Alu Demon Hound


Last seen guarding a slave train 20 miles south of Calgary.


The Alu is a demon with the head, tail and fur of a wolf-like
canine and the emaciated body of a giant humanoid. Its is muscular,
but its bones show and the skin of they are belly sags. At
a quick glance, they resemble a large Dog Boy, Werewolf or
other humanoid canine, but they are much worse.
Alu or “Demon Hounds” tend to be quiet loners or operate in
small packs.

They prefer to hunt and stalk their prey in darkness,
moving through the night in silence and attacking using the element
of surprise before their enemy knows it is even present.
Alu dwell in the desert of Taut, a rocky, desolate region in the
dimension of Hades. They are excellent trackers and hunters,
and are often used as such by Greater Demons and Lords as well
as wilderness scouts, bodyguards and enforcers.

Alu DemonHounds are cunning warriors, often laying in ambush, setting
traps and manipulating others to lead them to their prey or help
trap an enemy. In combat, Alu are vicious, ruthless fighters. Although
they do not actively seek confrontation, even with mortals
(unless commanded to do so from a Greater Demon or Lord,or out for revenge),
they seldom back away from a fight or any
threat or challenge. Alu are the scouts , trackers , hunters and
strongmen of Hades .

Alu Demon Hound

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