Baby Flying Turtle



R.C.C.: Flying Turtle
Alignment: Scrupulous
Age: 6 months
Weight: 5oz
Gender: Male

IQ:9 ME:13 MA:18 PS:6 PP:11 PE:15 PB:19 Spd:10
M.D.C.:35 P.P.E.:30

Powers and Abilities

Magic Powers Race Abilities
Walk the Wind Understand all languages.
Swim as a Fish (lesser) Nightvision 300ft
Breath Underwater
  • The Flying Turtles are ancient beings and distant kin of the dragons. They are a wise, peace-loving, knowledge-seeking race and tend to not involve themselves in the conflicts between others. On Rifts Earth they can be found living deep beneath the sea in the Devil’s Triangles.
  • Sebastian was a prize won by Zander at the Russian Fairy Carnival. He enjoys riding on Zander’s shoulder. If combat arises he will either find a safe place to hide or go into Zander’s coat.


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