Name: “You can call me Rugar. My friends call me something else”
Race: "I am a Dwarf or a stumpy human for those who don’t know better
Profession: “I am a salesman of illegal armaments. An enemy of my friend is just another customer”
Alignment: “Its all about the credits, and me staying alive of course”
Level a couple above newbie, just below wet behind the ears
Appearance “I am short and scruffy, all for better leverage”

IQ 14
ME 10
MA 10
PS 24 (supernatural)
PP 10
PE 20
PB 10
PPE 13
MDC 60

Appraise Goods (includes military) 90
Barter 65
Combat Driving -
Computer Operation 70
Detect Ambush 45
Electronics Basic 35
Gemology 45
General Repair and Maintenance 43
Horsemanship Exotic 50
Jury-Rig 25
Land Navigation 50
Language – American 98
Language – Dragonesse 98
Language – Dwarven 98
Language – Trade -
Law – General 50
Math – Basic 80
Mechanics Basic 25
Pilot – Tracked and Construction 70
Pilot – Truck 74
Pilot – Tanks and APCs 59
Pilot – Hovercrafts 80
Public Speaking 45
Radio Basic 40
Recognize Weapon Quality 65
Roadwise 64
Sign Language 25
Salvaging 35
Streetwise 43
Weapon – Hand to Hand -
Weapon – Laser Pistol -
Weapon – Shotgun

Black market “Benefits”
Professional Courtesy and Connections
Line of Credit
Business Enterprise – Arms Dealer – Weapon Sales

Black market “Abilities”
Friends in Low Places
No Conscience
Steady Nerves


Don’t judge me because I am ugly, I am just an honest dwarf trying to do an honest job. Look, I know, war is cold, war is cruel and in war usually the ones who suffer the most had nothing’ to do with it in the first place. Blah, blah blah. Yeah, I get all that. Heard it may times before, in many different ways, from many different people who all have lost something or someone on account of war. But wars have been filling my families coffers for generations now. They help keep a roof over out heads and food in out bellies. Look, conflict is a easy means to a permanent solution to a pressing problem. We just offer the right tools for those means. People have always been looking for an efficient way of eliminating their enemy and we are happy to supply them the best way they can afford.

Do we take sides? Never. We learned long ago that It can be bad for business. We never try to get close either. You never know when an enemy of a friend can end up a client. One day you could be supplying a prince the munitions needed to fend off a rebel uprising. The very next day you could be equipping those very rebels with the weapons required to take down the prince. Its just all good business.

Do I ever feel bad thinking about the number of lives that have been cut short by the very weapons I supply? Nope. I may be actually be doin’ them a favor. See, they would be goin’ off killing each other anyway, with or without my help. At least now, with what I supply, they’ll die quick A lot less suffering. I figure. If you think about it, I am lessening the pain their families go through watching their loved ones die slow and painful deaths due to wounds caused by inferior firepower. Hell I could be considered downright merciful when you look at it that way. Some may even think sainthood maybe. But enough of that . Now on to why I am where I am.

We had gotten a job to deliver a few crates of high powered, um, “cucumbers” yeah that’s it. We will call them “cucumbers”. Ya never wanna tell one potential customer what you sold the other. Let them figure out that Pumpkins work better against cucumbers than apples. Then they can buy them both from ya. Anyway we had to deliver this fine produce, seeds and all, to some extremist forces holed up on some world called earth in place called Russia. Well we got there easy enough but these faction types accused me of trying to sell them “spoiled cucumbers and rotten seeds” and refused to pay. The refused to give us back the rotten product as well. Go figure

The kid didn’t take kindly to that but his actions got him plum filled with “cucumber seeds” Poor kid. Well our fruit and vegetable card was destroyed in the fight but I managed to get awa during the ruckus. Now I am on my own in an unknown world. Not too concerned about surviving out here. Been doing that my whole life I just wish it wasn’t so cold. My problem is getting back home. With my means of transport being sacrificed in order for me to keep my skin Ill need to find another way.. Another problem is that I really can’t go home empty handed. I’ve gotta make up the money those anarchist folks failed to pay , plus interest of course. The family hates it when a deal goes sour and they like it even less when we come back with less than what we started with.

So here I am, traveling in this snow covered wasteland in the middle of nowhere. I just spotted some lights up ahead. Must be a settlement of some sort. Doesn’t look all that big but I have got to start somewhere..


General Equipment (Remaining)
Hand Cannon – a Big Bore Last Stand Shotgun
Pea Shooter – Dragster V.L.P
Wrapped Roll of Metal Tokens
Credit Chip
Collation Arms Receipt Information
Full Length Fur Trench Coat with Hat lined with light Draygon hide and metal plates
Pair of Heavy Armored Boots
1 Box of Big Bore Shotgun Shells
2 spare E-Clips

Current Stock
6 Rail Guns w/ 100 rounds each (all marking removed)

Current Mode of Transportation
Novyet Explorer-Sku Tracked Vehicle


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft