Jaena Slayne

Elf Techno-Wizard


Jaena Slayne is an Elven Techno-Wizard, and co-owner of the successful Techno-Wizard company ‘Elemental Creations’ alongside her brother, Korbin. She is not particularly personable but she’s rich, successful and beautiful. She’s young and newly-wealthy, and has become smitten with the high life. Jaena and her brother eat at all the fashionable restaurants, are regulars at the Theater, and spend money lavishly. Like her brother, she is typically surrounded by a swarm of hangers-on whenever she goes out in public. She can be seen dating a different attractive man every few weeks. She has recently moved into a luxurious apartment overlooking the Don River Valley in the Old Quarter of Lazlo. It cost a small fortune but to Jaena no price is too high.

Considered something of a creative genius, Jaena is constantly coming up with new applications for the elemental magic of others, ideas that get farmed out to the rest of the staff at Elemental Creations. She and her brother have considered branching out into a line of temporal Techno-Wizard creations, if they could only find a Temporal Wizard willing to work for them…

Jaena Slayne

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