Magnus Ver Magnusson

Russian Trading Caravan Leader


Magnus is the leader of a trade caravan in Russia. He leads about 10 gypsies or so and they travel around Russia trading with the various Warlords and other parties. When the PC’s encountered him, he was picking up excess metals that Warlord Seriyev was trading to him for materials useful in re-arming a nuclear missile. The PC’s were able to convince (and pay) him to lead them through at leas a part of Russia.

He has (at least) the super power of Magnetism, and uses it to deadly effect when necessary. He has no love or care for the Gypsy men he leads, and has stated on more than one occasion that he is unconcerned for their health, well-being or lives.


He seems to hail from the South of the U.S.A., from the 20th century of an alternate (Super Heroic?) dimension. He’s been on Rifts Earth in Russia for about 20 years.

Magnus Ver Magnusson

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