Kiku Chromium

Dragon of the Rising Silver Star


NAME: Kiku Chromium, Dragon of the Rising Silver Star
OTHER ALIASES: Kikki, Star, Chromey, Jatarri Windstalker
R.C.C.: Royal Frilled Dragon Hatchling
O.C.C.: Mega-Hero (Immortal) PU2 p.58
HEIGHT: 5’4”
WEIGHT: 112 lbs
GENDER: Female
AGE: Unknown – 5 years old at most (appears in her mid ‘20s)
ALIGNMENT: Scrupulous

DISPOSITION: Rifter #41 p.15 Personality Type – Champion (Rebel)
Perhaps the most well-known heroic archetype, the Champion Character is truly dedicated to a cause. Whether the character is a super-powered hero, a knight, or a Coalition soldier, Champions are apt to be narrow of focus and defined solely by their goal or ideal. To characters of this personality type all things not directly involved with their mission are secondary. Often, a Champion will take on a philosophical ideal that they wish to advance and their zealotry in promulgating that cause is without peer or parallel. That having been said one must be careful not to let their Champion become too fixated because even the most focused Crusader has to step back and take time to smell the roses from time to time.


Rebel – Bucking authority and fighting against those in power are the bread and butter of the Rebel. Generally well-meaning rogues these Champions adhere to a code of conduct that places them in opposition to powerful rulers and petty bureaucrats. While similar to the Avengar, the Rebel fights not for revenge but to change the system. They see their fight as a way to lift themselves and others out of oppression. One of the world’s most famous modern Rebels, Nelson Mandela, had this to say about rebellion: “I had no epiphany, no singular revelation, no moment of truth, but a steady accumulation of a thousand slights, a thousand indignities, and a thousand unremembered moments produced in me an anger, a rebelliousness, a desire to fight the system that imprisoned my people.”

ATTRIBUTES ([XX] indicates final attribute):
I.Q.: 28 5] +14% to all skills
M.E.: 22 [
3] 4 vs psionics / insanity
M.A.: 31 [
5] – 98% Intimidate
P.S.: 49 17] – FSP: 6d6 M.D.
P.S. (Silver): 79 [
47] – FSP: 2d4x10 M.D.
P.P.: 25 6] +5 strike, parry, dodge
P.E.: 31 [
10] 32% vs coma / death, +8 vs magic
P.E. (Silver): 34 [
13] 38% vs coma / death, +10vs mag
P.B.: 31 [
4] – 94% charm / impress
SPD (running): 31 12] or 110 (flying) [] , 55mph, reduced by HALF in Silver Form
H.P.: 85
M.D.C.: 600 (
50%) + 4d6x10+50+PE, 38 = 1259
M.D.C. (Silver): 1259
550+180 = 1989
P.P.E: 120 + 3d6 / lvl, 80
I.S.P: 120 + 1d6
10 / lvl -14 MBADefense
HF: 11 (13 with frills, +2 in metal form, +6 to SN monsters vulnerable to silver)
Perception: +2

Instincts and Other Aspects of Dragons

  • A dragon reaches full physical maturity at approximately 600 years of age. Until this point most are much more tolerant and accepting of other dragons and alien life forms and are attracted to humans. Emotionally, the young dragon still has much to learn and tend to be naive about people, friendship, life, and etc.
  • Dragons are, by nature, aggressive predators. They love to stalk and toy with their prey both physically and psychologically.
  • Dragons instinctively dislike other dragons. They tend to be very intolerant and petty when dealing with others of their ilk. This is especially true among adult dragons (+600yrs) and mature dragons will often attempt to kill younger dragons whenever encountered.
  • Adult dragons tend to be solitary creatures and even those who associate with other intelligent beings prefer to be by themselves for long periods of time.
  • When forced to live around other dragons they compete fiercely on every level. Each will try to prove himself better than the others until an unofficial pecking order is established with one accepted as the pack leader.
  • Dragons tolerate each other when courting a prospective mate and will stay a mated pair for life.
  • A mated pair will establish a nesting cave and stay in that region for 2d4 decades before an egg is conceived and fertilized. The parents will guard and protect the egg with their lives; however, the two will abandon the hatchling and the nest forever a few days before or after their offspring hatches.
  • Dragons instantly recognize their parents and siblings even if they have never met before. Males generally take an instant dislike for each other (Fathers and Sons – hatred). The Mother, however, will at least temporarily receive her child, male or female, with warmth and happiness. However she, too, will soon become cold and hostile, mirroring the response of her mate.
  • Dragons are extremely territorial. They may travel the Megaverse but the place they choose as their home for the moment is all important. They will not tolerate any intrusion into their home.
  • The 50 mile surrounding area around the dragon’s lair is considered his backyard but the giant serpent is much more tolerant about what goes on there. He will become agitated only if his territory is disturbed or defiled. He will not tolerate the presence of another dragon in his backyard.
  • A dragon may forgive but it never forgets a wrongdoing or injustice done to it. They are famous for waiting patiently for decades, even generations, before exacting their revenge.

Magic Knowledge: All Dragon Hatchlings have a full understanding of magic but they know no spells at first level. They can intuitively use all types of TW devices without instruction, recognize and use other types of magic weapons, can read magic, use scrolls, and recognize magic circles and enchantment (40% 5% / lvl). Can also sense ley lines and nexus points @ 20 miles as well as other dragons even when they are using Metamorphosis (4000ft / LOS). Spells can be learned by the usual means beginning at 2nd level. By the 3rd level the Hatchling Dragon will have learned 2d42 spells from levels 1-3 and another 2d4+2 by level 5 from levels 3-8. The Hatchling can learn 3 new spells / lvl. +1 to Spell Strength.

Mega-Powers: Supernatural Physical Strength, Increase S.D.C. by 50%, Enhanced Healing (1d4+1 x faster than normal including physically debilitating magic spells, drugs, poisons, and etc.), Increase Range 50% (hearing, vision, other senses, energy blasts, and super abilities – not applicable to magic / psionics), Considered a Supernatural Being (+1 vs magic, +2 vs possession, +2 vs HF

ROYAL FRILLED DRAGON HATCHLING: The Royal Frilled Dragon is among the most feared and powerful of all dragons, blessed with Master level psychic powers even at the Hatchling stage. Its coloration varies widely from light blue or green to golden orange and red. Around the head / neck of the dragon and along the sides of the body and limbs are frills that can be extended when the dragon is angry or wishes to intimidate someone. The frills are generally royal blue, violet, or purple in color, hence the name “Royal.” Its claws are also impressively large and hooked, able to slash and gut other dragons with ease.

They enjoy the company of humans and humanoids and commonly walk among them in human guise through metamorphosis, manipulating them with their psychic powers. The Royal Frilled Dragon is able to maintain its metamorphosis for twice as long as most other dragons. They are also know for their prolific study of the mystical arts.

Natural Abilities: Nightvision 200ft, see invis, Shadow Meld at will (as per spell and for 20m), fire and cold half damage (including M.D. fire and plasma), impervious to all forms of paralysis and can bio-regen 1d10 M.D.C. / melee or 1d4x10 / minute. Metamorphosis: May transform for 4hrs / lvl. Teleport: 34% + 2% / lvl (50). Poison Breath: Purple mist that lingers and causes paralysis (must have independent oxygen supply – air filter is not good enough), save vs non-lethal poison 16 or better or paralyzed for 1d4+1 minutes, a successful save means no effect and immunity for 24 hours, Range: 60ft, 12ft area, dissipates within 8 seconds, usable once / round.

Bonuses: +1apm, +2 init, +1 Perc, +2s, +3p, +3d, +4 pull, +3 roll, +6 vs HF, +3 vs psionics / MC, +1 vs all other

Damage: Varies as per Supernatural P.S. but Claws add +3d6 M.D. and Bite does 2d6 M.D. (no P.S. bonus)

Psionics: Master Psychic – select a total of 12 powers from any category except super and 2 super powers at level 1. One additional super power at levels 5, 9, 14, 18, and 22. Two additional powers from any of the three lesser categories at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21. I.S.P.: 120 + 1d6+10 / lvl

MINOR PSIONICS: Sense Evil (2) – 2min / lvl, 140ft area, no save, Sense Magic (3) – 120ft area, 2min / lvl, no save, Read Dimensional Portal (6) – touch or 1ft / lvl, 1 melee / lvl, Restore P.P.E. (4+) – touch, restores P.P.E. to another person by converting her own I.S.P. at a 2:1 ratio, Alter Aura (2) – self, 1hr / lvl, no save, general level higher or lower, conceal presence of magic, conceal presence of psionics, conceal P.P.E. base, Deaden Senses (4) – 160ft / LOS, 2d6 minutes, -1 save, 10% Camouflage, Prowl, Concealment, Palming, Pickpockets, Cardsharp, Forgery, Seduction, Disguise, and Impersonation, victim -10% Spd, -1 init, -5% all skills, Death Trance (1) – max 4 days, Astral Projection (8) – 5min / lvl, Commune With Spirits (6) – 2min / lvl, std save, Sixth Sense (2) – 90ft, until danger passes, Object Read (6) – touch, 2d6mins, Impressions: 562% / lvl, Images: 48+2% / lvl, Present: 38+2% / lvl, Remote Viewing (10) – 2d6+10 seconds flash of insight or vision of current events, std save for other psychics,

SUPER-PSIONICS: Psychic Omni-Sight (15) – 500ft radius, 5min / lvl, Mind Block (Auto-Defense) (14 – Permanent)

DRAGON (IMMORTAL): When the immortal hero is in his true form she appears as a large dragon: 30ft long, 15ft tall, and 2d4 tons. The character, even in human form, consumes 5x what a normal person would eat and loves the taste of high-quality food and drinks. In dragon form the super-being may eat livestock.

Special Abilities:
Metamorphosis: Human – can shape-change into a human of any human-race indefinitely, cannot be used to impersonate others, attributes and powers remain the same regardless of form.
Flight: Fly at speeds up to 300mph and into outer-space
Increased Healing: Sleeping for at least 4 hours recovers 4d6 S.D.C. and 4d6 H.P. / hour
Supernatural Strength, Nightvision 200ft, See the Invisible, Horror Factor (15)

IMMORTALITY: The exact reason for immortality may not even be known to the character (she is only a few years old). This Mega-Power is exceptionally rare and different. Special Power: Immortal Regeneration – The immortal character can recover from grievous bodily injury and even loss of body parts without actually dying although she may often appear to be dead. When the Immortal’s H.P. are reduced to a range from zero to 130 below zero she is wracked with intense pain, is weak as a kitten, and can barely concentrate. All combat bonuses are reduced to zero and APM are reduced to 2, attributes are down 50%, and skills are -75%. At this point the Immortal’s survival instincts kick in and her one goal is to get away where she can hide, collapse, and heal. The character requires 1d4 hours of complete rest / sleep and may appear to be in a coma during this time. Afterwards, she awakes with 4d6 H.P. above zero and is achy and sore and her usual range of bonuses and abilities are restored. Bleeding will have stopped and broken bones will be well on their way to healing. At this stage there are scars, cuts, bruises, lumps, etc. but they will continue to heal and be gone in a matter of hours.

If the Immortal suffocates which takes 15 times longer than a normal human or goes down to -131 to -300 points below zero she will collapse and appear dead. She will not regain consciousness for 4d6+12 hours. Once conscious she heals as above and will regrow limbs within 72 hours.

Death is Possible: Innate Vulnerabilities: Being Atomized (takes 3d4 years of being in a healing coma), Incineration (1d4x10 years of being in a healing coma), Decapitation (6d6 days in a healing coma if the head and body are not buried separately or destroyed)

REASON FOR BEING ON EARTH: Champion of Justice – The Immortal has come to Earth to protect its populace from the forces of evil and CHAOS because she likes the planet. She may be very paternal and overprotective of her adopted planet.

FAMILIARITY WITH OUR WORLD: None – is a few years old as an Immortal Royal Frilled Dragon Hatchling…but she’s learning rather quickly.

Achilles Heel: Deadly Metal (ALL Psychoactive Metals like Gantrium, Xanthine, Psylite, Dragon Gods’ Blood Metal, Star Dust, etc.) – the superbeing’s powers don’t work against this metal and weapons made of this metal do QUADRUPLE M.D.C. damage or TRIPLE damage straight to H.P.

Achilles Heel: Deadly Substance (ALL Soulcraft / Soulforge / Soulmancy magic / Soul-Blast powers) – the superbeing’s powers don’t work against this magic and items and weapons made of this substance do TRIPLE M.D.C. damage or DOUBLE damage straight to H.P.

Kiku is the Immortal Reincarnation of one of the Seven Divine Dragon Gods named Chromium and, while she retains a fraction of his power, she also retains his weakness and vulnerability to certain deadly substances and metals

Minor Ability: Energy Expulsion: Divine Energy (ArmUn p.7) – The hero fires a bolt of white energy that does considerable damage to supernatural evil and selfish alignments as well as mortals of those same alignments, but minimal damage to beings of good alignment. The beam may be fired from the hands or eyes. Damage can be controlled in increments of one die should the character desire. Range: 700ft, Damage: 4d10 + 1d10 / lvl to supernatural evil and selfish alignments, increase by 50% when used against dark gods, Alien Intelligences, Demon / Deevil Lords, 3d8 + 1d8 / lvl to mortal beings of evil and selfish, 2d6 + 1d6 / lvl to supernatural and mortal beings of good alignment,* APM:* Each blast counts as one apm, twin simultaneous blasts at the same target (i.e. both hands point and fire at the same target) does double damage and counts as one apm. A simultaneous attack firing at two different opponents counts as one melee attack but is considered shooting wild, Bonuses: +3 to strike on aimed shot, +1 strike if shooting wild, neither bonus is applicable to divided attacks.

Major Ability: Alter Physical Structure: Silver: The character is able to transform into living silver similar to the ability APS: METAL. Nothing can be bolted on or added to the metallic body however silver has unusual properties when dealing with the supernatural and many beings vulnerable to it.

  1. Natural Armor Rating and Immense S.D.C. / M.D.C. of Silver – When transformed the super-being is nearly indestructible. Natural A.R. 16 and 550 M.D.C. Only High caliber bullets, explosive, and armor piercing rounds inflict full damage and only if they do 5d6 damage or more on a roll of 17 or better, HALF damage 16 or under. Only bionic, robotic, and supernatural P.S. can inflict damage from punches and kicks and melee weapons. Bionic and robotic must roll 17 or better to even inflict any damage. Supernatural P.S. does half damage on any roll 16 or under. Full damage is only done when the strike roll is 17 or better.
  2. Abilities of APS: Silver: Silver has several unique properties. It is an excellent conductor of electricity so the character suffers no damage from electrical attacks (from super-ability, magic, technology, or natural). Silver also has an extremely high melting point of 1762 degrees Fahrenheit (961 Celsius). Normal fire and heat do no damage unless they exceed this temperature, magic fire and fire from super-abilities inflicts half damage, impervious to cold and cold based attacks, survive underwater pressure of 2000ft but still needs air to breathe.
  3. Increased Mass and Strength: The character’s weight is increased by five times. P.S. is also increased by 22 and considered Superhuman or greater whenever transformed and can carry 200x P.S. in pounds and lift 300x P.S., fatigues at half normal rate for humans.
  4. Other Abilities:
  5. M.D.C. recovers 3x faster than normal for humans. The metallic body is typically cool to the touch and helps the character avoid detection by heat sensors and infrared optics.
  6. Silver Reflects Light Easily. Takes half damage from lasers and similar light-based attacks.
  7. Horror Factor as noted above. Against monsters that are vulnerable to silver the character’s physical hand-to-hand blows inflict double damage.
  8. Speed reduced by HALF in metal form.
  9. The character still has to breathe. Can hold his breath twice as long as normal human.
  10. Armor piercing bullets / explosing rounds / grenades and explosives inflict full damage when the roll to strike is above the character’s natural A.R. and HALF damage if the roll is below it.


Major Ability: Matter Expulsion: Silver: This power is exactly like Matter Expulsion: Metal except the metal has all the properties of Silver.

  1. Metal Armor – Silver can be made to ooze out of the character’s flesh, encasing him in a thin layer of silver armor. This power only works on the character and no one else. Natural A.R.: 16. Bonuses: +8 P.S., +3 P.E., +15 H.P., +180 S.D.C., +8 damage, +1 parry, +1 disarm, and can parry metal blades and other weapons with his silver coated hands and arms.
  2. Shoot Silver Shards – The character can fire shards of silver from his open palm each the size of a small dagger. They seem to appear out of thin air and rocket toward their target as projectiles. The silver shards disintegrate after only a few seconds and they can not be salvaged or sold. Range: 40ft + 10ft / lvl, Damage: 1d8 / lvl, regulated in increments of 1d8, Duration: instant and disintegrates after 30s
  3. Create Silver Hand-Held Weapon – the character can recreate any handheld ancient weapon only it is made entirely of silver. The weapon forms in the character’s hand of choice in a matter of seconds (uses 1apm). Damage: +3, Duration: remains as long as the character wants it and keeps it on his person otherwise it fades into thin air in 30 seconds.
  4. Encase in Silver – The character can encase objects or people in silver. Small targets up to the size of a microwave can be completely covered in 1-2 seconds and counts as 1apm. Very small targets like a gun or isolated parts on a humanoid (hands / feet / gun /etc.) take 2apm and require a Called Shot. The metal encasement has no A.R. and 25 M.D.C. + 10 M.D.C. / lvl (105), Large targets up to the size of a love seat or 50 gallon drum take 4-6 seconds and count as 2apm, beings vulnerable to silver take 3d6 damage / melee from being partially encased and all healing / bio-regen takes 2x as long to heal. Encasing an entire body up to 10ft tall or an object the size of a king-size bed or small car takes 7-10 seconds, counts as 4apm and inflicts 6d6 damage / melee. The metal weighs as much as a corresponding amount of steel (250lbs for typical humanoid body), Range: Touch or 4ft / lvl, Damage: None unless vulnerable to silver but can be asphyxiated – will suffocate in 1d6+3 minutes, Duration: 10min / lvl but can be cancelled or made to disappear upon command or by a different super-being who is higher level with the same power.
  5. Wall of Silver – The super being can erect a solid wall of silver 5ft high by 5ft wide and 2ft thick / lvl. It takes 1apm to erect each 5ft section, the wall has an A.R. of 15 and 100 M.D.C. +10 / lvl. Duration: 3min / lvl

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, APM – 4+1+1+1+1 = 8
Hand to Hand: Dragon, APM – 3+1+1+1+1 = 7

COMBAT MOVES / MANEUVERS (Dragon): FSP: 6D6 M.D. Bite (half FSP damage 2d6), Claw Swipe (FSP3d6), Breath (see above) , Tail Slap (FSP), Wing Attack: Basic (FSP), Crush (used with Grappling Hold = FSP, x2 dam if victim is half size or smaller) , Tail Slap Power Strike (FSPx2, costs 2apm) , Bite & Grip (delicate bite req 11+ strike, fail takes half bite damage), Tail Sweep (hits all within 15ft diam, 1d6 dam +KD, dodge only, fail lose init -2apm), Tail Parry (same parry bonus), Wing Sweep (sweep multiple opponents, 15ft diam, costs 2apm, 80% KD, lose init, -2apm, 1d6 damage, Grappling Hold (uses all 4 limbs to grapple, costs 2apm, dragon can continue to bite, tail, crush, magic, breath, hold is on back and prevents opponent from using its arms or forward weapons, RUE p.350 – to break the hold opponent must knock beast off its back, P.S. 50% greater than dragon, victim can attack dragon with arms and any weapon that can reach the beast on its back -3 strike, and half damage, dragon can NOT parry or dodge while grappling and can only attack the grappled or others who come within range of breath, tail, bite, or magic) , Wing Attack: Advanced (body block / tackle 70% KD regardless of size, lose init, -1apm, cover / entangle / pin / incapacitate), Wing Gliding Sweep Attack (costs 1 full melee, fly at max speed, FSPx2, effect all targets in 15ft area, automatic KD, flies 1d4x10 yards, -3apm, lose init, uses all attacks for round, dragon cannot dodge while in the sweeping run, usually used as a first strike surprise attack)

COMBAT MOVES / MANEUVERS (Human): FSP (6d6), Elbow, Kick, Knee, Disarm, Dodge, Entangle, Body Block / Tackle, Body Flip / Throw, Power Punch, Roll, Power Kick, Pull Punch, Leap Kick, Back Flip, Back Flip Escape, Holds

COMBAT BONUSES (Dragon): +2 damage, +3d6 damage from claws, +5 strike, +8 parry, +6 dodge, +3 dodge in flight (does not include natural dodge bonus), +3init, +9 pull, +7 roll , +12 vs magic, +6 vs possession, +10 vs HF, Metamorphosis takes half-melee, +2 spell strength, +2 disarm, +2 entangle, +7 vs psionics / MC, +1 vs ALL other saves

COMBAT BONUSES (SILVER – Dragon / Human): FSP (2D4x10 M.D.) +8 damage, +2 vs magic, +6% vs coma / death, SPD –HALF, +1 parry, +1 disarm,

COMBAT BONUSES (Human): +4init, +5 pull, +12 vs magic, +6 vs possession, +10 vs HF, +8 strike, +11 parry, +11 dodge, +7 roll, +2 spell strength, +2 entangle, crit on 18-20, +2 disarm, +7 vs psionics / MC, +1 vs ALL other saves

SKILLS (+14% I.Q. bonus):
Language: American – 98%
Language: Demogogian – 98% (10)
Language: Dragonese / Elven – 98%(
Literacy: American – 85% (5)
Literacy: Dragonese / Elven – 98%
Lore: Magic (
20) – 25% 5
Lore: Demon and Monster (
15) – 25% 5
Math: Basic (
30) – 45% 5
Climbing (
10, Rappel 30) – 50% +8, +1PS, +1PE, +6SDC
Land Navigation (
15) – 45% 5
Radio: Basic (
10) – 45% 5
Swimming (
20) – 50% 8
Wilderness Survival (
20) 30% 5
W.P.: Targeting (
3s thrown, can throw 2 obj @ same target simultaneously, -1apm)
W.P.: Dragon Claw (use W.P. Axe) – 3s, +3p
W.P.: Armor (
1d6 FSP damage)
W.P.: Paired Weapons
W.P.: Submachine-Gun – +3s
Athletics – +1s,p,d, +1PS, +6Spd, +8SDC
Running – +1PE, +16Spd, +6SDC,
Boxing – +1apm, +2p,d, +2 roll, +1PE, +4PS, +18SDC
Prowl 46% +8
Acrobatics (see below)

Acrobatics – Sense of Balance (60% 5), Walk Tightrope (60% +5), Climb Rope (80% +5), Climb (15% to skill), Back Flip (60% 5), Prowl (10% to skill), +2 roll, +1 PS, +4 PP, +1 PE, +6 SDC, leap 4ft high and 5ft long +2ft per level






Kiku Chromium

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