Dayne Soun

The Last Chaos Wizard


O.C.C.: Chaos Wizard (As per Chaos Earth: The Rise of Magic)


Dayne is a Chaos Wizard, the last of a long line of Chaos Wizards dating back to the Great Cataclysm. When all others who mastered this magic slowly moved towards the more structured learning provided by dimensional refugees, his ancestors deliberately passed on the magic they forged from the Chaos of a dying world to their descendants. His family has resided near a Ley Line nexus for hundreds of years, acting as its protectors and watchers. This nexus is formed by two of the smallest Ley Lines possible, so it has been of little import to others over the years – making their self-appointed task easier but also stranger to those who have encountered them.

Dayne encountered Sakura Wilson upon her arrival to this dimension and provided her with her first education about Rifts Earth and its current problems.

Dayne Soun

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