Asuna Kittiero


O.C.C. Samurai
Alignment: Scrupulous
Level: Three
HT : 4’5"
Wght: 120 lbs
Age: 50
Gender: Female
Race : Tengu

IQ 16 ME 28 MA 16 PS 31 PP 25 PE 25 PB 6 SPD 49
Classification is Supernatural
H.P. 173 M.D.C. P.P.E. 101 I.S.P. 0
Armor 125 M.D.C.
known Arsenal

1) Katana & Wakazashi (Moonlit & Snow)
2) Staff
3) Shuriken
4) Samurai Longbow w/ 20 Reg Arrows 5 Silver tipped arrows 6 magic arrows
5) Iron Fan

Languages Japanese. Americam, Faerie Literacy Japanese, American

Combat Hand to Hand: Zanji Shinjinken-Ryo

Known Skills

Climbing 48%
Horsemanship 63%
Lore : Demons & Monsters 43%
Wilderness Survival 43%
Tracking 33%
Go 43%
Literacy (japanese & American) 6048%
Languages (Japanese ((98%)) , American, Faerie) 63%
Mathmatics (Basic) 63%
Mythology 43%
Lore: Religion 43%
Lore : D-Bee 38%
Samurai Horsemanship (Special) 89%
Sewing 53%
First Aid 48%
Astronomy 28%
Prowl 26%

Weapon Proficiencies
Samurai Archery
Sword ( + Diasho)
Archery & targeting
Sharpshooting (Bow)

Natural/Special Abilities Powers Vulnerbilities

Shape Change into Human 12 hrs per level 3x Day
+5 Vs poison; +2 vs Diseases, Radiation; +1 Mind Control ; +5 Possession
Possess Others: Possesses person and talk through their mouths, Duration 1 min per level Range 50 +50 ft per Level
Nightvision 500 ft
See the Invisible
Sense the Supernatural
Fire Resistance (Hlf Dmg) Impervious to Normal Fire and Heat,Magicla and MD fire Does ½ Dmg
Bio-Regeneration 3D6 MD per Hour
Tengu Fatigue 1/10 Normal human Rate
Beak Strike/Peck/Head Butt : 2D4 MDC
Rune Swords Provide +1 on ALL Saving throws
Sniper +2 Aimed Shots


-Extra Atk per level if using Diasho
Chi Death Blow (special) Does x2 weapon Dmg + PS MDC Creature Cannot Bio Regenerate for 1D4 hrs Counts as 2 Melee Atks and must be of pure spirit or intent.


This mystical suit of samurai armor is composed of lamellar plates that are interwoven seamlessly with a traditional samurai design the armor has been passed down from father to son over the course of 15 samurai generations it is effectively archaic and survived the coming of the rifts due to the humanoid physique of the tangoo you can fit into every body piece of the armor including the helmet except the face mask. Unlike other heavy plate armor of its kind this armor has a very small prowl penalty of -5% when all the pieces of armor are worn it has 125 m.d.c. It confer upon the wielder a bonus of plus 2 strength and plus 2 speed. The armor magically regenerates as long as it has at least 15 MDC left at a rate of 2 MDC every hour

Katana Inscription Katana name(moonlit) (In Moonlight see truth)


Wakazashi InscriptionWakazashit name (snow) (May snow run red with blood)



Globe of Datlight Radius 12ft 2 PPE
Heavy Breathing Range 60ft 5 PPE
Ignite Fire RNG 40ft 6 PPE
Fuel Flame RNG 100 ft 10 PPE
Energy Disruption RNG 60 12 PPE
Wind Rush
Summon Rain
Calm Storm
Create Wood 10 ft 5/10 PPE


I was born during the Mist of an Oni raid on our village. I was hidden in the floorboards of our home and while still a newborn watched as my father and mother burned and died in the most excoriating way.
That’s when I wake up. The Priests say that I’ve repressed the rest of the memories to save my mental sanity. I’m 10 I’ve been living with the priests since I was found 2 days after I was born in the floorboards by the local Demi-god who went to hopefully find survivors. I was told she was the one who brought me here and has sent me a letter and present on every birthday.
When I first got here I was secluded from the rest of the orphans till I could hold my human form for a Consecutive 12 hours and could control my Strength and spells so I wouldn’t frighten the other children. I was taught the general studies mythologies and religion like all children and sparred with staffs and play swords with the masters.
The day after my 11th birthday I met the Demigod (her name is ( Lillian Starbright) and she told me that because of my Swordsmanship she will sponsor me to the Diasho of a Dojo within her town. She also has taken me out and has bought me all the things I will need and has started a Weekly allowance of 200 gold a week as long as I’m training. And she also has made me give a blood oath that when the time comes and she calls on me to answer.
So for the next 30 Years I trained and became stronger faster and more proficient with my weapons and hand to hand combat skills. I learned the ways of the Samurai so on my Graduation of becoming a Full Samurai and have made my Sword Lillian brought me something I never knew was mine. She brought me my Fathers Samurai’s Armor. She told me that my father would want me to have it and unfortunately the swords were taken by the oni who killed him and my mother.
4 Years have passed since that Day and I have gone from monastery to monastery tracking the Oni with a vengeance. Until one day I get a summons from Lillian and Demi Council. I returned to the council building and was told to pack my bags we are leaving. And that’s when I Felt the earth Shudder and Shake tearing buildings down and actually start to sink. One of the Council opened a Rift to Somewhere and threw me through it and told me to find New Seattle.
When I landed on the other side the rift closed and I was alone in the wilderness. I checked to make sure I had all my weapons armor and body parts before flying up to get a look at my surroundings. When I flew up I saw a Small Camp about 2 miles south of my location so I started in that direction.
Right before I got there I sheathed my weapons and shape shifted into human form so as to not scare them. And approached cautiously but not quietly. When I entered the light of their Fire I sked if they knew where we were and where new Seattle was……
That’s when the Man on my left Jumped at me with Vibro-knife drawn and going for he quick kill I easily side stepped the attack and had my katana and wakazashi by his throat and penis area and told them I’m just looking on which way to get to New Seattle there is no need for bloodshed. The Now Frightened campers pointed me to the nearest town and told me they should have horses and maps that will help me.
When I got to the little village it reminded me of my small village I grew up in and I purchased a Room for the night and found the general store. I picked out much of the essentials food water canteens and new backpack bed roll and the likes. (Good thing I was wise enough to carry much of my money with me) and torches and lights. I then went back to the and slept through the night the next morning I went to the local map maker and asked for a map of the area the way to New Seattle and of New Seattle and then went to the stables and purchased a Horse.
2 months later I finally reached New Seattle and started to try and locate any of the Demi-gods t that should have made it here. That took 4 days but Finally I found Lillian and she told me I have a Small apartment in my name in building next to hers. She gave me the codes and keys and told me to find her tomorrow. For the Next 5 years I would do tasks and errands for the council and be given time to go and do some bounty hunts if I wanted to until the day I was told to go help (picture held up for James group) these people.

Asuna Kittiero

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