Trent Logan

Temporal Wizard


Theme: In the End by Black Veil Brides


“I already told you! Look, I’ll try to explain it again, slower this time so you can understand.”

ALIASES: Tom Arro, Glen Tornat, Dr. Lance Trignot Krono, Coalition Prisoner #83M2742, The Silent Thief of Rozrehxeson, Demon of the Foulest Level of Hell
O.C.C.: Temporal Wizard
R.C.C.: Human
ALIGNMENT: Unprincipled, with Scrupulous leanings
LEVEL: Thirteenth
HEIGHT: 5’ 10” (Average)
WEIGHT: 146 lbs (Thin)
AGE: 28 (looks younger)
FAMILY ORIGIN: Alternate Earth Native

DISPOSITION: Hothead. Bold, and quick-tempered or emotional. Feels things deeply because he cares. Is basically a good, nice person. His confidence is matched by his arrogance and is only surpassed by a dangerous ignorance he refuses to acknowledge.

INSANITIES: Frenzy – Intense Anger, Frenzy – Intense Frustration or Anxiety, Neurosis – Personal Cleanliness.

IQ: 21 (+ 7%)
ME: 17 (+ 1)
MA: 13
PS: 13
PP: 20/22 (+ 3/+ 4)
PE: 22 (+ 4, + 14%)
PB: 12
SPD: 23

H.P.: 75
S.D.C: 33
M.D.C.: (108)
P.P.E: 268 (488)
I.S.P: 66

Note: MDC and PPE in parentheses are due to wearing the Angel Mask

“Last Line” M.D.C. Aura: 50 M.D.C.

1. Automatically senses the opening, closing and location of dimensional rifts within a 20 mile (32 km) area.

2. Automatically senses the opening and closing of dimensional rifts, envelopes, mystic portals, dimensional teleportation, and time holes within a half a mile (0.8 km). Once sensed the wizard can attempt to find the spot where it closed at a skill of 97% ( + 5% per additional level).

3. Ley Line Phasing (teleportation). Same as Ley Line Walker

4. Automatically senses if dimensional or temporal travel has occurred whether by spell or ability within 80 feet ( +5 feet per additional level) up to 80 minutes ( +5 minutes per additional level) after it has happened. This includes Rifts, the dimensional teleport ability of certain supernatural creatures and creatures of magic, and spells or items producing similar spell effects such as (but not limited to) Mystic Portal, D-Phase, Dimensional Portal, Swap Places, teleport: greater, remote viewing or any time warp spell. The wizard will automatically have a “feeling” that such travel has occurred at no P.P.E. cost. By spending two to five minutes (1D4 + 1) and expending 10 P.P.E., the wizard can learn additional details: 1) What caused the event and what it was. 2) If someone or thing traveled through it. 3) Whether any travelers were coming or going. 4) A general idea of how many travelers came through (one, a few, several, many). 5) How long ago this event occurred. 


BONUSES: +8 perception, +1 vs psionics/insanity, +8 vs H.F., +2 vs mind control, +10 vs regular magic, +15 vs temporal magic, +4 spell strength, +5 strike, +6 parry, +6 dodge, +4 roll w/ impact, +4 pull punch, +1 disarm, +2 damage, Ranged attacks (Aimed +5 +WP, Burst +3 +[½WP], Wild –3), Imposed dodge penalties (–6 when wielding high tech weapons, –3 when wielding conventional modern weapons), +14% to save vs coma/death, +4 vs poisons/toxins/disease, +7% to skills

COMBAT MOVES/MANEUVERS: Roll with punch/fall/impact, Parry, Automatic Parry, Dodge, Strike, Power Punch, Elbow, Knee, Kick, Entangle, Disarm, Critical strike on a natural 19-20, Coldcock, Short Burst × 3, Medium Burst × 5, Long Burst × 8, Body Flip/Throw, Rapid Reload, Critical Strike or Knockout from Behind, Leading (+2 to hit a moving target w/ a ranged weapon), Automatic critical hit w/ ranged weapons on Surprise Attack


Principles of Magic 89% + 2%
Enhanced Meditation 98%
Sorcerous Proficiency: Artistic
Spell Focus: Efficiency
Spell Focus: Epoch
Spell Focus: Might
Spell Focus: Scope
Spell Focus: Strength
Scroll Translation 41% + 2%
Locate Dimensional Anomaly 98%
Language: American 98%
Language: Dragonese 98%
Language: Demogogian 98%
Literacy: American 98%
Literacy: Dragonese 98%
Literacy: Demogogian 77% + 5%
Radio: Basic 98%
Intelligence 97% + 4%
Wilderness Survival 98%
Horsemanship: Exotic
– Riding/Care/Recognize Quality 98%
– Stunts/Racing/Maintain Control 97% + 5%
Hand to Hand: Basic
Ranged Combat: Rogue (Rifter 11)
Pilot: Jetpack 98%
Pilot: Motorcycles 98%
Pilot: Hovercycles, etc. 98%
Read Sensory Equipment 98%
Find Contraband 83% + 4%
Prowl 92% + 5%
Streetwise 77% + 4%
Anthropology 97% + 5%
Astronomy & Navigation 98%
Mathematics: Basic 98%
Mathematics: Advanced 98%
Appraise Goods (incl. Magic Items) 98%
Art (Professional Quality) 98%
Computer Operation 98%
Lore: D-Bees 97% + 5%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 98%
Lore: Dimensions 98%
Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic 98%
Lore: Magic 103%
– Recognize Magic Symbols, etc. 102% + 5%
– Recognize Enchantment 97% + 5%
– Identify Magic Artifact (Skill -15%)
History: Pre-Rifts (Ancient Greece) 62% + 5%
Mythology/Lore (Ancient Greece) 62% + 5%
Memorization/Study Skills
Research 67% + 5%
Temporal Physics 47% + 5%
WP: Sword + 2 to strike, + 1 to parry
WP: Energy Pistol + 7
WP: Handguns + 6
WP: Rifle + 7
WP: Targeting + 4
Land Navigation 98%
Art of Mystic Chinese Meditation 17%
– Mudra of Silent Contemplation

PSIONICS: Minor Psychic, has the abilities of Mask P.P.E. (4 I.S.P., 2 hours + 10 min per additional level duration) and Sense Time (2 I.S.P., 3 hours + 15 min per additional level duration)

Cast in One Action: Blinding Flash (1), Farseeing² (3), Globe of Daylight (2), Lantern Light (1), See Aura (6), See the Invisible (4), Sense Magic (4), Aura of Power (4), Befuddle (6), Chameleon (6), Cleanse (6), Concealment (6), Detect Concealment (6), Mystic Alarm (5), Armor of Ithan (10), Ignite Fire (6), Impervious to Fire (5), Invisibility: Simple (6), Negate Poison/Toxin (5), Recognize the Undeadª (16), Telekinesis (8), Astral Projection (10), Cure Minor Disorders (10), Eavesdrop² (10), Energy Field (10), Fool’s Gold (10), Magic Net (7), Escape (8), Eyes of Thoth (8), Heal Wounds (10), Horrific Illusion (10), Mend the Broken (10+), Superhuman Agility² (15), Superhuman Endurance (12), Sustain (12), Ghost³ (60), Hitcher³ (8/24), Home Free³ (24), Hot Rod³ (12), Sharp Eyes³ (10)

Cast in Two Actions: Apparition (20), Illusory Wall (15/30), Impervious to Energy (20), Magic Pigeon (20), Mask of Deceit (15), Teleport: Lesser (15), Tongues (12), Words of Truth (15), D-Phase¹ (20), Dispel Magic Barriers (20), Fighting Spirit² (20), Fire Gout (20), Fly as the Eagle (25), Globe of Silence (20), Invulnerability (25), Mystic Invisibility² (25), See Wards (20), Sub-Particle Acceleration (20), Suspended Animation/Stasis Field¹ (10/30), Time Warp: Send (25), Time Slip (20), Attune Object to Owner¹ (30), Exorcism (spell & ritual) (30), Greater Healing (30), Invincible Armor (30), Life Ward (40), Lightning Arc (30), Locate (30), Magical-Adrenal Rush (45), Negate Magic (30), Retro-Viewing¹ (30), See Dimensional Anomaly¹ (30), Shockwave (45), Sorcerous Fury (70), Time Capsule¹ (30), Wink-Out¹ (20-60), Dessicate the Supernatural (50), Familiar Link (55), Illusion Manipulation (25-60), Purge Self (70), Remote Viewing¹ (45), S-Dep¹ (50), Time Warp: Slow Motion¹ (45+), Time Warp: Stop Time¹ (70), Water to Wine (40), Dimensional Pockets¹ (20/140), Mystic Portal (60), Purge Other (100), Temporary Time Hole¹ (100), Time Maelstrom¹ (55), Time Warp: Fast Forward¹ (70), Wards (90)

Cast in Three Actions: Anti-Magic Cloud (140), Create Magic Scroll (100+), Energy Sphere (120+), Illusory Terrain (55/120), Re-Open Gateway (180), Remove Curse (140), Summon Fog (140), Time Barrier¹ (100), Dimensional Envelope¹ (60/380), Time Hole (210), The Black Abyss Dimensional Pocket¹ (500), Id Self¹ (400), Protection Circle: Superior (300), Sanctum (390), Talisman (500+), Annihilate (300), Close Rifts (200, NO perm. PPE loss!), Fourth Dimensional Transformation¹ (350), Restoration (750), Circle of Travel (300/30), Dimensional Portal (1000), Teleport: Superior (600)

¹ Denotes Termporal Magic spells, from Rifts: England, Fleets of the Three Galaxies, and Wormwood
² Denotes Combat Magic spells, from Rifts: Mercenary Adventures
³ Denotes Chaos Magic spells, from Chaos Earth: The Rise of Magic
ª Denotes Necromancy and Bone Magic spells, from Rifts: Book of Magic

Black Market Credits: ₡41,000
U.T. Credits: ₡25,000
Blood Marble: ₡339,800
Gems & Precious Metals: ₡211,000
Medieval Coins: 1 silver, 1 gold

(Click here for a list of all of Trent’s items which are currently located in the item section)


  • Anti-matter and sandtrout in (separate) dimensional spaces/envelopes
  • The Glorious Woven One, currently floating in a glorious dimensional envelope of glorious antimatter


Trent a

Trent b


3D Model of Trent at current level , courtesy of Hero Forge

Trent - DWP Version


Trent grew up in the ‘Burbs of Chi-Town as the younger of two brothers. He and Drew were raised solely by their mother, Carrie, ever since their father died when Trent was but an infant. She didn’t like to talk about their father so Trent never knew much about him. She raised the two of them as best she could in the chaotic shadow of the heart of the Coalition States. She applied for citizenship repeatedly over the years in order to try and improve their lot in life, but was consistently kept on the “waiting list.”

As a child and an adolescent Trent was very inquisitive and loved to investigate and learn. His attempts to “discover” things always seemed to cause some trouble or another. When he was 13 Trent and Drew met a mage named Lars Verdell who would change Trent’s life forever. Trent snuck away and met with the man again on a few occasions, fascinated by the fact that the man could do magic. Lars in turn took it upon himself to help “educate” the boy – he taught Trent a lot about what magic really was (a tool, not something inherently evil) and many uncomfortable truths about the Coalition that Trent had not wanted to believe.

Later that year Drew joined the Coalition military in an attempt to earn citizenship for their family. Trent tried to convince him not to go, but couldn’t go into any detail about why without revealing his secret late-night schooling. Drew however would not change his mind. He was determined to earn citizenship for both Trent and his mother, so that they might have a better life. Once Drew left Trent started visiting Lars more often. He spent less and less time at home over the next two years, instead spending his time listening to Lars’ stories of adventure, helping him out in small ways, and learning anything Lars would teach him. In many ways, Lars became the father figure to Trent that he never had.

When Trent was fifteen years old Coalition soldiers paid a visit to Trent and his mother, Carrie. They came to inform them of Drew’s death in the service of the Coalition. While still processing this news through their shock the soldiers continued to coldly reveal that Drew’s death before his service commitment was fulfilled nullified the promise of Citizenship they were given for his enlistment. Numb with shock and disappointment, the soldiers left while Carrie was still sobbing and Trent was busy trying to comfort her.

Once Trent had calmed his mother down some, he left to find Lars and furiously relayed what occurred. Trent pleaded with Lars to teach him magic so he could take revenge against the Coalition for putting his brother in harm’s way for a stupid war which didn’t even need to be fought. Although Lars sympathized with Trent, he refused to take on the responsibility of an apprentice. He felt his own command of magic wasn’t solid enough to be worth teaching. Lars did however offer to see if his old master would take Trent on.

Trent left that encounter hopeful, but weeks passed with no word from or sign of Lars, and Trent began to become depressed, his hopes evaporating but his anger remaining. His preoccupation with this issue prevented him from really noticing how his mother was handling the death of her oldest son. Years later, when recounting the events which set him upon the path to magic to a woman named Jescha, he would refer to this as the second of his two biggest regrets.

Finally one night almost two months after they were informed of Drew’s death, Trent was woken up in his room by the arrival of Lars and a large, demonic looking creature that would eventually be identified as a “Temporal Raider”. Lars introduced the being as his former master, Tr’nalith Sol-zeshol. Tr’nalith beckoned Trent and told him in a demonic whisper that if Trent wanted to learn the secrets of magic he had to share he must come now, and stay as his apprentice for no less than six years. With only a moment’s hesitation, Trent agreed and left with Tr’nalith. Years later, when Trent continues to recount details of his training to the woman Jescha, he would tell her that his departure this night without so much as saying good-bye to his mother was his biggest regret.

Shortly after his journey began, Trent was introduced to another apprentice Tr’nalith was training and travelling with, named Nusael Tsetoror. Nusael was convinced of his own superiority as the better student and took every opportunity he could to remind Trent of it. Trent, however, just focused on his training and learned everything he could from the pair. They all travelled across and through numerous dimensions, never spending too much time in any one. They occasionally revisited Trent’s home dimension, but it was always to another part of the world. And always at the whim of Tr’nalith.

The wonders and dangers Trent experienced while traversing not only space, but time as well, made his life back home pale by comparison. There was hardly any time or chances for Trent to think about home in this new life. He adapted to it well and over time Trent caught up to and eventually began to surpass Nusael – this laid the foundation for a bitter rivalry between the two which continued all throughout their training. Those six years’ were spent dealing with the four “T’s” – travelling, training, treachery, and theft. But soon enough it was time for Trent to leave. Only, it turned out, if he wanted to…

Tr’nalith offered to let Trent stay with him; no longer as a student, but as a respected partner. But one look at the hatred burning in Nusael’s eyes made it clear to Trent that it was time to leave, and go back to his life on Earth. Tr’nalith accepted his decision and opened a portal to return Trent to the home he had left six years ago. He bid Trent farewell as he left. Nusael said nothing, and after Trent walked through he turned back and saw a look on Nusael’s face as the portal closed which made Trent wonder if this would truly be the last he’d see of his obnoxious rival.

Trent’s return to the house he grew up in and left so abruptly caused him no small amount of guilt. He found the place to be long-abandoned, and there was no sign of his mother Carrie or what may have become of her. When he asked around, no-one could recall what had happened to the woman who used to live there. One person did remember a few Coalition soldiers visiting the place a couple years ago and being upset, but the man didn’t stick around to see what else, if anything, may have gone down.
That information fueled Trent’s anger towards the Coalition, and now he felt they were responsible for both his brother’s and his mother’s fates. Leaving the shack and the rest of his past behind him, Trent tried to assimilate into the Chi-Town Burbs and strike against the Coalition patrols which frequented the area. Trent’s actions were amateurish and complicated by his six years’ absence – many of the skills he cultivated from his travels did not translate well into this urban environment. These facts would have quickly led to his discovery and capture if not for the timely intervention of Lars, who luckily still happened to be in the area.

Lars worked with Trent as a partner and helped teach him how to be more subtle in his actions. He also helped Trent break some of the habits he picked up in his travels, and taught him a few more appropriate skills for his situation. Trent’s biggest hurdles were learning how to be subtle and how to conserve his energy. In his travels with Tr’nalith and Nusael they frequently took what they wanted, but it was never subtle. They also used magic flamboyantly for any situation. Lars helped show Trent that magic, while an excellent tool, wasn’t always the only tool.

Once Trent absorbed these new skills and philosophy, the two of them started working together to strike at the Coalition from the shadows and infiltrate supposedly “secure” areas to uncover and distribute sensitive information. Trent and Lars were quite successful at this game and flummoxed the Coalition for some time. They even added a third member to their group: a woman in her early 20’s named Jescha Harwynn. She was discovered by them in much the same way that Lars rediscovered Trent, and they invited her to join them in their mission. She turned out to be a mage of no small about of skill herself, and was a welcome addition to the group. She and Trent developed a serious relationship during their time together and Trent was preparing to take it to the next level when disaster struck.

Lars and Jescha were following up on a tip that led them to a secret Coalition warehouse full of confiscated contraband, while Trent waited outside as lookout. The plan was to liberate the contraband and re-distribute it, but something went wrong.

Trent heard weapon fire erupt from inside – he ran in to try and help but instead ran right into the trap himself. The whole thing was a set-up designed to finally catch the band of mages who had been plaguing the Coalition for so long. Much to Trent’s relief Jescha managed to escape, but both he and Lars were overpowered and captured.

Lars tried to talk with Trent as they were led away but only managed to say “The Van-” before a Coalition soldier shocked him and knocked him out. The soldier gave Trent a serious look, and Trent walked the rest of the way in silence. They were both loaded into separate transports which were now waiting outside the warehouse. That was the last time Trent would ever see Lars, and he still wonders to this day what Lars was trying to tell him.

During his years of training Trent discovered he could perform a mental trick which could hide his true nature as a mage from those who could sense such things, such as certain Coalition soldiers, and it was this trick which ultimately saved his life. Trent had been using that trick when he was captured and he kept it up during his questioning. Eventually the Coalition concluded that Trent had no magic power and was merely an innocent who was duped into helping the mage. They shipped him off to a prison labor camp to pay for his mistake. It was there that Trent learned his mentor and longtime friend, Lars, was publically executed by the Coalition within hours of their capture.

This news hit Trent pretty hard. He spent some time in that prison silently mourning his friend and father-figure, and doing some deep introspection. It was during this time that Trent reached an epiphany with his magic and theorized a new way to focus his spells which would not leave him so drained. This helped him come to terms with Lars’ death, and Trent used his magic to easily escape from the prison and run away to freedom. He applied his new theory and was elated when it worked, and his focus on this technique allowed him to expend less energy! But cold reality hit him when he realized his days of anonymity with the Coalition were over, and they would be on the lookout for him as an escaped convict.

It occurred to him that maybe he needed to do more than just “lay low.” What he needed to move on with his life and find a new purpose. He would always hate the Coalition, but how many other people that he cared about would need to be hurt by them before he finally did the sensible thing and just got away from them? He thought about Jescha and realized with a heavy heart that for him to move forward, he would have to leave her behind. She had been as devoted to their mission at the time as he and Lars were, and he didn’t believe he could convince her to give it up. He also feared that trying to find her again in the ‘Burbs would only lead to more trouble if he was caught, or worse – he might even inadvertently lead Coalition soldiers straight to her.

Trent recovered some supplies he hid in a dimensional envelope with Lars – one of a few secret stashes they had set up throughout the area. Equipped with the basics and leaving everything else behind him, Trent headed away from the life he knew and began travelling. Without really consciously meaning too, Trent found his travels took him out near Tolkeen, during the aftermath of the final siege.

Link to Trent’s Journal

Background Summary:
[Environment Growing Up] Population Center: Chi-Town ‘Burbs
[Initial Reason for Adventuring] Outlaw/wanted and on the run
[Sentiments toward the Coalition] Hates the Coalition, because the character has lost numerous friends, family members and/or acquaintances to them.
[Sentiments toward Non-Humans] Honestly tries to accept D-Bees as equals and gives them the benefit of the doubt, but still tends to be wary and suspicious of nonhumans.

PLAYER NOTES, available for public view:

Trent Logan’s True Name: Trenton Rodrick Logan. Very few beings should know this info; Amongst them could be Tr’nalith, Tanya and Jescha. GM’s discretion of course.

People/Beings that Trent has given a Mystic Alarm Contact Item to:

  • The Deacon
  • Tyvernos
  • Solomon Kane
  • Nº One
  • Nº Three
  • Nº Five
  • Nº Seven
  • Jescha
  • Sonja
  • Arcadia
  • Gary of the House of Gary
  • Steve of the House of Gary (House of Steve now?)
  • The Millennium Tree in England
  • James
  • Zander
  • Helldamn Spellshroud
  • Rugar

At the GM’s discretion, the following people would have one if they had asked for one, or if the GM wants them to have one:

  • Spacia
  • Erin Tarn
  • Any party member

At the GM’s discretion, the following people had an opportunity to take one without Trent’s knowledge:

  • Hellion/Jezebel

Trent Logan

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