Master of The House of Gary


IQ. 14 ME. 18 MA. 12 PS. 22 PP. 25 PE. 22. PB. 10 SPD. 40
HP: 45 SDC: 198
39 Years Old
Asian / Caucatian Decent
Dreadguard Master

A strong and weathered man. Though he is Master of the house and trains the most elite Dreadguards, he has seen many battles and survives to continue his rule.


Gary was born in this house as his father, grandfather, and so one for 8 generations. He is strict to the code of the Dreadguard and a fierce warrior. Training since he knew how to swing a fist, he quickly gained wisdom from his father and council, as well as becoming a veteran in the battle field with the machines. There was always more pressure on him due to his bloodline and ruling right as the only son to his father. Dishonor was not an option. After his fathers death against a major machine onslaught against his nearest neighboring House, Gary took over as the Master. He was only 17 years old. With the wisdom of the council and the honor and loyalty of his subjects, he had no problems taking up rule and continuing his house as a major asset to defeat the machines..


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