Dwarven Manifest of Imprisoned Rune Items

A catalog of rune items which is more than it appears...


This small book is written in an ancient form of Dwarven and appears to simply be a catalog of rune items. It was designed to be a prison manifest of the “inmates” contained within the Temple of Serapis, which was itself a prison for ancient, powerful rune items.

The beginning of the book briefly discusses that the rune weapons were sealed within the temple for eternity, and that the temple prison itself was designed to give them a measure of comfort in this exile. This section ends by noting that certain items could be removed by certain people in times of emergency, but then states that there will never be an emergency of sufficient danger to warrant this. To remove an item, both the item and the wielder must be “good” (Principled, Scrupulous, or Aberrant) and must bond. There is no information on how one could remove an item of any other alignment, and presumably it was not designed to be possible to do so.

Following that, there are 23 rune items listed within the book. Their descriptions show them to be powerful rune items, but they are nothing excessively unique about them. it seems as if there should be something more. And there is…

By viewing the book with a Dragon’s Eye Gem, the true contents of the pages can be observed and read:


Written on this 796th day in the year of time immemorial under the power and presence of A Thousand Primordial Magics:

Contained herein is a prison roster and inmate information regarding the aforementioned incarcerated entities and their crimes against humanity, the gods, and the Megaverse. Wrongful imprisonment has been lawfully construed as detainment until such a time as the need is great and the authorities deem fit for liberation on an individual and particular merited basis. None shall conspire to liberate the entities contained herein without express Archon consent and only in times of dire consequences circumstantially. Even then, it is the Archon’s directive and divine mandate that certain entities NEVER be allowed to bond with another host and leave the confines of these dimensionally detached premises; their sentence for incarceration supersedes natural law and the limitations of time to extend from this day into eternity. The act of imprisonment is in direct accordance with the outlawing of potent magics and the uncontrollable forces for which Elf and Dwarf-kind were never intended by their creators to be custodians. The entities possessed of weapons contained within this vault are a cache of the deadliest and most powerful tools ever created in known, recorded history through forging and forming methods that will be relegated to the minds and hearts of the Artifex and erased with the passage of time so they may never again be employed to such deadly, ill-effect. The only known receptacle, The Great Library, has agreed to allow these records pass into obscurity at the behest of the Archon. The Artifex will pass into obscurity with its forbidden knowledge. Its workings and manifestations are permanent and incapable of destruction and warrant our eternal vigilance. Their transgressions in the horrific war that has spanned thousands of years and wrested from us hundreds of thousands of our friends, countryman, and kin are unforgivable and beyond reproach. NEVER will a justification be brought to bear for their liberation. The ramifications of using the basest and most vile of these inmates far outweighs whatever perceived aid and pragmatic facility they could ever provide — even under duress and in the most optimal of circumstances. These tenets are hereby written into unalienable and inviolate Archon Law and abided by all who enter at the risk of death and upon penalty of temporal banishment and Exile from the Megaversal Realm.

The Barrier is guarded by the following suits in divine harmony against the Chaos of Unnameable Beings and the Evils that are done in their name: Swords, Air / Cups, Water / Wands, Fire / Pentacles, Earth. These Suits and Numerological Combinations have tied directly into the Elemental Chronology of the External Dimension keeping it apart from both temporal and dimensional anomalies and disturbances. This dimension exists as an extension of Palladium as it will come to be known. The Chaos of a Thousand Magicks has given rise to extra-dimensional energies and temporal rifts and through divine magic we are able to harness these powers into an unbreachable prison.

Bound herein are the Rune Trumps of Shemhamphorasch — also known as the Godslayers: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, and The World.

After extensive research and cryptography, the following was decoded from the ancient Dwarven writing:

“And so that it was the treachery woven by Betrayal and Envy gave light its chance to shine. For when Xy, the Greatest of the Evil Ones, was made to fall victim to magic of his own making and vanish from this world, the darkness did tremble. In the absence of the Great Old One, the forces of chaos warred amongst itself. So it was that the first sparks of light found hope in the darkness and grew to a blaze that surprised the retreating void. Thus, Light was born and rose up to smite the rumbling darkness. But the black of evil was strong. The battle twixt light and dark would rage for an eon. A multitude would perish, and many a time did the darkness seem about to smother the light. So it was, during one such time that he, known as Thoth, did appear to work his magic and force the darkness to retreat before him.

The respite created by Thoth gave the light time to restore its fire and bring others such as Osiris, Isis, Set and the others of their family to join the fray and hold the darkness at bay. From the shadows born from the clash of light and dark, did the three heroes, Lokum, Kym-nark-mar and Lictalon, work their magic and put the evil to rest. And so, as the Old Ones slumbered, the New Ones took their place and brought a new order to the world. The three heroes would rise to shine as gods. Thoth would be embraced by the denizens of Taut and given the honored position as god of wisdom and knowledge. The Age of Chaos broken, the New Age was born.”
~The Tristine Chronicles

The pages that follow list the inmates, in order of threat level, danger, and crimes against the living:

Vaevictus Aesmadi the Conqueror

  • Slayer of All numbering into the hundreds of billions. The death and destruction wrought by The Conqueror has spanned untold worlds in far off corners of the Megaverse. It is only through the miracle of divine providence and the aid of Marhault and Lavinia that we were able to contain the Conqueror in this prison.
  • Capable of manipulating gravity unlike anything ever witnessed or recorded
  • Capable of manipulating gravitic fields, magnetic fields, and particle / wave behavior beyond the strictures of present-day scientific magic
  • Capable of collapsing a star
  • Takes the form of an orb

Palladia-Mors, Patron of the Untouchable Palladium

  • Capable of manifesting a physical extension of the Rune Magic Construct (Elf, Dwarf, and any other species it has come into contact with)
  • Capable of creating realms outside the known limits of reality
  • Capable of Dimensional / Astral / Dream / Physical Megaversal travel
  • Capable of entering the Astral Domains and Dreamstream / Dreamtime and actual dreams of other entities
  • Capable of enforcing a dream-like state of consciousness on any being capable of dreaming
  • Capable of manipulating the lower levels of consciousness, sub-consciousness, id / ego / super-ego
  • Guilty of creating unlawful dimensions outside the realm of Megaversal governance
  • Guilty of creating alternate realities that closely mimic and represent the dimensions of Earth, Palladium, Wormwood, and Hades
  • Suspected of attempting to destroy and recreate the Palladium
  • Suspected of attempting to destroy and recreate the Dimension of the Archon
  • Takes the form of a lute or lyre

Hemophage, He Who Hungers

  • Slayer of the Living numbering into the millions
  • Capable of feeding off the life-essence of any living being
  • Capable of converting any living being into a vampiric version of itself
  • Capable of exerting power and will over anything vampiric or undead in nature
  • Feeds the wielder with the blood and power of anything consumed
  • Takes the form of a battle axe

Erebos, God of Dead Gods

  • Slayer of the Gods numbering 72
  • Capable of wielding an unknown form of magic called Deiomancy
  • Capable of manipulating worship / worshipers
  • Capable of attuning to deities and leeching or siphoning worship
  • Takes the form of a book

Thraximundar Tolvos the Insatiable

  • Slayer of None
  • Capable of concealing its powers from its wielder and all Artifcers save the Artifex and Marhault
  • Suspected of being capable of Absorbing / Consuming other Rune Magic Constructs
  • Suspected of growing in power with each Rune Magic Construct it consumes
  • Suspected of being able to access powers and abilities of each Rune Magic Construct consumed
  • Suspected of being a Rune-mutation gestalt of personalities, powers, and abilities
  • Forms change every time a new Rune Magic Construct is absorbed into the collective
  • Last known form a large gem

Chronophage Chainer, Dementia Master

  • Slayer of wielders numbering 42
  • Capable of altering space-time at will (speed up, slow down, shorten / lengthen distances, etc.)
  • Capable of altering space-time at will and unbeknownst to the wielder
  • Capable of traveling forward and backward through both time
  • Capable of divesting itself of powers through the segmenting of fragmented pieces
  • Guilty of traveling back in time and conspiring to escape imprisonment
  • Guilty of traveling back in time and conspiring to escape Rune Banishment
  • Guilty of traveling back in time and conspiring to unmake itself
  • Guilty of being interminably patient
  • Takes the form of a staff

Oberon Omnath, Locus of Mana, the Exalted Woven One

  • Responsible for orchestrating the War of the Chosen between those who would be brothers, Elves and Dwarves
  • Responsible for subverting its wielder with subtle thought inception and undermining mental manipulation
  • Capable of splitting itself into 7 lesser robes that maintain autonomy and anonymity
  • Capable of tapping into the psychic slurry of energies now known to seep from the Unnameable Beings prison
  • Capable of channeling incredible amounts of all forms of energy through any and all conduits (even the unwilling) and transmuting it into any desired form: pure energy, potential psychic energy, chi energy, inner strength energy, life-force energy, and a new type of energy that we have never seen or felt before
  • Takes the form of a robe

Dralnu, Dracolich Lord of Dragonwright

  • Slayer of Wooly Turtle Dragons numbering 665
  • Slayer of Shadowstalker Dragons numbering 665
  • Slayer of Ice Dragons numbering 665
  • Slayer of Fire Dragons numbering 665
  • Slayer of Foreststalker Dragons numbering 665
  • Slayer of Royal-Frilled Dragons numbering 665
  • Slayer of Kumo-Mi Dragons numbering 665
  • Responsible for founding the Cult of Dragonwright
  • Responsible for keeping an indeterminate number (well into the hundreds of millions) of souls from eternal rest by enslaving them and forcing them into servitude
  • Takes the form of a book

Silvos Sisters of Stone Death

  • Slayers of Sovereignty
  • Capable of binding the Gemini
  • Capable of the Duality of One
  • Capable of the Singularity of Two
  • Guilty of conspiracy to overthrow the natural order
  • Guilty of recreating Gene-Tech biological creation techniques
  • Guilty of attempting to reverse-engineer nature and re-engineer / reprogram ribonucleic acid
  • Takes the form of a headstone / tablet

Balthor the Veiled Threat Defiler

  • Dwarven Slayer of Dwarves – silent, invisible genocide, numbering well into the millions. It truly saddens the Archon to chronicle the actions of this being
  • Capable of turning weapon and wielder invisible and completely silent
  • Capable of altering its physical dimensions and appearance and completely masking the presence of magic, psionics, possessing entities, and every other supernatural aspect
  • Capable of wielding deceitful magics
  • Guilty of inflicting paranoia on its wielder
  • Takes the form of a war hammer or polearm

Ragnar Rune-Thane

  • Slayer of Rune Weapons numbering 8,422
  • Capable of Unmaking / Dissolution of Rune Magic Constructs
  • Capable of Commanding and Enslaving Rune Magic Constructs
  • Takes the form of a scepter

Necrom the Undying, Betrayer of Tarm-Kin-Toe

  • Slayer of Elves numbering 87,869
  • Slayer of Dwarves numbering 12,741
  • Responsible for deaths unrecorded and unrelated to the Wars – numbering over 300,000
  • Harborer of the Essence of Tarm-Kin-Toe
  • Capable of full-possession of all wielders without exception or protection
  • Immune to all forms of magic and psionics
  • Takes the form of a sword

Unscythe, Killer of Kings

  • Slayer of royalty, nobility, monarchs, patriarchs, messiahs, religious figures, number-unknown (over 1000)
  • Capable of Unknown Form of Magic called “Regomancy”
  • Inflicts wielder with psychosis / neurosis of Megalomania, Invincibility, and Weight of Duty
  • Empowers wielder with complete and utter invincibility and immunity to all forms of control (cannot be stopped or slowed or damaged or affected by magic or psionics)
  • Takes the form of a scythe

Arcades Sabboth the Omnipotent

  • Capable of knowing the unknowable and brokering secrets of the unknown
  • Responsible for inception and invention of illegal information-gathering practices of thought-bleeding, mental demesne, dimensions of the mind, temporal thought manipulation, and skull-cracking
  • Guilty of multi-tiered schemes of grand-scale manipulation for which we have no…actual…evidence
  • Can take the form of a monocle or a book

Kiki-Jikki, Mirror-Breaker

  • Capable of transferring himself into other Rune Magic Constructs
  • Capable of possessing other Rune Magic Constructs
  • Capable of mimicking other Rune Magic Constructs abilities
  • Capable of stealing powers and temporarily disabling other Rune Magic Constructs
  • Guilty of tactically subverting the war efforts of other Rune Magic Constructs
  • Guilty of escaping imprisonment on multiple occasions
  • Takes the form of a mirror

Wydwen Wyndstrom, the Biting Gale

  • Slayer of the Deserving numbering 10,110
  • Indefinite detainment
  • Capable of soul-drinking imprisonment within the Rune Magic Construct
  • Capable of commanding Elemental Air Warlockry of the highest order
  • Guilty of defying a direct order from superior / wielder
  • Takes the form of a sword

Jasmine Jeska Boreal, Empress of Beasts

  • Indefinite detainment
  • Capable of summoning, charming, and commanding any being with below a certain (relatively high) intelligence level
  • Capable of inspiring her thrall to greater deeds, faster prowess, and more power
  • Guilty of defying a direct order from superior / wielder
  • Guilty of taking action indirect action against the Archon
  • Takes the form of a staff


  • Indefinite detainment
  • Capabilities unknown
  • Crimes unknown
  • Suspected of banishing an Unnameable Being against the will of the Union of Light
  • Suspected of subverting an Unnameable Being to turn on its brethren and inciting the War of Chaos
  • Takes the form of a vajra

Lytsong, Lavinia the Lion-Hearted

  • Indefinite detainment
  • Capable of Healing, Resurrection, curing maladies, sickness, disease, viruses, regeneration, regrowing lost limbs, and insanities
  • Guilty of using her abilities to aid an enemy of the empire and known felon / fugitive
  • Guilty of treason
  • Guilty of defying a direct order from superior / wielder
  • Guilty of acting in direct defiance of the Will of the Archon
  • Guilty of attempting to defy / escape judgement
  • Takes the form of a sword

Gabriel “Cotillion” Angelfire the Gallowbraid

  • Also known as “The Rope”
  • Indefinite detainment
  • Capabilities unknown
  • Guilty of slaying and impersonating / replacing a god
  • Guilty of defying a direct order from superior / wielder
  • Guilty of conspiring with Transcendent Promethai against the Archon
  • Guilty of perpetuating the Falsehoods of the Cosmic Forge
  • Takes the form of a knotted rope / noose

Marhault Elsdragon

  • Capable of subduing other Rune Magic Constructs
  • Capable of Rune Craft
  • Capable of tapping ancient powers through Sigils and the proto-Sigil Glyphs
  • Suspected of being able to tap knowledge directly from the Cosmic Forge used in the creation of Runes
  • Indefinite detainment
  • Gross misconduct in defying the direct orders of a wielder / superior
  • Responsible for the death of a wielder
  • Takes the form of a sword

Ink-Eyes the Obfuscator

  • Slayer of All – assassinations numbering 1,776
  • Capable of blinding, crippling, binding, and debilitating foes
  • Capable of negating magics and casting concealment and illusions
  • Takes the form of a dagger or short blade

Qlipphoth the Primordial

  • Wrongfully imprisoned
  • Released upon pain of death
  • Incapable of being so bound within this arrogant prison
  • Takes the form of a vajra

This book was found within the Temple of Serapis while JFC was in Russia. The book was sealed in a secret compartment protected by numerous wards. It was briefly examined and then set aside at that time. Some time later, after a conversation with James, Trent decided to revisit the book in order to see if it contained any information they missed. As he did so his rune weapon, Lytsong, psychically manifested at his side and this conversation happened, which led to discovering the true, horrifying secrets of this book:

Lytsong: “Ah, Mast…er, Trent? This book. How did you come by it? I was…” she hesitates and you can see her look down, averting her eyes. Tears begin to fall and stain her cheeks and she looks unsteady. The woman’s wavy brunette hair spills over her face as she bows her head and sniffs — hiding her crying from you. She wobbles unsteadily and reaches a hand out to your shoulder to steady herself. “I was there when it was written into Law. When we were sentenced to…an eternity of purgatory. I remember vividly the looks on my countryman’s faces, my kin, my own mother and father…the looks on their faces when the Archon passed judgement on all of the Artifex’s collaborative creations. That is what we are, you know, just collaborations. I am neither the woman nor the weapon I once was. And I cannot bear to describe the abject horror and hatred on the faces of those I loved when looking at me for the last time; to know that they’d have killed me…us, a thousand times over without remorse or hesitation…but could not find a way to destroy the indestructible. They settled for eternal imprisonment. My own mother settled for banishment as my death would have been far preferable. Betrayal like that rends the heart and tears the soul asunder with Chaos — the very Chaos they were desperate to avert and subdue — their foolish actions harbored little more than their own worst enemies.” She takes a deep breath and looks up at you and through the parted silken tresses you can see tear-stained, red-rimmed orbs that look up at Trent brightly with intelligence and passion and pain…so much pain.

Lytsong: “How did you come by this book? I remember very little of the liberation. The battle raged and I thought myself beneath the notice of heroes. And beneath the worth of the worthy. I’d been discarded by the Grecian man-child who torments his companion. He reminds me of a pet-owner who teases and abuses his pets. His bearing is regal and his demeanor is demanding and he treats his Grecian servitor with callous disregard. I saw it in him then as I have seen it in him since. In the few seconds with which he grabbed me, assessed me, and cast me off like so much discarded detritus I knew that I would better off remain homeless for adoption than enter into his service. Forgive me, my thoughts are still…scattered. It is so…empowering and liberating to be able to converse…finally…after thousands of years! Back to the task at hand.” She steels herself, ready to test her mettle.

Lytsong: “How or by whom did you come by the prison manifest? It is more than a mere inmate catalog. There were extensive magical countermeasures laid upon both its prison and its pages; I do not know which but I was here, bound, captive, and tortured while the rituals were performed. I have never read the book myself so I cannot tell you what it should say but I must INSIST that you re-examine these protective magics. There is misdirection afoot and the minds who worked these wards are far older and greater than I. I would trust little the words you read on its pages and trust even less the means that allowed it to fall into your hands so easily.”

Trent: “Thanks Lytsong, that helps a lot. I’m sorry this brings back painful memories but, well, it’s interesting you talk about James. I pulled this out to look through on his account, actually. I wanted to see if there was something I may have missed when I first looked through it, some clue which could help me to discover the method by which the souls bound in the weapons were able to manifest themselves in that place. It was James who got me thinking about it! He asked me if I knew of a way to duplicate that effect, so that he could restore a measure of freedom to Appolyesties.”

Trent begins talking to himself, and not directly to Lytsong. “Let’s see… If there’s more to this book than there seems, then it’s a simple matter of figuring out how it was ‘encoded.’ If it were an illusion it should be dispelled when touched by iron, which I’ll of course try, but I doubt it will be so simple. This could also be a complex code – Zander has some skill at decrypting codes, I believe, so if I can’t figure out something with this then I’ll run it by him. We dispelled the magic wards around the books hiding place in order to free it, so I could just try dispelling any magic on it – does it even radiate magic, I wonder? I’ll have to check. But if I dispell magic and the true contents are themselves magical, then I’ve just lost what I was looking for. Oh! Maybe the Dragon’s Eye gem will reveal its true form to me, much as it did with the weapons trapped in the temple…”

Dwarven Manifest of Imprisoned Rune Items

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