Aegis is a Greatest Rune weapon.

It has all the regular abilities of lesser Rune Weapons. It’s alignment is Principled but it can be wielded by Scrupulous characters. It has an IQ of 13.

As long as you solemnly promise not to talk to him, make demands of him, or attempt to give him orders he will attempt protect you from ALL incoming physical attacks, including incoming magical attacks like fireball, ice lance, meteor, annihilate, etc. He can attempt to parry ANY incoming physical attack like arrows, bolts, ballista, bullets, flechettes, rail gun rounds, swords, knives, daggers, fireballs, etc. He is AWARE of every aggressive action taken against the wielder. This is NOT like 6th sense because it doesn’t include the person’s friends and it doesn’t make the wielder aware of the attack. Aegis is aware of the attack and can defend against it; that’s it.

He cannot be surprised and gets +5 to parry EVERY PHYSICAL ATTACK — including arrows, bullets, and other projectiles — even MISSILES VOLLEYS. A successful parry against the lead missile parries the entire volley and the wielder takes NO DAMAGE.



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