Tyvernos Oriflamme

Former Demon-Slave Magical Forge Elf


Tyvernos Oriflamme is an Elf mage whose specialty lies in forging magical items and special metals.


Tyvernos was a captive slave in New Calgary, forced to work the forges in a blacksmith shop run by a Brek Shall Duke. Due to the actions of McGreggor Alistersaurus he was able to free himself and escape the forges, finding temporary refuge at a branch of a Magic Guild he once belonged to.

Because he had been captive, he was behind $247,608.31 in Guild fees and the guild would not do more to help him escape. Trent Logan paid $50,000 of the fee as per a concession the guild offered – 50,000 and Tyvernos’ commitment to put himself in the teaching/tutoring rotation in the guild would re-instate his membership, provided he paid his back dues in full within six months. Trent also paid another $50,000 for the Elf to secure safe travel to a destination of the Elf’s choosing. Which guild branch the branded Elf is at now is currently unknown.

Tyvernos Oriflamme

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