Lars Verdell

Deevil Archfiend Masquerading as a Temporal Warrior


Lars was the Deevil Archfiend Reagent Boz, masquerading as a Temporal Warrior who settled in the Chi-Town Burbs. For what purpose other than to influence Trent Logan’s life is currently unknown.


This is what was “known” of Lars, until it was discovered that Lars never was real. He was a fictional persona worn by the Deevil Boz, and discarded once it no longer served the fiend’s purposes. It seems the Vanguard may have been on to his ruse.

Very little is known about Lars’ past before he met Trent Logan. Lars skulked around the Chi-Town Burbs for many years, pestering the Coalition with his antics. He literally ran into Trent Logan when Trent was a child, and became a tutor to him over time. He introduced Trent to his own magic teacher, Tr’nalith Sol-zeshol, once Trent showed the dedication to learn. Lars continued his operations in Chi-Town and eventually re-united with Trent upon the completion of his training. The two of them began to work together and even added a third mage to their little group, Jescha Harwynn.

Even the best luck eventually runs out, and Lars found himself captured by the Coalition during what should have been a routine mission. Trent stumbled into the ambush and the both of them were taken away. Lars tried to warn Trent of how they were betrayed, but the Coalition knocked him unconscious before he could get out more than one word. Lars and Trent were taken to different holding areas, as was reportedly executed publicly for the crime of being a mage.

Lars Verdell

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