Arcadia "Cady" Tybus

Elf Mage, Daughter to a Minor Tolkeen Noble Refugee in Lazlo


Arcadia “Cady” Tybus is an Elf “teenager” who has just reached the age of majority (being considered legally an “Adult” in Lazlo). The daughter of Orwell and Kiriya Tybus, ‘Cady was born in Tolkeen and trained in magic under the tutelage of both her parents. The Tolkeen-Coalition war forced her and her mother to leave Tolkeen and settle in Lazlo. Even though they haven’t heard from ’Cady’s father since shortly before the war ended, ‘Cady hasn’t given up hope that somewhere, somehow, her father is still alive.

Like a typical teenager, ‘Cady doesn’t “get” her mother, and feels that her mother doesn’t “get” her. The two clash often. Her mother planned a party for ’Cady’s coming of age celebration but turned it into one of her famous grand gala’s, completely ignoring every request or suggestion ’Cady had. The party turned out better than ’Cady had hoped and looks forward to crossing paths with the mage she met there in the future.

‘Cady is well-known in Lazlo as an activist for D-Bee rights, civil liberties, and the progressive movement. Her mother would rather play the subtle side of politics but ’Cady gets right out there on the front lines, shouting to make sure she’s heard.

Arcadia "Cady" Tybus

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