Drew Logan

Ex-Coalition 'Borg


O.C.C.: ’Borg
Alignment: Unprincipled
Level: 4
Height: 6’ 6”
Weight: 450 lbs
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birth Order: First Born
Family Origin: Earth Native
Disposition: Tough Guy/Wild Man. Cocky and self-reliant; the strong, silent type. May mean well, but tends to be bullheaded, overconfident, takes unnecessary risks and tends to rush into situations without thinking it all through.

IQ: 13
ME: 19, +2 vs Psionics/Insanity
MA: 8
PS: 25, +10 to HTH damage, Robotic
PP: 25, +5 Parry/Dodge/Strike
PE: N/A (24), +5 vs Magic/Poison/Disease
PB: 16, 30% chance to charm/impress
Spd: 176, Approx 120 mph

H.P.: N/A
P.P.E.: 3
M.D.C. By Location:
Synthetic Skin: 5
Main Body: 180
Head: 60

Combat: Hand to Hand Combat: Expert,, Ranged Combat: Rogue (from Rifter #11). Five attacks per melee.

OCC Skills: American 96%, Sign Language (Military) 60%, Basic Electronics 55%, General Repair and Maintenance 65%, Land Navigation 63%, Pilot: Tanks and APC’s 53%, Pilot: Tracked/Construction Vehicles 53%, Pilot: Hovercraft 70%, Read Sensory Equipment 55%, Weapon Systems 60%, Climbing 75%/65%, Military Etiquette 35%, WP Ancient: Sword, WP: Energy Pistol, WP: Energy Rifle, WP: Heavy Energy Weapons, HTH: Expert.

Other Skills: Acrobatics (Sense of Balance 75%, Walk Tightrope 75%, Climb Rope 86%, Back Flip 75%, Prowl 30%), Find Contraband 48%, Demolitions 79%, Demolitions Disposal 79%, Field Armorer/Munitions Expert 65%, Basic Mechanics 55%, Recognize Weapon Quality 30%.

Secondary Skills: Literacy: American 55%, Jury-Rig 50%, Basic Mathematics 60%, Whittling and Sculpting 45%, Salvage 35%, Imitate Voices 25%, Estimate Distance/Location of Sounds 50%, Recognize Sounds and Voices 50%, Determine Direction of Radar 68%.

Special Abilities:
-Language Translator: Can contain up to 10 languages (Has 5 currently: Spanish, Euro, French, Techno-Can, Dragonese and Gobbley). 98% and 3sec delay with 1-2 speakers, 70% and 6sec delay with 3-6 speakers, 22% for 7 or more speakers.
-Modulating Voice Synthesizer: Can alter tone, bass, pitch, etcetera of voice. Can speak in ultrasonic range. Imitate voices 10% + 5%/level.
-Built-in Radio Receiver and Transmitter Headjack: Radio transmitter and receiver. Range 20 miles.
-Molecular Analyzer: Can identify any chemical, or strange and dangerous molecules in the air.
-Bionic Lung with Gas Filter and Oxygen Storage Cell: Can go without breathing for up to 2 hours. Requires 3 hours of normal breathing to recharge the oxygen cell. Can filter all types of tear gas, smoke and purely chemical fumes. 94% chance it will work against nerve and poison gasses.
-Universal Headjack and Ear Implant: Can plug into audio, sensory, robot and computer equipment and receive transmissions from them to be transmitted to the ear.
-Multi-Optic Eyes: Telescopic vision (4-8×30 magnification – 6000ft), Macro Lens (2x to 8x magnification – 3ft), Passive Nightvision (2000ft), Thermo-Imaging (2000ft), Light Filter (reduces glare – range of vision), Targeting Display (+1 to strike with ranged weapons – range of vision).
-Secret Compartment: 12in x 4in x 3in, left leg.
-Clock Calendar: Keeps time down to 1/100th of a second.
-Speedometer: Indicates how fast the character is moving. Displays on HUD in eyes
-Amplified Hearing: Can hear sounds quieter than a whisper up to 75ft away. Can hear a whisper up to 150ft away. Can hear a normal conversation up to 360ft away. Provides +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, and +3 to initiative.
-Ultra-ear: Increases hearing perception into the ultrasonic range. When engaged normal sounds are garbled and unintelligible.
-Sound Filtration System: Automatically reacts to diminish potentially damaging sounds.
-Sensor Hand: Built into the right hand, provides the following: (Heat Sensor: Detect temperature up to 4-6 inches away; Motion Detection: Accurately assess wind speed and direction, detect the rapid approach of large objects within 500ft, detect nearby movement within 40ft; Radar Sensor: Transmits a warning whenever the sensor detects it’s being scanned by radar. Only a 68% chance to determine the direction it came from; Gyro Compass: Always locates magnetic north, as well as up or down; Clock Calendar: Same as previous.)
-Climb Cord: In left hand. 20ft long, weight limit of 1,500lbs.
-Retractable Vibro-Blade: In right arm, port is concealed as well. 2D4 MD (saber).
-Large Concealed Laser Rod in Leg: In right leg. 3D6 MD, 3000ft range, 20 blasts per e-clip.
-Human Skin: A synthetic covering that looks and feels like human skin, only a bit more “plastic.” Provides 5 MDC, and less to the extremities.
-Left Arm: A monstrous/industrial arm with a three clawed hand on the end of it

C-40R Coalition SAMAS Rail Gun
NG Super Laser Pistol and Grenade Launcher
L-20 Pulse Rifle
WI-23 Missile Launcher with Armor Piercing and Plasma missile clips
Assorted Northern Gun Grenades

Background Summary:
[Environment Growing Up] Population Center: Chi-Town ‘Burbs
[Initial Reason for Adventuring] Self-discovery or seeks a purpose or an answer.
[Sentiments toward the Coalition] Respectful but wary. Knows the CS is capable of greatness and ruthless savagery.
[Sentiments toward Non-Humans] Conditional tolerance. D-Bees don’t belong here, but it ain’t their fault. Treats ‘em reasonably well, distrusts those he doesn’t know, but may consider a D-Bee he knows and likes as a trusted friend.


Drew grew up in the ‘Burbs of Chi-Town as the older of two brothers. He and Trent were raised solely by their mother, Carrie, since their father died when Drew was two. She didn’t like to talk about their father so Drew never knew much about him. She raised the two of them as best she could in the chaotic shadow of the heart of the Coalition States. She applied for citizenship repeatedly over the years in order to try and improve their lot in life, but was consistently kept on the “waiting list.”

As a child and an adolescent Drew was constantly getting into fights to defend himself and his family against some accusations or another. He saw it as his responsibility to protect his family. When he was 15 the Coalition announced a program intended to entice new recruits into the military. The program allowed for anyone who completed a full tour of duty to automatically become a citizen, and their immediate family would have priority when applying for citizenship.

With little hesitation Drew signed up, buying into the promise of citizenship for himself, his mother and his brother. His announcement of this plan to his family was met with mixed emotions, but if they ever wanted to become citizens they would have to let Drew follow through. He assured his mother and brother that he would see them again in six years and he would make sure they got to live in the city as full-blown citizens. He left to report for his first day and never saw either of them again.

He took well to his training. Learning how to fire weapons, self-defense, follow orders, these were things that Drew could do well. Upon completing his training he was shipped out to the front lines along with pretty much everyone else who joined up under this program. Over the next year and a half he and his squad distinguished themselves in battle, and found themselves re-assigned to other duties. It was during one of these special assignments that Drew was nearly killed while in a surprise attack that wiped out much of his squad and destroyed most of his body.

It was cold out, and Andrew could feel the cold even through his standard-issue deadboy armor. Like the rest of his team he had his weapon at the ready while lying prone, facing the trail. And like the rest of his squad he was bored out of his mind. They had been assigned to watch the supply line to this town two months ago and nothing had happened since they arrived. He shifted around a bit to prevent cramping, and to induce some movement to keep him warm.

The “supply line” they were guarding was little more than a dirt trail leading out of some town and vaguely towards the grand Coalition city of Chi-Town. Every few days a small convoy of Coalition vehicles would arrive, load up with whatever cargo they were carrying and drive back out. Andrew’s group was under orders to observe if anyone else came to this town and loaded themselves with the same stuff the Coalition was buying.

“Ammunition,” Smith told him one night, when he asked what the Coalition was buying. “This little dung heap town is selling ammunition to the Coalition.”
“Why would the CS deal with poor trash as these?” Asked Barker, coming over to join the conversation.
“Because they’re humans, and don’t like Dee-Bee’s much more than we do.” Smith explained. bq). Barker spit at the mention of Dee-Bee’s. Smith continued, “Humans have to band together if we’re going to survive and take back our world. We can’t just look down on this town because they aren’t as advanced as us. We need to befriend them and bring them fully onto our side, as allies.”
“If we’re trying to make them allies then why are we here, spying on whether or not they’re selling to anyone else?” asked Andrew.
Smith smiled. “Because if we make sure we’re their only friend, then they’ll have no choice but to become our allies. And humanity will only become stronger for it!”

So far the only supply vehicles using this road were Coalition ones. The team they relieved had only ever seen Coalition vehicles. As had the team before them. And the one before them. And likely their replacements in 22 months as well. A sudden burst of static over the radio interrupted Andrew’s thoughts.

“Shit! We got trouble at ten o’clock!”

Hearing Smith shout that warning, Andrew turned around to look and saw a flock of what appeared to be ugly women with bird wings and legs. They were screeching horribly and several of them were carrying what appeared to be people in tattered body armor. They were flying straight towards his direction, and there must’ve been at least 50 of them. While he was still taking in the horror of it all laser fire started blasting into them. Over the radio he heard the voices of his comrades.

“Are those people they’ve got?”
“Aim for the wings!”
“What in the Emperor’s Name are those things?”
“They’re heading for the town!”
“There’s too many of them!”
“We should regroup at camp!”
“Hold your positions!”
“We’ve gotta save those people!”
“Just shoot to kill, people. This is just like target practice in basic training.”
“They’re swarming all around!”
“Logan! Wake up!”

Andrew snapped out of his daze just in time to see several of the creatures about to fly right into him. He snapped his laser rifle up and squeezed off a few wild rounds before barely managing to dodge out of the way. The things flew right through where he was sitting and turned around to make another pass. A quick survey of the area showed Andrew that his teammates were all dealing with their own groups of these monsters. He turned back to the group after him just in time for them to rake him with their claws as they passed by a second time. He fired off another wild volley of his rifle, striking one of the creatures. She plummeted to the Earth, screaming.

On the third pass of the creatures Andrew was able to get some shots off before they got close enough. He injured one of the girls but they still came at him. He tried to dodge out of the way when they got close but waited just a little too late. Instead of raking him again, this time two of them grabbed him as they passed and carried him off the ground with them. As he was pulled up in the air he was attacked by the others that were flying around him now instead of towards him. He tried to fire his gun but they managed to pull it from him and start hitting him with it, as if it were a club. Higher and higher they climbed, then they all turned around and began to dive-bomb the ground. Andrew started screaming as he was pulled through the sky headfirst towards the ground. The bird-women let go of him about fifty feet from the road and banked away, leaving him to fall the rest of the way. He hit the ground with a loud crunch, bounced twice, and stopped moving.

Alive but gravely injured, his superiors decided he’d be a good candidate for a still-experimental program.

The Coalition was toying with the idea of using cyborgs in their military. They weren’t ready to commit yet but they were ready to try it out in a few isolated cases. Drew became one of their early ‘Borg tests. Using advanced, prototype technology, the Coalition rebuilt him with a comparatively compact ‘Borg frame. This resulted in a more Human-sized ‘Borg, which suited the military fine at this point. It would prevent him from standing out when amongst other soldiers and would not reveal what the military had done.

It took a long time for Drew to get used to his robot body. The sensors, the movements, the sheer power compared to his ordinary human form, these things took him months to master. Once he did, he was promoted and sent back out in the field to see how he would perform. He was assigned to a special squad that would track down deserters and traitors, which they did with ruthless efficiency. His bionic body proved to be an asset on several occasions during these missions.

At his six year point he prepared to exit the military and be reunited with his family, but he was informed that due to his bionic conversion he had been extended for a total tour of 12 years. He was permitted a short leave in order to visit his family. His commander and another colleague accompanied him on this visit, but when he reached his home in the ‘Burbs his family was nowhere to be found. The home was in disrepair and occupied by new residents. Drew questioned them and discovered they found the place abandoned a couple years ago. They had no idea what happened to the previous owners. Most of the neighbors were reluctant to talk with Coalition soldiers but the few that Drew got to talk weren’t able to remember any useful information either.

Drew returned to duty disheartened. He spent some time initially brooding about his family’s disappearance, but he soon dealt with that pain by ignoring it and, eventually, all emotions as well. He became on the inside what he was on the outside; a machine. He performed his duties faithfully without question for the next six years. At the end of this time Drew separated from the military despite the Coalition’s strong insistence that he stay. He was forced to relinquish his citizenship and the strength of his cyborg body in order to leave, which he did without a second thought. He left the military with a Human-looking cyborg frame, but little of the power he had enjoyed over the past decade and no rights in the Coalition.

He left the Coalition and wandered aimlessly from place to place with no real purpose. The dangers he faced early in his travels nearly killed him. He realized that to survive, he would need to get his cyborg body re-enhanced to the same level it was at before leaving the military. He found a specialist who could do this and spent much of his savings to accomplish this upgrade. Once that was completed Drew continued his travels. It was during this time that he met up with a Cyber-Knight named Joshuah under circumstances he prefers not to discuss.

He struck up a friendship with the man and they traveled together for a while, having adventures. Eventually the two of them met some other individuals and joined together in pursuit of a common goal. After a few months and a grand adventure Joshuah left to pursue his own goals alone. Drew stayed with this group (which for a brief while before Drew left, included Deacon Karr) and helped them perform miscellaneous work. It was during a job that Drew picked up a rumor that someone matching his brother’s description had been sent to a Coalition prison. Convinced this information was reliable, Drew left the group to investigate. He suddenly had hope for the first time in years that he may be reunited with his family.

Drew Logan

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