Sakura Wilson

Superhero Mutant Supersoldier from a War Torn Dimension


NAME: Sakura Wilson
TRUE NAME: 生伊琉尊桜
OTHER ALIASES: Precision, Hatsuko, Raiko, Kagame, Kyoko
O.C.C.: Super Soldier
R.C.C.: Mutant
ALIGNMENT: Scrupulous
LEVEL: Eighth
HEIGHT: 5’ 4"
AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
ETHNICITY: Half-Japanese
LAND OF ORIGIN: United States
LEGACY: Parents were famous heroes (Father: Johnny Everyman, the ALL-American. Mother: Jinsei no Tenshi, Japan’s “Angel of Life”)

DISPOSITION (courtesy of R:UE and Rifter #41): Gung-ho and arrogant, Sakura is a guts and glory type who sees herself as a hero – a champion fighting to defend the people around her. She enjoys tackling obstacles, challenges, and participating in combat. She is confident and self-assured to the point that she feels she is the best at what she does. She takes great pride in her abilites and loves to use them to dazzle and awe her audience, regardless of whether that audience is the people she’s fighting for, or against.



IQ: 12
ME: 16 /12 + 1 /+ 0 vs psionics/insanity
MA: 11
PS: 27 (35) 1D4 M.D. power punch, + 12 S.D.
PP: 28 + 7 to strike, parry, dodge
PE: 24 (27) /22 + 5 (+ 6) /+ 4 vs magic/poison, + 18% (24%) /+ 14% vs coma
PB: 25 /19 75% / 45% charm/impress
SPD: 108 72 m.p.h.

H.P.: 73 / 62
S.D.C: 227 / 147
M.D.C.: 300 / 147 (must expend 5 P.P.E. per minute to activate/maintain)
P.P.E: 29
I.S.P: 0

Note: Numbers in red should be used when super powers are unavailable.

Lynx Body Armor M.D.C.: 60

POWER NOTES: Regenerates 4D6 H.P., S.D.C. or M.D.C. per melee round; Kinetic Body Field reduces Physical Damage by half; Dam Sum Sing reduces Blunt & Piercing Damage by half; Can recorver normally from damage up to -130, more than that counts as “Massive Injury/Severe Trauma”; Decapatation, being blown to bits, atomization or complete destruction of brain or heart are the only ways to prevent Super Regeneration; Impervious to disease; Extraordinary P.S. can carry P.S. × 100, lift P.S. × 200; Can leap 35 feet high, 41 feet across.

MARTIAL ARTS POWERS & MASTERY ABILITIES: The Art of Stealth (Pi Mi Hsing Tung); The Art of Hiding (Inpo); The Art of Melting into Water (Jung Hua); Dam Sum Sing; Blind Man’s Kata; Weapon Mastery: Knives (Inverted Throw, Throw on the Run, Incapacitation Strike); Weapon Mastery: Paired Knives (Inverted Throw, Throw on the Run, Incapacitation Strike); Weapon Mastery: Targeting – Knives (Inverted Throw, Throw on the Run, Incapacitation Strike)

MUTANT ABILITIES: Ambidexterious; Odd Hair Color (Purple); Double-Jointed; Super Regeneration; Adrenaline Surge; Supervision: Paranormal Sight; Multiple Selves; Immortality

SUPER SOLDIER ABILITIES: Chemical Resistance; Increased Physical Agility & Dexterity; Increased Physical Speed; Mind and Body are More Attuned; Physical Transformation; Matter Expulsion: Silver; Manipulate Kinetic Energy; Multi-Tasking

BONUSES (Non-Combat): Perception: + 2, vs. Horror Factor: + 7 /+ 4, vs Magic: + 5 (+ 6) /+ 4, vs Psionics: + 1 /+ 0, vs Disease: + 6 (+ 7) /+ 5, vs. Poison: + 11 (+ 12) /+ 10, vs. Magic Potions: + 2, vs. Posession: + 7 /+ 2, vs. Illusions: + 2, vs. Insanity: + 1 /+ 0, vs. Coma/Death: + 18% (+ 24%) /+ 14%

Attacks Per Melee: 14 / 13
Initiative: +9
Strike: + 9
Parry: + 15
Dodge: + 15
Autododge: +7
Roll w/ Punch: + 12
Pull Punch: + 4
Maintain Balance: + 2
Backflip: + 2
Disarm: + 2
Damage: + 4
Critical: 18-20

Attacks Per Melee: 17 / 16
Initiative: + 13
Strike: + 18 (+ 17 Thrown)
Parry: + 24
Dodge: + 15
Autododge: + 7
Roll w/ Punch: + 12
Pull Punch: + 6
Maintain Balance: + 2
Backflip: + 2
Disarm: + 2
Damage: + 8
Critical: 18-20
Auto KO 18-20, Deathblow 20

COMBAT MOVES/MANEUVERS: Roll w/ punch, fall or impact. Maintain balance. Backflip. Leap attack. Dodge. Autododge. Parry. Automatic parry. Disarm. Multiple dodge. Strike. Knife hand, Spinning backhand (1D8 damage). Kick attack. Snap kick. Tripping/leg hook. Drop kick. Crescent kick. Wheel kick. Roundhouse kick. Jump kick. Elbow. Knee. Body flip. Wrist lock. Elbow lock. Pull Punch. Critical strike 18-20. Auto K.O. on 20. Critical strike from behind. Auto Body Flip/Throw. Coldcock. Automatic Wrist & Elbow Locks. Snap Shot.

RANGED COMBAT : Aimed + 4 + WP, Burst + 2 + [½WP], Wild -4. Leading ( + 3 to hit a moving target). Imposed dodge penalties (-4 when wielding high tech weapons, -2 when wielding conventional modern weapons). Burst Multiples (Short ×2, Medium ×4, Long ×6). Rapid Reload. Critical strike 18-20.


Language: American 98%
Literacy: American 98%
Language: Spanish 85% + 5%
Literacy: Spanish 65% + 5%
Language: Japanese 85% + 5%
Literacy: Japanese 65% + 5%
Language: Dragonese 85% + 3%
Performance 75% + 5%
Radio: Basic 98%
Sign Language (Military) 70% + 5%
(level 3) Wardrobe & Grooming 70% + 4%
Detect Ambush 85% + 5%
Detect Concealment 80% + 5%
Disguise 70% + 5%
Intelligence 72% + 4%
Interrogation 80% + 5%
Wilderness Survival 85% + 5%
Criminal Science/Crime Scene Investigation 90% + 5%
– Sense of Balance 89% + 2%
– Walk tightrope/high wire 96% + 3%
– Climb Rope 98%
– Back Flip 98%
Climbing 98%, 98% Rappelling
– Work Parallel Bars & Rings 86% + 3%
Juggling 85% + 5%
Martial Arts Form: Mo Long Kung (Rifter #3)
Prowl 85% + 5%
Ranged Combat: Infantry (Rifter #11)
Swimming 85% + 5%
Combat Driving
Pilot: Automobile 79% + 2%
Pilot: Flight Combat System (Juicer) ( + 4 APM, + 2 dodge) 85% + 5%
Pilot: Hovercraft 95% + 5%
Sensory Equipment 70% + 5%
Navigation 80% + 5%
Concealment 65% + 5%
Palming 65% + 5%
(level 6) First Aid 55% + 5%
(level 3) Seduction 39% + 3%
Streetwise 58% + 4%
Mathematics: Basic 80% + 5%
Computer Operation 90% + 5% per level
Lore: Juicer 75% + 5%
20th Century Education: 45%
Rope Works 75% + 5%
(Level 6) Research 50% + 5%
WP: Targeting ( + 3 to strike, already factored into knives)
– Throwing Knives – Range: 82 feet
– Can throw two small items, like knives, simultaneously at the same target
Paired Weapons
Weapon Specialization: Paired Knives
Weapon Mastery: Paired Knives
Weapon Specialization: Knife
Weapon Mastery: Knife
Weapon Specialization: Targeting (knives)
Weapon Mastery: Targeting (knives)
Quick Draw
W.P. Knife (Bonuses factored into combat, above)
W.P. Blunt ( + 3 to strike & parry, + 1 to strike when thrown)
W.P. Heavy Mega-Damage Weapons ( + 3 to strike)
W.P. Sub-machinegun ( + 3 to strike)


AVAILABLE MONEY: 347,900 universal credits, 58,500 credits’ worth of black market items

EQUIPMENT: 4 Portable IRMSS kits, set of fatigues, utility belt, backpack, sunglasses, canteen, compass, optic helmet, camoflage fatigues and armor, extra set of grey fatigues, extra set of black fatigues, boots with knife holster, gloves, and personal items. Weapons include vibro-knives, SMG w/ Ramjet rounds, boxes of ramjet rounds, WI-GL21 Automatic Grenade Launcher Rifle (130 lbs, 3000 ft range, Fragmentary (4D6 20’ or 2D6×10 40’ per 10), Armor Piercing (1D4×10 3’ or 3D6×10 8’), 3 boxes of WI-GL21 fragmentation grenades, 3 boxes of armor piercing grenades), 2 Icarus Flight systems (fully loaded), Rolling Thunder all-purpose vehicle, Misc MDC rifles and pistols, Misc other undefined equipment left over from the Juicer company she traveled with that she hasn’t sold


As Sakura levels up, she gets a lot of different bonuses from a lot of different places. Barring the addition of anything new, these bonuses should be applied and added to the character at the level indicated.

Level 9: + 2 secondary skills, + 1 attack per melee, + 2 to strike, + 1 to Perception, +6 feet to knife throwing range, + 1 to parry with knives, + 1 to initiative with knives, + 2 to leap distances.

Level 10: Death Blow on natural 20, + 2 to maintain balance, +6 feet to knife throwing range, + 1 to strike with knives, + 2 to throw knives, + 2 to leap distances, +1 Minor or Major Super Power (01%-70% means a Minor power, 71%-100% means a Major power), Create one more duplicate (Name: Toshie).

Level 11: + 1 attack per melee with knives, + 2 to disarm, + 2 to damage, +6 feet to knife throwing range, + 1 to strike with knives, + 1 to throw knives, + 2 to leap distances.

Level 12: + 2 secondary skills, + 2 to parry, + 2 to dodge, + 1 to strike, +6 feet to knife throwing range, + 1 to parry with knives, + 2 to leap distances, Create one more duplicate (Name: Maro).

Level 13: + 1 attack per melee, + 2 to roll w/ punch, fall or impact, + 2 to pull punch, +6 feet to knife throwing range, + 2 to throw knives, + 1 to initiative with knives, + 2 to leap distances.

Level 14: + 3 to backflip, + 2 to disarm, +6 feet to knife throwing range, + 1 to strike with knives, + 1 to damage with knives, + 2 to leap distances, Create one more duplicate (Name: Marise).

Level 15: + 2 secondary skills, + 1 to Perception, + 1 attack per melee, + 1 to maintain balance, +6 feet to knife throwing range, + 1 to parry with knives, + 2 to leap distances, +1 Minor or Major Super Power (01%-70% means a Minor power, 71%-100% means a Major power).


Art of Stealth (Pi Mi Hsing Tung)
(From Ninjas and Superspies, Page 114 and Rifts: Japan page 195)

This is the martial art equivalent to the skill of Prowl. Using stealth Sakura can move silently and out of sight of observers. So long as she is in the dark and unsuspected, this is done automatically, without needing to roll the dice. If her area is subjected to inspection (for example, a guard tower turns a spotlight on her) then the chance to remain undetected is 50% with + 3% per level.

Sakura also learned Jung Hua, the art of melting into the water. This gives her the ability to silently move out of, into, or through water. Base chance is 70% with a + 2% per level. Note that she must have the Swimming Skill in order to use this ability while in deep water.

Art of Hiding (lnpo)
(From Ninjas and Superspies, Page 114 and Rifts: Japan page 195)

Training in the art of hiding involves studying the essential characteristics of all kinds of objects. For example, how does one move when hiding in long grass so as not to be different from the surrounding blades? Sakura learned to become one with another object, remaining motionless when necessary and moving imperceptibly. There is normally no chance that she will be detected. However, if the area is well-lit and subject to careful inspection, then her chance of remaining undetected is 60%+3% per level.

This ability works only as long as she stays motionless and has something to hide behind or among. Thanks to her mother’s intense training, Sakura can stay motionless for hours, and even days, using this technique. However, the moment she moves to attack, she becomes completely visible. Sakura can not hide/vanish while in clear view and being watched.

Dam Sum Sing
(From Ninjas and Superspies, Page 117 and Rifts: Japan page 197)

A combination strength and endurance building exercise. Practitioners repeatedly strike each other with full power strikes and blocks to build strength and resistance. As a result, all damage from punches, kicks, falls, impacts, explosions and even projectiles (arrows, bullets, rail gun rounds, etc.) is reduced by half.

Sakura can also draw on mystic energy, at a cost of 5 P.P.E. points, and transform the S.D.C., not hit points, of her body into mega-damage! Duration of the M.D.C. transformation is one minute (4 melee rounds). The change is instant, a simple matter of willpower and mentally manipulating magic energy.

Blind Man’s Kata
(From Mystic China, Page 157)

To use this Kata Sakura must be blind, blind folded, in darkness/fog, or otherwise deprived of sight. She engages in a series of sweeping circles and body movements by letting the subtle currents of Chi in the environment guide her. Without actually knowing the position of any opponents or “seeing” the combat, Sakura will sense the location and action of any attacker and automatically be in a position to parry, block or dodge any assault. It is also possible to use other skills simultaneously.

The only limitation is that Sakura cannot be the aggressor, only the defender. Thus, it is impossible to attack in any way while using the Blind Man’s Kata. While blind and using this kata she is able to parry, block, avoid, and counteract all opponents. All avoidance rolls are done with the Sakura’s usual bonuses, plus an extra + 1 bonus from the use of this Kata.

Inverted Throw
(From Rifter #30, Page 27)

Sakura can use knives (single, paired, or thrown) from a prone, sideways, or inverted position (etc.) without penalty.

Throw on the Run
(From Rifter #30, Page 27)

Sakura can use knives (single, paired, or thrown) while moving or from moving vehicles/mounts without penalty.

Incapacitation Strike
(From Rifter #30, Page 24)

When Sakura fights an opponent using knives (single, paired, or thrown), a Natural 18 or higher results in an Automatic Knock Out/Stun.

(From Heroes Unlimited Second Edition, Page 159)

Sakura can use her right and left hands with equal skill and dexterity. Other bonuses already factored in.

(From Heroes Unlimited Second Edition, Page 160)

Sakura has extremely limber muscles, flexible bones, can pop bones in and out of their sockets with ease, and can twist, bend and fold herself into normally impossible positions. These contortions enable her to collapse the bones in her hands to easily slip out of handcuffs or manacles, temporarily and painlessly dislocate joints to wiggle out of ropes or straight jackets, slip through small openings and fit into small areas (suitcase, trunk, etc.).

Sakura can attempt to escape any bonds once per melee round with the following chance for success: Hands and/or feet tied with rope, handcuffed or chained – 79% likelihood of escape.

Hands, arms, legs and body bound with rope, chains, straps or straight jacket – 46% + 1% chance to escape per level of experience. Being locked inside a room, trunk or compartment will trap/hold her. However, a jail cell or compartment with an opening may allow her to escape.

She can also contort her body to be half its normal width from shoulder to shoulder, and flatten herself from chest to shoulder blades (back) also by half. Furthermore, she can curl up into a ball so small and tight that she is a mere 25% her normal height and half her normal width.

Super Regeneration
(From Powers Unlimited Three, Page 99)

Impervious to disease. Poisons and drugs last only one tenth their usual duration (typically 15-60 seconds), and have one third their normal effect/penalties or damage. Heals damage at the rate of 2D6 points per melee round. Never scars, no matter how grievous the wounds. Only wounds from magic may leave some minor scarring.

Injury to internal organs heals completely in a matter of minutes. A lost organ will completely regenerate within an hour. Massive injury to the heart or brain is painful but not lethal, even if 90% is lost! It will regrow within a matter of 1D6x10 minutes. However, such severe trauma will make the character weak for 1D6+1 hours. Reduce speed, attacks per melee round, combat bonuses and skill performance by half for the duration of the recovery time. Moreover, the healing of additional S.D.C, and Hit Point damage during this period is at half as the body struggles with the strain of the phenomenal amount of healing it must do.

Note: Such grievous injury to the brain will cause the character to forget the exact cause of death and the most traumatic moment. (“I remember seeing the missile volley coming at me and then. I guess they hit me? The next thing I remember is being pulled out of the rubble by a rescue team.”) If it seems appropriate, the G.M. may make it so the character does not remember the 6-24 hours before his or her near death experience.

Regrows lost limbs. A finger, toe, hand or foot will regrow within 24 hours. An entire arm or leg, within 48 hours. More than one limb 3D6+72 hours. Half or more of the body, 2D6+10 days. During this period, the character suffers from the penalties noted above under “massive injury” as well as the obvious penalties from the injury.

Note: Decapitation, complete destruction of the brain and being blown to bits or atomized spells death, and Super-Regeneration is impossible.

Adrenaline Surge
(From Powers Unlimited One, Page 9)

Sakura can only activate this power at moments of high stress, intense frustration, life and death situation, or when she’s truely upset or angry.

For 1D4 + 4 Melee Rounds:
• P.S. becomes Superhuman (P.S. 27 = 1D6 M.D. full-strength punch / P.S. 35 = 2D4 M.D. full-strength punch)

For 1D6 + 4 Melee Rounds:
• S.D.C. temporarily doubles (minimum bonus of 50 S.D.C.). As per her other powers, this S.D.C. bonus become M.D.C. in Rifts and other M.D.C. worlds.
• Impervious to fatigue, posession, pain and any attacks from drugs, poisons, disease, mind control magic or bio-manipulation or empathic transmission psionic powers.
• + 1 Attack Per Melee, + 2 initiative, + 6 vs H.F., + 1 strike ( + 3 if well known/hated), + 2 parry, + 2 dodge, + 5 leap in front of another person to push them out of the way and take their damage.
• -20% to all skills except Physical and W.P.

Penalties after the surge ends: Must now save vs all effects that were ignored during the surge, and she is at -4 to save vs. them. Cannot re-activate power for 10 minutes. For 1D4 + 2 minutes the character feels weak: reduce number of melee attacks by one, all combat bonuses and saving throws are half, speed is half, and skills are -10%.

Supervision: Paranormal Sight
(From Powers Unlimited One, Page 45)

Sakura has the ability to see the invisible as well as Astral beings, spirits, and ghosts. This ability also reveals to her the supernatural aura of beings who are supernatural, even if they are disguised to appear human.
Range: 100 feet per level of experience.
Bonus: +2 to recognize and save vs illusions (all types).

Multiple Selves
(From Heroes Unlimited Second Edition, Page 282)

Sakura can produce multiple, living, breathing and thinking copies of herself! The copies can be thought of as extensions of the original Sakura! In all cases, the duplicates regard the original as their leader and obey her without question or hesitation.

All copies have the same exact skills, experience points, memory, powers (other than creating more duplicates), and physical traits as Sakura did at the time of duplication. However, clothes and physical possessions are not duplicated; in other words, the duplicate is created totally naked and must acquire her own clothing and equipment.

Only Sakura, as the original, can make copies; this is the only ability not passed on to the duplicates. The copies work well together but can operate independently. When separated, the original and all the duplicates can sense the following about each other:

• What the others are feeling (fearful, happy, sad, etc.)
• Their general health (sick, injured, dying, etc.) – Any time one of them is injured, all the others can sense it
• Their general location (city, country, near, far)

As the original, Sakura is always the master/leader/commander, and is the only one who can make the others do anything she wants.

Each duplicate is at the same experience level that Sakura was at the moment they were created and does not grow in experience independently. Nor does Sakura gain any experience from her duplicates. To completely assimilate the copies’ memories and experiences (but not experience points), the duplicate must merge back with Sakura.

Note: No duplicate possesses the power to make other duplicates of herself. Furthermore, if Sakura dies, the duplicates disappear. However, they will remain if Sakura is knocked unconscious or lapses into a coma.

When a duplicate is injured or dies, each of the current copies and Sakura sense it. However, only Sakura suffers any permanent side effects.

Injured duplicates, even those on the verge of death, can be reabsorbed by Sakura and saved, but she must be within 100 feet of the copy to do so. Copies are completely restored to full health within 48 hours. Duplicates can only be merged into the original, not into each other. A duplicate cannot refuse merging other than by running away, but this never happens unless the copy has suffered severe trauma, mind control or possession.

Death: If the copy should die, her recent experiences die with her, and the creator will not know who or what killed her or what transpired to lead to her death.
• That duplicate is forever lost, cannot be recreated, so if the character was able to make four duplicates, now she can only make three.
• Everything the duplicate has experienced is lost.
• Sakura permanently loses one P.E. and one P.B. point and 204 S.D.C. points.

How Many Duplicates are Possible? Sakura can create one copy per every two levels of experience, with a maximum of seven at 14th level or higher. At first and second level, only one copy can be made, at fourth level, two completely identical beings, and so on. Sakura has given individual names to the duplicates she can currently summon so as to avoid confusion when they are together (she refers to her duplicates as her “sisters”): Hatsuko, Raiko, Kagame, Kyoko.

Creating copies in an instant. As few as one or as many as all available duplicates can be created in a single melee action (about 2-3 seconds)! Which means an opponent might suddenly find himself facing several opponents where only one had stood moments before.

The advantages of this power are extraordinary! It enables the superhuman to create competent and 100% loyal assistants who are as capable as she is. It allows her to be in one or more locations at a time (no limit in range/distance), create the perfect alibi (“I was right here with dozens of witnesses”). and many more. The downside is that careless use of this power can cause serious and permanent physical or psychological damage. Ordinary people who witness the duplication process react with a Horror Factor of 6 + 1 for each duplicate.

Duration: Indefinite. A duplicate can remain out and about for years, although most characters with this ability use their power carefully and keep the majority of their duplicates inside or near them until needed.

Range: Self. The duplicate appears standing next to the original.

Attacks Per Melee: The creation of one to the maximum number counts as one melee action. Each duplicate possesses the exact same number of attacks per melee round, abilities and experience as their creator.

(From Heroes Unlimited Second Edition, Page 276)

The character who possesses this super ability does not age and is immune to disease and sickness. Although he can still be killed by weapons and violence, he will not die a natural death. Once he reaches physical maturity (for humans that’s roughly 20 years old), the body stops aging and will retain its youthful appearance and physical attributes forever. No wrinkles will appear, no loss of muscle tone, no hardening of the arteries, no heart attacks, etc. Nothing associated with aging, illness, or natural death will ever affect the character.

Bonuses & Abilities:

Immune to all diseases, sickness, and radiation.

Natural toxic gases and poisons do only one third their normal damage and effects last only one third as long. Man-made poisons, drugs, chemicals and toxins last half as long and are half as effective and damaging.

Heals twice as fast, without scarring. Limbs and appendages that are amputated do not regenerate . Can recover from damage as excessive as 50 Hit Points, + 10 H.P. per experience level, below zero, provided he has not been decapitated or the brain or heart completely destroyed.

Chemical Resistance
(From Heroes Unlimited Second Edition, Page 116)

Sakura receives an automatic saving throw at + 5 to save against all chemicals, drugs (including Booze – she’ll drink anyone under the table), toxins, and pollution. Only a + 2 to save vs. magic potions. Even on a failed save, all penalties, effects, duration and damage are half normal. This also applies to good, lifesaving chemicals/drugs – she must roll to save regardless.

Matter Expulsion: Silver
(From Armageddon Unlimited, Page 18)

Sakura can generate a solid metal material/substance that has all the properties of silver to various and diverse effects

Encase Self in Silver Metal Armor: Provides 195 M.D.C., + 8 to P.S., + 3 to P.E., + 8 to damage, + 1 to parry, + 1 to disarm. Can parry weapons with just metal coated arms and hands.

Shoot Silver (knife-Like) Shards: 40 feet + 10 feet per level, 1D6 M.D. per level, and shards disappear after 30 seconds.

Create Silver Hand-Held Weapon: Can create any ancient weapon. Takes one attack to create one weapon. Weapon appears in the character’s hand of choice. Does normal weapon damage in M.D., + 3 M.D. (i.e., a silver knife created using this power would do 1D6 + 3 M.D.). The weapon remains for as long as it is on the character’s person, otherwise it disappears 30 seconds after contact is lost.

Encase Objects/Beings in Silver: Touch range or 4 feet per level. Lasts for 10 minutes per level.
• Encase objects up to microwave-sized in 1 melee attack. Encase smaller objects in 2 melee attacks (because it is a Called Shot). Either encasement has 25 M.D.C., + 10 M.D.C. per level.
• Encase objects up to love seat sized, 50 gallon drum sized, or half a body in 2 attacks. Encasement has 15 M.D.C. + 10 M.D.C. per level and beings vulnerable to silver take 3D6 damage per melee round.
• Encase larger objects up to car sized, king sized bed size, or an entire body up to 10 feet tall in 4 melee attacks. Encasement has 10 M.D.C. + 10 M.D.C. per level. Full encasement of a body will cause suffocation in 1D6 + 3 minutes.

Wall of Silver: Sakura can create a 5 foot tall x 5 foot wide x 2 foot thick per level of experience solid wall of silver. It takes one melee attack to create each 5 foot section. The wall has 100 M.D.C. + 10 M.D.C. per level of experience. The wall lasts for 3 minutes per level, then vanishes.

Manipulate Kinetic Energy
(From Heroes Unlimited Second Edition, Page 235)

Sakura has developed the ability to manipulate kinetic energy in small ways, allowing her to survive falls from great heights, deflect bullets and increase the kinetic velocity of objects she throws.

Protective Kinetic Energy Field: A kinetic aura radiates around Sakura. Falls, explosions, punches, kicks, bullets, arrows, swords, clubs, and other kinetic forces are cut in half. Energy weapons, magic (non-kinetic) and psionics (non-kinetic) do full damage. Range is self only, duration is 5 minutes per level, and it takes 1 melee attack to put in place.

Increase Kinetic Force: Hold, charge with kinetic energy, and throw an item for one of two effects. Either double the normal damage, or double the normal range (but a -2 to strike applies to increased range). The act of charging and throwing an objects counts as one melee attack.

Redirection: Any object the character has held, charged and thrown can be mentally directed to do one of the following. Only one of these can be performed per attack, per thrown object, and each one uses up a melee action:
• Return after it strikes
• Curve left or right to hit a target not in its direct path
• Suddenly drop or jump by 1 foot per level
• Suddenly stop in front of its target, stay suspended in the air for 1-2 seconds, and then drop harmlessly to the ground

Deflect Kinetic Objects: Mentally perform a kinetic energy parry that deflects/knocks away a bullet, arrow, or thrown object (but not punches, stabs, kicks, etc., connected to a living body). Works like a normal parry, roll 1D20 and add only + 4 (normal parry bonuses from skills and P.P. do not apply). Only one object can be parried at a time – can not parry bursts.

(From Powers Unlimited One, Page 36)

Sakura can use her right and left hands with equal skill and dexterity, but this is more than just ambidexterity. She can completely split her mind to concentrate on two separate topics simultaneously. When the situation is right, Sakura can engage in a full set of melee attacks while simultaneously performing a non-combat skill or melee action. One set of actions cannot interfere with the other, both must occur within the same field of vision. Bonuses: Automatically gets the Paired Weapons skill, she gets an extra attack per melee (already factored into bonuses), and she retains the usual bonuses to combat even when performing two separate tasks.
Link to Sakura’s “Journal” (Notes and Recordings)

Excerpt from the final report on the formation and collapse of The Anomaly.

The following was transcribed from the recorded interview made fourteen hours prior to the incident. The purpose of the interview was to screen for any missed psychological factors which may have been cause to abort the procedure. It is the last recorded conversation with Test Subject #00529. Even though this does not shed any light on the cause for what occurred (see previous wreckage analysis and recovered video footage) it does illustrate that Test Subject #00529 entered into the procedure willingly, clearly of her own volition and with no coercion. The psychologist conducting the interview was Dr. Wendell Moore. His report (attached) provided the final clearance for Test Subject #00529 to undergo the procedure. He pronounced her sound of mind and fully capable of understanding the risk she was undertaking.

Small comfort to the 7 Americans who died!


Dr. Wendell Moore: “Please state your name.”

Test Subject #00529: “You already know my name.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “This was explained to you-”

Test Subject #00529: “I don’t see why we’re going through this. You already know who I am. You know why I’m here. You’re only here BECAUSE I’m here. This has already taken too long. People are dying, and I’m in here being asked ridiculous questions you already know the answers to.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Even with the world engulfed in war, order must be maintained. You’re here to help us fight to keep that order, are you not?”

Test Subject #00529: “…Yes…”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “This is the last hurdle before we can begin the procedure. Once we finish here you’ll be prepped and the procedure can start in the morning. Isn’t that what you want?”

Test Subject #00529: (She sighs) “Yes, fine, let’s just get this over with.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Good, let’s start again. Please state your name.”

Test Subject #00529: “Sakura Wilson.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Interesting. Tell me about yourself, Sakura.”

Test Subject #00529: “Wait, why is that ‘interesting?’ What’s wrong with my name?”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Nothing’s wrong with it. I just thought it interesting that you provided your normal name, and not your ‘heroic identity’ that you go by when you fight.”

Test Subject #00529: “So you wanted me to tell you that I call myself ‘Precision?’ Fine, there, another bit of information you already knew.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “That wasn’t the point. Why don’t we just continue. Tell me about yourself.”

Test Subject #00529: “You can’t be any more specific than that? What do you want to know?”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Anything you want to tell us.”

Test Subject #00529: “Okay, fine, sure. My name is Sakura Wilson. I’ve adopted ‘Precision’ as my heroic ‘alter-ego,’ for whatever it actually matters these days. My parents are… were… Gary ‘Butch’ Wilson and Kimiko Kobayashi. Also known as ‘Johnny Everyman, the ALL-American’ and ‘Jinsei no Tenshi.’ Let’s see… I was born 22 years ago, shortly after my dad was fired-”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Correction: He retired.”

Test Subject #00529: “You can say that, but everyone knows what it really was. The ‘ALL-American’ couldn’t be allowed to have a non-American family. He was replaced, given a token retirement check and a polite handshake then all but disowned by the Government for the next 20 years… Until the invasion started.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “That’s what he told you?”

Test Subject #00529: “Of course not. Do you think he would have gotten me this chance with you guys if he believed that? I can read the subtext of what happened. I’ve watched the news clips and read the papers that reported it. Everyone knew what was really going on. For whatever reason Dad choose to believe your story, and that’s his right. But I won’t be fed that crap so don’t bother spooning it out there for me.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Have you actually asked him yourself what happened?”

Test Subject #00529: “Of course! I’ve talked to him about how he met mom, in that multi-national heroic something-or-other crisis, I forget what it was called. He’s told me how he stayed in touch with her and the two of them just completely hit it off. Then he says he ‘decided’ to quit in order to ‘settle down’ with her. But there was always that sadness in his voice, that look in his eye… Anyway, have I told you enough yet?”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “No, we still need to hear more about your life. Tell me about your childhood.”

Test Subject #00529: “Oh there’s a typical psycho-analysis question. My childhood? I spent it like any child raised by two semi-retired super heroes would spend it. When I wasn’t going to school, doing homework or doing chores I spent my free time being taught everything my parents knew about fighting crime. They drilled me constantly in order to prepare me to follow in their footsteps. They taught me to fight, they taught me the importance of alter-ego’s, they taught me the subtleties of investigation and working within the law… You know, normal, everyday kid stuff. I loved it so much that I ran away at 15 to join the circus.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Uh-huh. Tell me more about that.”

Test Subject #00529: “Well, ‘circus’ may not be the right word. We were a traveling show, really. They took me in and listened sympathetically to the story I made up but of course they found out who I really was soon enough and contacted my parents, who came out right away to try and drag me back. Jaime, Alex, Roger, they all tried to talk with my parents about letting me stay to ‘calm down’ and work out my ‘issues,’ but it was Orlando who really stood up for me and finally convinced them to let me stay.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Was that Orlando ‘Danger’ Escobar?”

Test Subject #00529: "That was him all right. There isn’t another like him. I still don’t know what he said to my parents to convince them to let me stay, but they liked whatever it was he told them. I’m glad, looking back on that, that I was able to have a decent parting with my parents. It… (she pauses, there’s a soft sound of crying)

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Take your time. Let me know when you’re ready to continue.”


Test Subject #00529: “Yeah, I’m alright now. It just sort of hits you sometimes, you know? All the loss and death and…”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “So tell me more about your time with the circus, and Orlando.”

Test Subject #00529: “He’s a professional knife-thrower. But he wouldn’t let me be involved in his act in any way at first. He said to me, (she uses a Spanish accent here) ‘You are as a young flower, still not in the bloom. Come back then, and let us talk over wine.’ (her accent reverts to normal). I did some menial stuff for the troupe at first, but the training my parents gave me translated surprisingly well into circus acts. I convinced the ‘Flying Fratelli’s’ to let me work with them in their acrobatics acts, and after I showed them the skill I had they agreed. That was fun and all, but I never really got into it so much. In my off time there I secretly practiced the same sort of knife-throwing that I watched Orlando do in his acts – now THAT was something I enjoyed doing, and worked to get better at.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Why is that, do you think?”

Test Subject #00529: “Well for starters I was good at it. I mean, really good. My parents drilled hand-eye coordination into me from a young age, and I found it just really translated well to the impalement arts. It was, I think about 1 or 2 years later, that I had my chance to show off my skills to him. His assistant, Lucy was her name, quit right before a show. She slapped him so hard when she left that his face had her red handprint on it for at least a day! (she laughs) He started trying to piece together some complicated one-person thing to compensate when I stepped up and offered to take her place on the stage – and ONLY on the stage!”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “What do you mean by that?”

Test Subject #00529: “Let me be clear here – we worked together, we even became good friends and business partners, but we had a very professional relationship. I had seen how he was with (she uses a Spanish accent here) the women (her accent reverts to normal) and I remembered his words to me when I was younger – we never shared that glass of wine! He gave me a quick test-run for his act and was unconvinced I could do well, but decided he had no other choice. We went out there and he had this look, this… attitude as if he was being punished. So I threw in some acrobatic flair to my part of the act, and with the training I had been doing on the side I put him a bit on the defensive at the same time. His eyes lit up at that moment and he quickly ran with the changes, completing the act to a thrilled audience.”

“After the act was over I was prepared to defend what I did and beg him to let me stay on, but to my surprise he simply told me (she uses a Spanish accent here) ‘We will begin the training tomorrow, as the sun rises. Do not be late. And most importantly… do not disappoint.’ (her accent reverts to normal) From then on I was a part of his act, and eventually it became our act. He still did most of the knife throwing and I provided the moving target for him to hit, but I could ‘fight back’ and give him the adrenaline rush he seemed to crave. He encouraged randomness in our act. The unexpected. Danger, even. Without realizing it, years passed. And then the invasion ruined everything.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Well I suppose the worldwide global assault by alien invaders ruined a lot of people’s plans…”

Test Subject #00529: “Hey! You know that’s not what I meant at all! You asked me to talk about this stuff, so I’m talking about it! Don’t twist it around to be some insinuation at my character, or my selfishness. I am WELL AWARE of how-”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Please, please, calm down! It was my very poor attempt at a joke, and for that I apologize. Please, continue.”

Test Subject #00529:

Dr. Wendell Moore: “No one is judging you or your actions, or holding them against you Sakura. That isn’t the purpose of what we’re doing here today. You were about to tell us how the invasion affected you, personally?”

Test Subject #00529: “Yeah, it affected me. It tore my life apart, like it tore apart the life of everyone on the planet. When the ships arrived and the war machines started toppling cities, our carefree circus days were over. I don’t know what happened to everyone there – most of them stayed, trying to protect each other as well as they could. I know Orlando went south, to his homeland of Mexico. I haven’t heard from him since, but Mexico hasn’t fallen yet so I like to imagine that the Mexicans continue to resist and to fight because he’s there with them, sticking it to those aliens where it hurts.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “But what about you?”

Test Subject #00529: “I headed north. I planned to go back to my hometown and be with my folks – make sure they were okay, you know? Or at least, I tried to. But the damn Atorians and their soldiers were everywhere! They attacked without mercy. I couldn’t just run away when all these people needed help! Police, military, even regular people were doing anything they could to fight back. I joined them on the spot.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “And you’ve basically been with them ever since.”

Test Subject #00529: “Oh, now you want me to summarize. Fine, yeah. I spent the last two years with those heroes, fighting with them against the Atorian invaders and those damn T-Rex soldiers. Over time we became more organized and coordinated with other groups who were doing the same. The network even eventually got large enough that I was able to make contact with dad, and find out what happened to him and mom…”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “The two of them really made a difference in those early days. Your mother’s sacrifice-” (sound of a chair scraping against the floor followed by a “thunk” noise) "WHAT? WHAT THE HELL? HOW DID YOU GET THOSE KNIVES IN HERE? (the Doctor sounds very panicked, and there are faint sounds of yelling in the background)

Test Subject #00529: DON’T you DARE talk about my mother’s death like that. She should never have had to be in that position. Her ‘sacrifice’ and capture led to her public MURDER by the Atorians! Her powers kept her alive through the entire ordeal… and they KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN! I SAW the archived footage! THEy… DAMN IT!" (another “thunk” followed by a large commotion of noise that cuts off abruptly)


Dr. Wendell Moore: “Like I said, no harm, no foul. I once again chose my words poorly-”

Test Subject #00529: “Either you didn’t know that was a sensitive subject, or you did and I was graded accordingly by my reaction. It doesn’t matter now. I just can’t believe this isn’t over yet.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “We’re nearly finished. I would like to hear you tell me about what led you to your decision to be here.”

Test Subject #00529: “That’s easy. We’re losing the war.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “I think my colleagues would disagree-”

Test Subject #00529: “Well they’re wrong. I’ve been fighting it. I’ve been living it. We haven’t gained any ground in over a year, and we’ve been slowly losing it. Every day another fighter dies, and there are no others to take that place. Meanwhile the Atorians have half the galaxy or something to pull resources from. When one of their soldiers or war machines falls, they get replaced. It’s simple math – if we don’t do something to change that equation we’re gonna lose.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “And this idea that you and Gary had, to start up this program all over again, you think this will ‘change the equation?’”

Test Subject #00529: “Dad told me years ago this place was shutdown and decommissioned because of some incident involving a young teleporter. But the program, he said, produced results! Hell, he’s proof! So was his replacement! If you have the ability to empower and enhance the Earth’s defenders, then this could be just what we need to turn the war back to our favor and kick the Atorians off our planet for good! I’m tired of watching my friends die. Of watching those dinosaur-soldiers climb out of the wreckage of their vehicles and wreak even more destruction than they were doing before! I want to take the fight to them. I can throw a punch, I can toss knives, and I heal so fast I’m damn hard to kill. That’s let me survive to this point but I want to do more!”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “The procedures were… mostly successful. And the results unpredictable. We’ve recovered the project team notes but there are no guarantees.”

Test Subject #00529: “I know, but I’m not worried. Either way, when I get out of here I’m going to make those Atorians pay for what they did to my mother. I’m just hoping you guys will make it easier.”

Dr. Wendell Moore: “Then we’re done here, and I have no more questions.”


Sakura Wilson

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