Dimensional fabric is strong
• has no human life/cannot support human life on the other side
• is rich in magic energy ( a giant ball of compressed PPE )
• Appears to be deliberately and artificially created.

It appears that this effect was intentional, deliberate and planned. Someone wanted this rift to be hidden, disappear or vanish for a reason. I also happen to think McGreggor’s bomb had little effect on things as a whole – other that to create a huge signal of where the rift is and that perhaps things were tipping off.

• The Existing Rift, below the original:
• Leads to Dyvaal
• The dimensional Fabric is strong
• Is Artificially created
• Could not support human life
• is rich in magic energy

After discussing things with Odin, He recommends that we decipher…that one thing we found….tripple wink wink ….in the company of our recent acquaintances in seclusion, away from prying eyes and ears. is it secret? is it safe? Do you have it with you?

Once Pall Mall indicates his intention to have a private discussion (just what Trent wanted, anyway), Trent casts the Tongues spell so he can understand and respond in the same language. Jescha stands near Trent, a wary eye on their surroundings.

“The Rift and Ley Lines stored in a dimensional space – ingenious! I’ve been wondering if it’s posisble to put ley line energy into the smaller dimensional spaces…” Trent trails off and focuses on responding to what’s been said.

“I’ve done my own investigations into the past, and have some troubling news that can collaborate and expand opon what you’ve discovered and shared. Before we continue working together Pall, I have to know the honest answer to two questions.”

“What was the nature of the blood pact you made with the Deevil Baaz, outside of Calgary, mere minutes before the rest of us arrived? And who was the servant of Odin who delivered the Codex of Souls to him – the same Codex of Souls which went “mising” back at the Tolkeen library?"

“I respect your secrets, as you have respected mine, but these two issues cannot stay unresolved.”

Pall Mall:
“blood pact?? It was baaz’s intent to make me someone he could call upon. However, knowing the ramifications of such an agreement i used some clever and usefulls to teleport myself And the relic back and forth to get out of finalizing the pact.

I really was considering signing just to enable the group the possibility to set up a doublecross or trap for him… But something told me that i wouldnt ever be able to anticipate what the gods ( brent ) have in store for me so i opted out and took his relic. Im sure hes going to be looking for me or it so we need to be extremely careful.

And in terms of the book… The codex of souls….sigh…. I must admit that i had to make a judgement call fir the good of the group, the good of the megaverse, the good of asgard…, an lets face it… The good of my career. I did find the book and hide it from you guys. My thinking being three fold… One… We had all just met hours before and how could i have known to trust you? Second…. An item of legendary power like that being in our hands was beyond dangerous as many powerful creatures were obviously looking for it… And thirdly… What if anything were we to do with it but loose it? Neither of us… Even now 6 levels later… Wouldn’t know what to do with it!!! I brought it to the only person i trusted at the time… The only person who could protect the megaverse and the only person who would keep me on his short list for achieving such a feat.

I believe my deception in this regard is not beyond anything any of us would have done. If it offends you then fir that i am sorry but truly it was for tour own good… The less you knew the better

“I don’t like being lied to. I understand the reasons for the deception regarding the Codex but you should have told me about what you did when you decided to trust me with with had been learned so far from it.”

Trent sighs.

“At least you told me now. And that stuff with Baaz, that clears up the confusion with what I saw. Now for my turn to share what I’ve uncovered.”

Trent pauses a moment to collect his thoughts, takes a sip of his coffee, and begins.

“The Calgary Rift. I used time magic to witness the death of Athena. The Archfiend Baaz ran her through with the… ‘object…’ and then did something to her I don’t understand. He seemed to pass his had through her as he killed her, and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that at that moment the ley line energy went erratic, with the ley lines themselves being drawn into the Calgary Rift. As it imploded, it also exploded, causing considerable damage to New Calgary – significantly in excess of what the bomb McGreggor threw did. I suspect that just gave all this chaos an excuse to be started.”

Trent takes a sip of his coffee, then continues.

“I’m not sure we would have survived that explosion. Remember when we felt those… reverberations, or psychic quakes, while escaping McGreggor’s blast radius? Those were the ley lines reacting to Athena’s death, or what Baaz did, or maybe both? Oh! And Baaz, just for added confusion, disguised himself as Solomon Kane before he ran Athena through. So any beings who managed to witness her death would see it was caused by Solomon Kane. He is also in a safe place, but once we’re all together I’d like to wake him up and question him about the events he witnessed.”

Trent drinks some more coffee, then continues.

“That ‘object,’ somehow it’s existing at some sort of super-high frequency, which is why when we look at it normally we only see a blur. But I discovered a way to view it! It’s a wicked sword, engraved in runes (of course). I found some obscure references to these objects in a book in the library at Lazlo. It was mentioned these objects were created with an ancient, forgotten form of Rune magic. If James’ Cyclops friend is still around, I believe he has practiced the art? I’d like us to show it to him and see if he is able to identify anything about it. While I can allow us to see it, I’m not sure yet if I can enable us to hold it without also suppressing that blurring.”

Trent goes to take a sip of coffee, but discovers his cup is empty. He motions for a barmaid to refill his cup. Once it’s been refilled, he continues.

“I’m talking up a storm here. Let’s here more about what you’ve discovered.”

Pall Mall:
“Hmm. Bazz “did something” while killing a god. My successful magic lore ( 22% ) roll tells me that he could have used the “double ppe at the moment of death” theory to cast a spell of legend maybe? or to amplify something already in place? I am certain of this though: the Calgary rift WAS a natural occurrence that was not able to be closed – even with the spell close rift – caused by what historians call the great cataclysm/appocolypse – which apparently brought the leylines on this plannet back to life. ALSO that the rift underneath it was created by some means – and not a natural occurrence – the same as the imploded Calgary rift living in between space where the original used to be. ( The only way I can really think of this as a PC is to think of something like the ghost buster’s ghost catcher ).

Who would want to omit the Calgary rift from this plane and why? – Replacing it with one of their own – that leads to Dyvaal no less.
Could the Calgary rift have been getting in the way of someones master plan of domination?
What kind of device would create a rift to Dyvaal? and what would happen if it were destroyed?? How would we destroy it? it would most certainly be well guarded.

Also my successful Lore: Dimension (10%) and Mythology ( 46% ) tells me that not only has there NEVER been an opening to Dyvaal that has been documented but also that Asmodeus could have recently wrested control over hades. This also would explain how the sons of the gods – namely Thor and Loki have been tricked to be imprisoned in parts of Hades ( Tartus ). Could Asmodeous be ultimatley responsible for the Calgary situation? Spreading his campaign against Dyval in ways his predecessors hadn’t dared? Some master plan of his? We DO know that Dakkon Black Blade knew of the Dyvaal presence ( Thank you Sonja ) and that Baaz was almost certainly the lead operator in the city’s recent conflict – betraying Dakkon and killing Athena. But could he really do these two things both at the same time? or nearly simultaneously? and why would Dakkon, a demon, agree to work with Baaz?

Honestly I happen to think that this is all spiraling out of controll faster and farther reaching than anyone could have ever immagined. The collateral damage of whatever is happening is being seen in the domain of the gods themselves! i know for sure that Asgard – the eternal city guarded by Odin – The All Father Himself – is nearly LOST! Odin is almost ready to admit defeat at the hands of a Splugorth adversary and his allies and Asgard are In Flames (\m/) with the rainbow bridge and Heimdall in poor shape. that means no one is getting anywhere from Asgard and further more – a GOD OF MAGIC is ready to accept defeat and retreat???!!! Something is waaay off my friend.

I really want to just object read this relic and let the chips fall where they may. Ill take a kick in the nuts for the megaverse and for Odin! (\m/)!! We know that the artifact was glowing a greenish color and Im almost positive that I was on to something that the GM didnt want us to find out just yet. Diminutive and My Dwarven friend Gimbly would almost certainly help us decipher the use and meaning of the relic. Perhaps from there we could discover the proper course of action and what all these players are doing in calgary and what the demons and dyvaals have planned

“It’s just questions piled on top of questions! This relic should give us some direction, and hopefully some answers. What was it that Odin said, about someone in Tartarus, who had been studying these objects? And where are the other 6? If the gods don’t have them, then who does?”

“The Demons of Hades were running the show in New Calgary, the Calgary Rift probably linked to their dimension, amongst all the others that it linked to. So crippling it could be nothing more than a simple tactical move, designed to help the Deevils in their invasion. Remove the Demon’s natural link to their home dimension, and replace it with a link to their own dimension (Dyval). Now the Deevils have all the reinforcements they could want for the war there in New Calgary.”

“With the Ley Lines gone, there’s another advantage the Demons used to have that they cannot rely on anymore. Plus all that immesurable energy is stored in a private location, just waiting to be unleashed – for what, Time itself only knows. I’m sure it won’t be anything good.”

“I don’t know enough about Deevil politics to know anything about Baaz, but… well, Baaz is no ordinary Deevil Archfiend. I know we knew that, but after some of the things I’ve seen and learned these last few months I’m pretty sure that Baaz has temporal powers and spells similar to my own. And while I may not be able to trap an active rift and all the ley-lines to which the nexus connects into a dimensional space, I am very familiar with dimensional spaces.

Trent trails off for a moment, weighing the decision to tell this or not, then continues.

“I’ve also discovered that Baaz’s powers aren’t just similar to my own. He… it’s been revealed to me that he may have had a presense in my past in these last few years. I don’t know for what purpose he played the role he did, but everything I thought I knew of my past has been made questionable. This would’ve been around the time that his Deevil assassins were infiltrating Chi-Town, trying to locate the Book of Heroes. Was he just there for that reason, to oversee his operation? Was there more to it?”

“Or maybe what I’ve learned is just another trick, to make me think that Baaz has influenced my past, and then react accordingly. These creatures are maddining! At least with a Demon it’s always straight forward. Either it’s trying to kill you, or it isn’t. They don’t fucking toy with you like a shrödinger cat – is it going to kill you, or is it going to let you live? You never know until it’s already happened!”

Trent takes a few breaths to calm down, and then continues.

“Let me ask you a question… Another thing which has added to the mystery of my life these past few months… have you ever tried to connect a Dimensional Portal to a dimension, and encountered some kind of resistence that prevented that connection?”

Several blocks away the faint sound of music can be heard approaching the Hungry Scholar. The cars on the road, people on the sidewalks part, and the music continues to get louder as and object makes it way at a casual roll down the center of the street.

McGreggor pulls up outside the tavern kills the engine and music and steps off the medium range missile that makes up the body of the SOL Hovercycle Weapon Platform.

Nas t rex dinosaur biker fantasy tshirt smHe’s wearing what seems to be a black leather jacket/duster, black composite armor pants, black 3/4 helmet with goggles custom fit for his Tyrannosaur head and a white scarf around his neck. A crowd gathered at when they thought was a safe distance from the vehicle and creature and gawked. He reaches into his pocket, presses a button on a keychain, and the hovercycle says with a female voice, “System Armed”. The crowd gasped, jumped, and dispersed as quickly as it had formed. Satisfied, McGreggor removes his helmet and goggles as he walks into the bar.

Towering at 8’6", he ducks through the doorway and is immediately able to pick out Jescha, Trent and Pall Mall over the throngs of women filling up the floor space and goes to approach them as they seem to involved in an argument.

//McGreggor’s universal translator has not encountered ancient Sumerian before and it will take a few more conversations for it to figure it out//

“Barkeep!” he barks, “I’ll have one of those Seasoned Dogs, hold the pumpkin and an Earl Grey tea, extra Earl!” He sits down next to Pall Mall at the bar.

//He can see they are having a rather heavy conversation, and decides to hold his thoughts until he can either understand the conversation or they address him.//

Pall Mall:
" well i have never encountered such a resistance when creating doorways to other places. However i have just realized that my own shifter powers are different than the universally known dimensional gateway powers. Maybe there is some unifying factor or cause of this resistance?

“Sounds like that’s just going to be another question to try and discover the answer to. There’s something else that I’ve recently discovered, unrelated to Calgary, summoning Baaz, or dimensional incompatabilities… There seems to be some sort of… I don’t even know what to call it… a Sickness, maybe? I had a discussion with a couple of the healers in the guild here during one of my visits – many mages have reported some sort of pain occasionally when dealing with magical energy, and it’s causing side effects. There’s no ryhme or reason to this, no pattern, nothing, but it’s a real issue which is facing us. I thought you should know about that – it almost seems like this is being deliberately not talked about, but it’s something that mages should be discussing!”

Trent looks at McGreggor, and subtly grabs hold of his Dragon Eye gem to make sure the creature is what it appears to be. Satisfied, Trent nods in his direction, then continues speaking to Pall Mall.

“Was there anything else of note which occured during these last few months with you? Who’s your new human friend here?”

Pall Mall:
" what kind of pain? A sickness? Thats concerning. How did you come across this info? The magic guild? I my self havent really been exposed i dont think but i did have a quick sharp pain recently…. When using magic but didnt think anything of it considering the circumstances.

Dimensional incompatibilities are certainly out of the ordinary but were talking about dimensional fabrics here … They are monsters in an of themselves

From here the conversation shifted to the logistics of getting everyone to Pall Mall’s Sanctuary without leaving a trail which others could use. Trent suggested that, if he and Jescha were taken there first by Pall Mall, then Trent could handle the logistics of transporting everyone else there. They agree on that and at a remote location a few miles outside Lazlo, the trips are made to the Sanctuary. Pretty soon everyone, including James, have made it to the Sanctuary and from there the real adventure starts.



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