Zelda the Faerie

A common faerie freed from bottle imprisonment


“The Common Faerie appears as a tiny, handsome man or woman standing no more than six inches tall, adorned with brightly colored butterfly wings of gold, red, violet, blue or yellow. They are golden haired, often nude or draped in delicate robes or gowns spun from silk or a spider’s web. They are a merry, carefree people with a penchant for mischief.”

R.C.C.: Common Faerie
ALIGNMENT: Unprincipled
LEVEL: Equivalent to Tenth Level
HEIGHT: Six inches
WEIGHT: Six ounces
AGE: Unknown – appears to be in early 20’s
GENDER: Female

DISPOSITION: (Combination of Callow Youth and Eternal Child, per Rifter 41 page 19) Inexperienced, naive, gullible, and easily frightened. Her inexperience tends to take on a life of its own, and she tends to fall into situations that might otherwise be avoided by more a more experienced person. While this can prove irritating for others around her, often times these blunders open up new avenues of information and provide unlooked-for insight into a problem. Yet she is light of heart, hardly takes anything seriously, and constantly treats life as a game or an amusing adventure story she just happens to be involved in.


IQ: 9
ME: 6
MA: 4
PS: 4
PP: 17 (+ 1)
PE: 6
PB: 22
SPD: 9 running, 220 (146 m.p.h.) flying

H.P.: 30
S.D.C: 13
M.D.C.: 53
A.R.: 7
P.P.E: 400
I.S.P: 0
Awe/Horror Factor: 9

Can activate Faerie Ring Powers (Circle of Protection, Sanctum, Enchanted Slumber), Create Enchanted Faerie Food and Drink, Visibly glows with an aura of magic (day or night), Spells are cast at no P.P.E. cost but each spell can only be cast on a person once per 24 hours, Spell strength is 16, Fly and Hover, Nightvision 90ft, See the Invisible, Keen normal vision, Sense the location of water: 50%, Sense the location of Ley Lines: 80%

ATTACKS PER MELEE: 3, or 2 by magic

BONUSES: + 3 to parry/dodge, + 1 versus magic

COMBAT MOVES/MANEUVERS: Strike, Parry, Dodge, Entangle

Language: Faerie Speak 98%
Language: Gobblely 98%
Language: American 60%
Language: Russian 60%
Identify Plants and Fruits 75%
Land Navigation 82%
Wilderness Survival 90%
Preserve Food 90%
Track Animals 32%
Lore: Faeries 90%
Sing 60%
Dance 70%
Prowl 60%
Climb 60%
-Rappelling 50%
W.P. Knife
W.P. Archery
W.P. Targeting


MAGIC: Charm, Love Charm, Cloud of Smoke, Sleep, Tongues, Fairy Dance (30 minute duration)


This Faerie was trapped in a bottle and was awarded by her kin as a prize at the Fairy Carnival basketball game. Upon winning this prize Trent immediately smashed the bottle, freeing her. Trent offered for her to travel with them rather than stick around with her kin – the same kin that attempted to give her away as a prize. She’ll stick around with the group if they her right. She’s been disabused of the notion that her kinfolk are kind and that they are faerie family among one another. Trent showed her kindness for the first time in many many many years so it’s like rescuing a stray cat. However… Faerie folk no matter how tame or docile or indebted to another’s kindness… are STILL FAERIES!!! She’ll have trickster-like tendencies, like to play pranks, practical jokes, shenanigans, bake up faerie food, tie shoe-laces together, whisper naughty things in your ear while you’re trying to be serious… among other stuff as well.

She’s a Faerie. She is what she is.

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Zelda the Faerie

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