Zander Frey



O.C.C.: D-Shifter
Alignment: Scrupulous
Level: Nine
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 140lbs
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: D-Shifter/Human (minor magical creature)
Family Origin: Mystery
Disposition: Lover of Life

IQ:15 ME:17 MA:16 PS:9 PP:12 PE:15 PB:9 Spd:9
H.P.:42 S.D.C.:41 M.D.C.:166 P.P.E.:242



Zen and the Art of Dimensional Bike Maintenance


Known Arsenal:
Zander's Inventory

  • Pocket Knife



  • English
  • Dragonese/Elven
  • Demongogian


  • Aikido (Rifts version)
OCC Related Secondary
Language & Literacy: American Astrology Computer Programming
Mathematics: Basic Astronomy WP: Ancient
Climbing History: Pre-Rifts Animal Husbandry
Computer Operation Research
Sing Enhanced Meditation
Land Navigation Cryptography
Lore: D-Bees & Aliens Calligraphy
Lore: Magic Haiku
Pilot Automobile Radio: Basic
Pilot: Bicycle Pilot: Hovercraft
Play Musical Instrument: Guitar Lore: Demons & Monsters

Powers and Abilities

Powers Job Abilities Martial Arts White Rose
Energy Expulsion MDC Regen Disarm Redirect Ley Line Energy
Imitate/Duplicate Dim Spells Supernatural Strength Breakfall Sense Cleopatra’s Needle
Re-open Dim Portal Feel Ley Line Disturbance Roll w/ Punch/Fall/Impact
Shift Location Identify Dimensional Portal Body Block/Tackle
Shift Phase Impervious to Line Storms/Effect Body Flip/Throw (18-20 Crit)
Shift Through Time Recognize D-Bee Holds
Shift to Heavy Mega-Damage Recognize Supernatural Auto Parry
Shift to Light See Astral Beings/Entities Auto Dodge
Shift to Pure Energy Flawless Travel to Astral Plane Auto Flip/Throw (@ 7)
Distant Voices
Mystic Portal
Teleport: Lesser
Teleport: Superior
Dimensional Portal
Re-Open Gateway/Rift
Rift Teleportation

Background Summary:

[Environment Growing Up] Unknown [Initial Reason for Adventuring] Investigating disturbances in the vibes [Sentiments toward the Coalition] None [Sentiments toward Non-Humans] Fascinated by them

While away from a Blue Zone, Zander seems to fade into the shadows and if you catch a glimpse under his coat, it is said you can see the Universe glimmering…. Zander no leyline
Gasmask 790x546 While in a Blue Zone, Zander seems to pop out to the eye and become visibly brighter and more defined. Imagine if the world your eyes perceived was in 480p and then someone in 1080p walks into your vision.

Zander can also be seen with his new pet baby turtle Sebastian Kemp sea turtle baby


D-Shifters disappeared from the Earth about 200 years into the New Dark Age. No one knew what happened to them. Did they die out? Were they killed off? Did they achieve a closer oneness with the multiverse and transcend physical form permanently? Did they hop in their galactic minivan and go on an epic road trip through space and time? Being one myself, I can equivocally say they we still exist. And we’re coming back. Bad vibes are emanating from every which dimension and it’s making trips in the galactic groove not nearly as much fun as they used to be.

Zander Frey

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