Dallas Winter

Sheriff of Sesquahana Falls


O.C.C.: Sheriff
Alignment: Principled
Level: One
XP: 0
Height: 5’6(Average)
Weight: 175 lbs (Average)
Age: 51
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Family Origin: Sequahana Falls
Disposition: All around good person, Kind generous, compassionate and positive

IQ:10 ME:12 MA:16 PS:10 PP:13 PE:10 PB:7 Spd:6
H.P.: 13, S.D.C.: 19, P.P.E.: 0, I.S.P.: 0

Known Arsenal:
Neuro-Mace 1D6
1878 Colt .45 Revolver 4D6 SDC
Wilk’s 330 Sniper Laser Pistol 2D6 MD
Wilk’s 567 Long Gun 1D6-5D6 depending on burst
Bandit BigBore Shotgun 2D4/4D4

NG Maverick Riding Armor

Languages: American & Spanish

Combat: Hand to Hand Combat: Expert

Known Skills:
Basic Math 65%
Law 65%
Interrogation 40%
Surveillance Systems 40%
Land Navigation 51%
Piloting: Truck 40%
Horsemanship: General
Recognise weapon quality 40%
Find Contraband 38%
Streetwise 32%

Tracking (people) 30%
Lore: Cattle & Animals 35%
Astronomy & Navigation 35%
First Aide 50%

Crime Scene Investigation 35%
Psychology 35%

Energy Pistol
Energy Rifle

Special Abilities:
Weapons Master
Quick Draw Initiative (Rifles)

Known Psychic Abilities:

Known Spells:

Known Magical Items:

Background Summary:
[Environment Growing Up] Agricultural; farming or ranch
[Initial Reason for Adventuring] Finding the Deacon
[Sentiments toward the Coalition] Indifferent
[Sentiments toward Non-Humans] Judged the same as everyone else


Dallas Winter is the sheriff of a town called Sesquahana Falls. Deacon passed through the town about a year ago to “exact His justice”, bypassing the law as he so often does. Sheriff Winter, as dedicated to the law as he is, set out to bring Deacon to trial for the murder of a prisoner who was clearly guilty of unspeakable crimes. His mission is to bring Deacon back to Sesquahana Falls for trial, he will not kill him unless Deacon threatens his life.

Dallas Winter

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