NAME:Christopher “Hawk” Hunter

R.C.C.: Nightbane
O.C.C.: Paratrooper (ex-Army Ranger)
HEIGHT: 6’2”
WEIGHT: 221 lbs
AGE: 28
DISPOSITION: high road to revenge
ATTRIBUTES ([XX] indicates final attribute): Morphus: ()
MA: 15
PS: 33(43)
PP: 15(21)
PB: 13
SPD 26(running): [+22] , mph, +12 swimming(36)
S.D.C.: 72
PS: Façade + 10
PP: Façade + 6
PE: Façade + 10
S.D.C.: Façade + 2d6x10 = 199
H.P.: P.E.×2 +2d6 / level = 64
P.P.E: 167
HF: 12
Paratrooper Special Abilities:
- +1d4x10 SDC in façade, +10 MDC in Morphus form
- +4 PS, PE, Spd
- +2 init, +1s, +2p,d, +3 roll, +3 vs psi / insanity / torture, +2 vs poison / toxin / disease, +10% vs coma / death

Nerves of Steel: Immune to Horror Factor
Marksmanship: +1 action per melee, +2 strike on aimed / called shot, +1 strike w / burst or spray, +1 disarm on called shot when using long-range firearm, character can also maked an aimed / called shot when running, jumping, swimming, falling from great heights, or a moving vehicle without penalty
Hold Breath: Can hold breath for 6 minutes before dizziness occurs.
Nightbane Special Abilities:
- Façade bonuses: +2 vs magic, +1 vs disease, +1 vs horror factor
- Morphus bonuses: +1 init, + 2 strike, parry, and dodge, +3 roll / pull, +4 vs magic, + 3 vs psionics, +3 vs disease, +3 vs horror factor

The Becoming – the transformation takes 1 full melee round. Save vs ME (12 or higher) and it is only 1 action. Gain +1 at first level and +1 every two levels thereafter
Supernatural Senses – Nightvision 200ft in façade, 1000ft in morphus, sense presence of other Nightbane 300ft +30ft / level
Regeneration – 10 S.D.C. / Hit Points / M.D.C. per melee round (15 seconds)
Mirror Walk – While wearing their morphus form the Nightbane can use mirrors to cross-over into and out of Nightlands. Costs 2 PPE and takes 15 seconds. Can take others at the cost of 1 PPE per (2) pounds.
Immunities – immune to all forms of mind control, vampiric powers, control spells, and psionics. They are also immune to a vampire’s slow-kill bite. Immune to TRANSFORMATIONS of any kind (metamorphosis spells, potions, rituals, vampire transformations, petrification, turn to mist, curses, wishes, spell magic, or enchantment, etc.)


Rifter #44 p. 37 – Military Hardware Biomechanical Table – Fire-and-Forget Smart Missiles – Racks of small (roughly the size of a pencil) missiles are built into the shoulders or chest of the Nightbane. Alternately, the racks could also be mounted on the wrists, head, back, or mounted in turrets (see below). Total payload is 12. Damage per missile is 4d6 (no blast radius). Range of 2000ft and can be fired singly or in volleys of any size from two up to the entire payload. Missiles regenerate at the rate of one per hour until the total is restored. These missiles are intelligent hunter-seekers that twist and turn in flight to track their targets like something out of anime. +3 to strike plus any bonuses from the W.P. Heavy Weapons skill. +2 Horror Factor. (Permanently sacrifice 3 P.P.E. doubles range to 4000ft, another 3 P.P.E. adds +2 to strike additional, 1 P.P.E per missile up to a maximum payload of 20, and 2 P.P.E. adds fragmentation warheads with a 10ft blast radius – total P.P.E. sacrifice 18 P.P.E.)

N:MB p96 Bat Wings: the nightbane looks like a perfectly normal human – except foir the bat wings. the wings allow to fly at speed 1D6x10 and +1 to dodge in air add 4D6 to sdc and +2 to HF

N:MB P. Eternal Wounds(gaping hole in chest) the ngihtbane bear horrible wounds that never heal most often the wounds are clearly visable and may appear to be deadly. the wounds cover any clothes the char is wearing with bloody patchesin a matter of min. add 3d6 to SDC and +1D4 to hf



When activating this talent, the Nightbane is surrounded by an aura of black light (easily confused with the Shadow Shield described below). While this aura is in effect, the Nightbane is utterly invulnerable to the effects of magic! Any spell that can be resisted by save vs. magic will have no effect on the character. Spells that must be dodged or have no saving throw, will work normally. The Anti-Arcane will last one minute (4 melees), at which time it must be reactivated.
Limitations: Usable in Morphus only. Not available until 5th level.
Cost: 15 PPE are permanently spent to acquire it and 20 are needed every time to activate it.

Shadow Blast

Fires a black bolt that does 1d4 SDC for every point of PPE spent on it, so 10 PPE would result in a 1d4x10 SDC bolt and so on.
Limitations: Usable in Morphus only. The Nightbane can only spend 4 PPE per level of experience. Range: 500 feet (152 m).
Cost: 8 PPE are permanently spent to acquire it and 1 PPE are needed for every 1d4 points of damage, with limitations.

This grotesque power allows the Nightbane to use his own blood to suffocate victims. A stream of blood pours from the character (this inflicts 1d6 points of damage to the character, activating the talent). The Nightbane is +3 to strike with it. On a successful hit, the blood will rush into the victim’s nose and throat, and cause him to choke! While drowning in blood, the victim is a -2 on all combat actions and is unable to use spells, Talents or any skill that requires concentration. The blood remains alive for 1d4 melee rounds, inflicting 2d6 points of damage at the end of each melee round. A successful save versus non-lethal poison will avoid damage for that round, but the penalties remain. Additionally, a victim unfamiliar with that attack must save versus horror Factor of 12 to avoid panicking. If panicked, the penalties for the victim are doubled.
Prerequisite: At least one characteristic from the Stigmata Table.
Limitations: Usable in Morphus only. Not available until 3rd level. Duration: 1d4 melee rounds.
Cost: 15 PPE are permanently spent to acquire it and 8 PPE are needed every time to activate it, plus it inflicts 1d6 SDC points of damage on the user.

Nightbringer – Absorbs the light around the Nightbane creating an area of darkness equal to 10ft in diameter per 2 P.P.E. spent. The power also absorbs energy attacks except Dark Whip and Shadow Blast and other darkness based magic. People caught in the unnatural darkness are -6 to strike, parry, and dodge and -4 on Perception rolls. Penalties are halved for creatures with Nightvision. Usable only by Morphus. Costs 5 P.P.E. to acquire and 2 to activate +2 P.P.E. per additional 10ft diameter.

Reshape Façade – Although contemptuously called the façade the Nightbane’s human form is as unique and real to him as the superhuman morphus. This talent can temporarily alter the shape, hair color, and features of the façade. The more extensive the change the more P.P.E. it will cost. Imitating a particular person is possible at 20% + 3% per level or per the Disguise skill. Usable by façade only. Must be 3rd level to acquire. Costs 12 P.P.E. to acquire permanently, 6 to activate + 4 P.P.E. per additional hour.

Fool’s Luck – Rifter #44 p.41 – Fool’s luck subtly alters the laws of probability. The Nightbane wins more hands of poker and dodges attacks with greater ease and finesse. But one can only cheat Lady Luck for so long and eventually good luck turns bad. Guns jam at a critical moment or an enemy gets in a lucky hit. Fool’s luck bacn be used to add +25% to any skill roll, +6 to any Perception roll, or +4 to any saving throw. Once per combat session (one melee round or two hours) the player may do any one of the following: declare an automatic hit (opponent must roll natural 20 to dodge / parry the attack), declare that a successful strike inflicts critical (double) damage – BEFORE any damage rolls are made, ignore a critical hit against him (takes normal damage instead of double), declare that his character gains auto-dodge (still needs to roll) for 1 minute / 4 melees, or some other benefit that the GM and player agree upon.
Fool’s Luck is a ticking time-bomb. The player and GM may have to talk about the consequences of using this Talent. A good rule of Thumb is that every five non-combat uses or three combat uses warrants a backlash. These include the above bonuses turning into penalties at some vital moment like defusing explosives or performing CPR. Other small nuissances can crop up such as a permanent -10% penalty on a skill that is frequently boosted by Fool’s Luck, other Talents requiring 10% more P.P.E. to use, or frequently losing some important item like car keys or a computer disk. The GM may consider having the player roll for a random insanity every 3 levels as well with phobias and paranoia being most common. The only cure is to abstain from using Fool’s Luck for an extended period of time. If the player does not use it for one full level of experience or 6 months in game time the negative effects will begin to subside and Fate will reset itself.
Limitations: Usable by Morphus ONLY. Special: Only characters who are UNDER 4th level may acquire this talent but may continue to use it as long as they like.

ATTACKS PER MELEE: 3+2+1+1 = 7(8 morph) (not including Sharpshooting bonuses)

COMBAT BONUSES (Façade): +2 initiative, +4 strike, +5 parry, +5 dodge, +10 pull / roll, +2 vs magic, +3 vs disease, +3 vs psionics, IMMUNE to Horror Factor, +2 vs poison, + 10% vs coma / death, +6 strike on aimed shot, +2 strike on called shot, +1 strike on burst / spray, +1 to disarm on called shot,
Morph) +1 action +1 int +2 strike, perry, dodge +3 roll/pull punch +4 vs magic +3 vs psi +3 vs disease +3 vs hf(immune)

Hand to Hand: Assassin
Level 1: +2 to strike, W.P. Paired Weapons
Level 2: +2 actions per melee
Level 3: +3 to pull / roll

Ranged Combat: Sniper (Rifter #11 p. 19)
Level 1: Burst Damage Multiples (short burst x3, medium burst x4, long burst x5)
Level 2: Coldcock (1d6 damage from rifle / pistol butt, KO on natural 18-20), Leading (1 to strike a moving target)
Level 3: Imposed Dodge Penalty (-2 to dodge attacks from modern weapons), +2 to strike on aimed shot

Initiative: + 4
Strike: 7
strike on aimed shot: 13
Parry: +7
Dodge: +,7
Entangle: + 2
Disarm: + 0
Roll w/ punch, fall or impact: + 6,
Pull Punch: + 6,
Bonus Damage (S.D.C. OR M.D.C.): + 4

(“Normal” bonuses already added in)
Initiative: 2
Strike: +4,
Parry: + 4
Dodge: + 4
Entangle: + 2
Disarm: + 1
Roll w/ punch, fall or impact: + 9
Pull Punch: + 9

SKILLS: all after levle 3
Language: American 98%
Language: Demogogian 66 3(10)
Language: Dragonese / Elven 66 3(10)
Literacy: American 70 5(20)
Math: Basic 85%(30)
Climbing (
10, Rappel 30) – 50% +8, +1PS, +1PE, +6SDC
Land Navigation (
15) 45% 5
Parachuting 85% +5(
Pilot: tanks and apcs 58% 4 (10)
Pilot: motor boat 75% (10)
Radio: Basic 65%(
S.C.U.B.A. (20) 50% +5, +1PS, +1PE , +12spd (swim), +6SDC, +2 dodge (under water)
Swimming (
20) 50% 8
Wilderness Survival (
20) 60% 5
WP: Energy Heavy
WP: Energy Rifle
WP: Energy Pistol
WP: Sharpshooter (Energy Rifles)
WP: Ancient Spear
WP: Ancient Knives
Athletics – +1s,p,d, +1PS, +6Spd, +8SDC
Running – +1PE, +16Spd, +6SDC,
Boxing – +1apm, +2p,d, +2 roll, +1PE, +4PS, +18SDC,
Sniper (
2 strike on aimed)
Detect Concealment 35% +5
Detect Ambush 40% +5
Intelligence / Military Intelligence 32% +4
Prowl 46% +8
Find Contraband 34% +4
Streetwise 28% +4%
Trap / Mine Detection 30% +5
Lip Reading

Acrobatics – Sense of Balance (60% 5), Walk Tightrope (60% +5), Climb Rope (80% +5), Climb (15% to skill), Back Flip (60% 5), Prowl (10% to skill), +2 roll, +1 PS, +4 PP, +1 PE, +6 SDC, leap 4ft high and 5ft long +2ft per level

Sharpshooting – Sharpshooter’s “Aimed” Shot – applicable to both the single-shot aimed shot and aimed-burst shot (1 to strike with a P.P. of 20 and for every 5 points thereafter), Sharpshooter’s “Called” Shot – applicable when the aimed shot bonuses are NOT used (1 to strike with a P.P. of 18 and for every 3 points thereafter), counts as two melee actions, aimed shots ONLY, Quick Draw – 1 to initiative with a P.P. of 18 and for every 4 points thereafter, Bonus Attack – +1 action per melee when using chosen weapon, Trick Shooting – choose one trick . . Dodge, roll or somersault and come up shooting (normally a wild shot); no bonuses or penalties to strike; straight roll of the dice.
MAGIC: None.
AVAILABLE MONEY: 12,000 credits to start plus 30,000 credits in black market saleable items
(1) JA-12 Laser Rifle – standard laser rifle, +1 strike on aimed / called shots, range – lasers 4000ft, range – grenade 2000ft, single shot – 4d6MD, 3-shot pulse – 1d6x10
10MD, grenades inflict 3d6MD to a 3ft radius, (7) standard e-clips (10 shots each), (4) 4-round grenade magazines that can be reloaded by hand, 50,000 credits, availability good (scope:telescopic scope: 10x zoom 6000ft, cross-hair: +1 aimed, light filter, theremal imager)
(1) NG-45LP “Long Pistol” – particle beam pistol, 5d6MD per shot, single shots only, range – 1200ft, 8 shots per clip, (7) clips, availability good, 15,000 credits
(1) WI-GL20 Automatic Grenade Launcher (rifle version requires P.S. 22 and can’t use belt-feed and -1 strike) – weight 130lbs, max effective range – 3000ft, black market cost – 150,000 credits, poor availability, magazines are 40 rounds, bursts are 10 rounds each, (4) mags of fragmentation grenades (4d6MD to a 12ft radius, burst does 2d6x10MD to 40ft
radius), (3) mags of armor-piercing grenades (1d4x10MD to a 3ft radius, burst does 3d6x10MD to an 8ft radius), (2) mags of HEX Plasma (high-explosive) grenades (1d6x10MD to a 2ft radius, burst does 4d6x10MD to a 5ft radius)
(1)dark blade spear – 3D6 + ps
(1) Vibro-saber – 2d4MD
(1) Vibro-knife – 1d6MD
(2) Smoke grenades
(2) Fragmentation hand-grenades – 3d6MD
Standard issue M.D.C. armor (55 MDC), set of fatigues, limited personal wardrobe, binoculars, IRMSS medical kit, language translator, utility belt, parachute, backpack, satchel, tinted goggles, gas mask, canteen, handcuffs, compass, disposable cigarette lighter, bedroll, flashlight, survival kit, hand radio, S.C.U.B.A. gear, wet suit, rope, and some personal items.
(6) Flares


Ulquiorra resurrection 2

  • joined army at age 17 a year before dark day
  • was captured by taliban terrorists. is tortured for information. is MIA
  • dark day. his morph happens. kills his captures and staggers across the dessert. is found a day later by patrol. note his morph had worn off by then.
  • returns the US soil(2 months after dark day) is recommended for special forces.
  • joins the 82nd airborne rangers at fort bragg. is promoted to the rank of corporal.
    *finishes training. is givine missions in both iraq, iran, china, korea and russia. is promoted to rank of Sargent. secretly learns to uses his nightbane ability’s.
  • destruction of fort Bragg
  • assigned to camp Lone Star in Texas. top secret instillation where 100s of classified experiments are going on. his unit is hand picked to guard operation: guyver
  • Lone Star comes under attack by the ngihtlords. all are declared dead. Chris and 4 other men escape with the bio armor unit. split up with one member of unit taking the bio armor unit and hiding.
  • Chris learns that the remaining men under his command are being killed one by one. learns of the nightlords for the first time. is aattacked by a unit of hunters. kills them and runs.
  • recruited by the War room as a special operative. is given a 2 man unit to command.
  • operates in nightlands for half a year before being sent to rifts earth(accident)
  • meets dekkon brightblade in lazlo
  • is sent to find the Doctor Trent Logan.
  • meets the deacon outside calagery
  • finds the settlement of new sea. currently lookign for work.


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada ChristopherRichard