Of the house of Gary


Human // Servant // No O.C.C.
IQ. 13 ME. 10 MA. 15 PS. 10 PP. 17 PE. 14 PB. 12 SPD. 18

Relatively scrawny as a 17 year old, Jones is a simple servant who was born into the House of Gary after his parents were commissioned to live here in honorable servitude. A thin, yet becoming a fit young man due to the training influences of his older cousin figure – Steve. He is in the standings of common folk here. To serve those who have real importance in the war against the machines.


Having served this house for the entirety of his life, Jones has always excelled as a simple servant. Though he is not entitled to become a Dreadguard due to his families sworn duty to serve, he spends as much time in their presence as possible, learning the code and practicing his combat skills. Due to his charm and vigor, Steve has become very close to him over the years and took him under his wing, as Steve understands the possibility of a servant striving and becoming an amazing warrior for honor and strength.


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